Tresbiendessert Restaurant, located in Puchong, Malasiya offers home style, expertly made, fresh and authentic Malay food dishes.This restaurant is perfect for Muslim diners since the food is Halal.

Puchong, Malaysia

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You can have your choice of filling...custard vanilla , chocolate, durian and caramel. We have different sizes to pick. Also catering for functions with other type of dessert provided. Can order at this no 6016 9150772 ,

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  • Traveling In A Big Group? 10 Huge Villas in Malaysia That Are Worth Every Penny

    In the past, the idea of staying in a villa was a far-fetched dream but as times change staying in a villa has never been so simple, affordable and sensational. So whether you're looking for a palatial home for your Malaysian holiday, a change of air on your mini weekend getaway or even a villa for your event, we've got you covered! via GIPHY This article will list you 10 Villas in Malaysia that'll accommodate families or group of friends and making your luxurious getaway a dream come true. Feeling like Royalty 1. The Villas At Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Credit: Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa StyleOpulence in the midst of nature. These villa styled rooms, feature greenery and private swimming pools a few steps away from the private balconies. The furniture is a mixture of wooden features with cotton and rich deep colours to create the effect of pure indulgence. AmenitiesPrivate swimming pools, outdoor pool, spa and fitness centre, balcony. 24hr Front desk and rapid bus transit to take you to Kuala Lumpur city center or to nearby shopping and entertainment mall or even the Sunway Lagoon theme park. BudgetOn a higher end at $400 a night for two people but considering the unique experience and 24hr service available this resort is giving you a royal experience as well as beautiful accommodation. LocationPesiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Review: 8.8Website 2. The Bird of Paradise Villa at Genting Sempah Credit: Karla Cheah on Airbnb StyleMulti-story home with extraordinary architecture. Open spaces with colors and comforts of being inside. Art plastered all around the house, pool table and relaxing spaces. Jacuzzi and swimming pools. So grand that huge functions can be held here. AmenitiesVarious balconies. Swimming pools, games room, (additional options such as bbq foods). Caretaker within distance, big car porch, steamboats. Hotel amenities such as 24hr building staff and basics available. Budget$700 for 22 people, a slightly more expensive split. OverallOne way to find villas in Malaysia is to look at villas in resort complexes. This offers much more than a grand home experience as you will have access to restaurants and other entertainment facilities, especially useful for longer stays and bonding experiences. In addition to this room services and every-day cleaning will make you feel like royalty. Review: 4.5/5Website Cheaper Villa options Having a tighter budget does not necessarily mean having a lower standard of a villa. 1. Villa 23 @ Cyberjaya Credit: Dream Scape Management on StyleA combination of rustic and modern, this beautiful home incorporates wood with darker tones. Clever use of lighting and space allows lighting to be adjusted for mood and ambiance. AmenitiesFeaturing a hot tub and Jacuzzi, air conditioning, WIFI, fully equipped kitchen, towels, sound-proof rooms. Top- notch security with electric passwords. Daily housekeeping and laundry. BudgetThis house can be rented by room or in its entirety. The prices start as low as $10 for one room and only go up to $80 for the whole complex. LocationJalan Fauna 1, 63000 Cyberjaya, Malaysia Reviews: 8.4/10Website 2. Villa @ Elevia Residence Credit: Villa @ Elevia Residence on StyleA grand place using sleek decor with straight lines and geometric designs pops of color are splattered around the house which brightens the space but still keeps a running theme. AmenitiesPool, fitness center, BBQ facilities, terrace, garden. Air conditioning, Free parking, Free wifi. Budget$120 for a place that can sleep, 6 guests. More beds can be added for additional fees. LocationJalan Puchong Utama 7, 47150 Puchong, Malaysia Reviews: New villa so unreviewedWebsite 3. Vista Rio Melaka Credit: Victor on Airbnb StyleThis home incorporates culture with timeless elegance. The staple red laid around the house really brings this home to life with a taste of Malaysian culture. The home gives a high-class decor with dark mahogany dating to historic elegance as well as being paired with sleek white furniture and marble tiles to incorporate a modern touch. AmenitiesAll essentials are offered for a hotel experience, air conditioning, heating, patio or balcony with a beautiful view. Completely verified by Airbnb. Budget$66 dollars a night for 7 guests. OverallBeing on the cheaper side, the amenities and ambiance are perfect for parties, corporate events, and personal experiences. The point of this villa-esque experience is to feel removed from your everyday life and these unique villas and units styled as villas enable you to experience a new home dream. Website Affordable Villas 1. Twin Villa Homestay Credit: Twin Villa Homestay on StyleMore on the opulent, luxurious side this villa is furnished with draperies and Victorian-inspired furniture. A villa is a grand place that fills all the senses with its beauty and elegance. AmenitiesA 4- bedroom Villa with flat-screens, fully equipped kitchen, free toiletries, outdoor pools and relaxing outdoor furnished spaces including in the dining area, balconies and terraces. BudgetJust under $300 for up to 14 guests. A steal! Location6 Jalan Badik 11/4, 40100 Shah Alam, Malaysia Review: 9.8Website 2. Cyberjaya Cristal Villa25 Credit: Cyberjaya Cristal Villa25 on StyleA uniform style runs throughout the whole villa with the colors blue, black and white. This really ties the whole house together and creates the impression of an even more palatial villa. The sleekness extends from the exterior to the interior. Tile and marble floors with splashes of interesting portraits, landscapes create a sleek and expensive experience. AmenitiesFitness center with a spa extension including a jacuzzi and spa. Variety of pools including a fenced pool for privacy, infinity pool, City and landmark view as well as mountain views, giving you a versatile home. Budget$360 for up to 20 people, making it $18 each. Location25 Villa Diamond, Jalan CSR 2, Cristal serin residence Jalan Fauna 1, Cyber 9, 63000 Cyberjaya, Malaysia OverallThese grand spaces are slightly higher in the price range but are still affordable when considering the amount of space offered. They are perfect for big groups of friends or family which allow the price to be divided into great prices that please all the guests. Review: UnreviewedWebsite Lofts as a means to a Villa 1. The Panorama @ Georgetown Credit: Ben on Airbnb StyleThis beautiful loft will change your meaning of loft, the panoramic windows open out onto a view of wide expanding water and the view of the Penang Bridge. The white theme allows light to rebound and the beautiful touches of glass and white is an exceptional way to highlight the uniqueness of the villa-esque accommodation. Amenitiesspectacular view, pool, gym in the building, fully equipped house, elevator. BudgetLess than $60 for a night for up to 7 people, it is honestly a bargain. LocationGeorgetown Reviews: 4.5/5Website 2. Templar Park Rainforest Retreat Villa Credit: Saw on Airbnb StyleA wooden retreat in the midst of lush green, sliding doors leading directly into the wilderness. Open spaces with stairs leading up into private cabins as well as gazebos with furniture molded from nature. An eco- friendly home with roof solar panels. Perfectly designed home to feel in the midst of nature but not be deprived of modern luxury. AmenitiesView of Anak Bukit takun, verandah, gazebo, double-decker beds, trampoline, hammocks, swings, open parking. Swimming pool and terrace, green open spaces, golf course as well as a sauna. A waterfall 5 minutes away. Budget$240 a night for up to 16 guests LocationRawang, Selangor, Malaysia Review: 4.5/5Website 3. Rimba Hang Kasturi, Melaka Heritage Residence Credit: Rachel on Airbnb StyleNot the usual luxury, sleek design a more edgy design incorporating unfinished walls with wood and greenery. The clash of urban in nature creates a clashing unison of decor. It manages to transport you away from what you think you know in design. AmenitiesPool with open green courtyard to allow nature to enter. 3 bedrooms with 7 beds, a smaller place for a big group. Budget$310 dollars for 14 guests. LocationUNESCO World Heritage Site of Jonker Street, Melaka. Review: 5/5Website So, here are 10 different options to give you a taste of different villa-esque experiences available to you in Malaysia. Whether you a group of friends, or a want to have a family reunion or a couple retreat, so many options are out there to suit your criteria. No more excuses now, you may go fulfill your villa dream....

  • Discover KL In 3 Days Like A True Local With Fatin Days! Only The Best Places to Visit and Eat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is a city where the three main ethnicities Malay, Chinese and Indian people proudly call home. A city where you can find mixed blood everywhere, everyone speaks more than three dialects and even make up our own slang by combining different words from other dialects together. And the local cuisine is a mouth-watering blend of all three cultures, Malaysia Truly Asia! Kuala Lumpur (KL) will completely exceed your expectations. Explore the multicultural city with different languages, cultures, religions, traditions and food mixed together and cohabitate peacefully, seamlessly and really create a diverse culture. Be fascinated by how in one place you can see plenty of mosques, you will also see South Indian Hindu Temples, Chinese temples and Catholic churches in the city that makes it one of the impressive multicultural cities on the planet. Whether you only have a few hours, or trying to explore Kuala Lumpur in 3 days, you can build an awesome itinerary and check out all the top things to do. Here’s everything you need to know for the best places to visit and eat in KL! DAY 1 In Kuala Lumpur: Start at the iconic landmark of KLCC #1 Admire Petronas Twin Towers You can’t visit KL without checking out the iconic Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC). Majestic by day and sparkling at night, Petronas Twin Towers is jaw-droppingly impressive. Soaring at a height of 451.9 meters, the 88-storey twin structure holds records such as the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004 and remains the tallest twin towers in the world. If you are not up for reaching the top, you should at least see it from the ground. #2 See KL from Skybridge Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) & Observation Deck at Level 86 For a perfect view of the KL city, come to the Skybridge and look from the tallest twin towers in the world. The tour will begin with interactive displays that showcase the KLCC journey, from idea to completion. Going up to 170 meters, the futuristic elevator will bring you to the Skybridge, connecting structure between the two towers. Ascend to the observation deck at level 86 in a high speed elevator. From the observation deck, the view of the city is really breathtaking. #3 Stroll the KLCC Park Located at the foot of the giant Petronas Towers, it is the place where you can relax by the lakeside pond, green lawns and admire the city’s skyline. Known as KL’s most popular park, the 50-acre (20-hectare) park is the city’s popular recreation destination for both locals and tourist. A perfect place for families as KLCC Park is child friendly with a well-equipped playground and large children’s pool which is perfect for cooling off on a hot day that will keep them busy while you relax. #4 Watch the KLCC Fountain Lake Light Show Get some selfies in front of KL’s beautiful fountains. The spectacular dancing water fountain is one of the main highlight of KLCC. Plan to visit these striking fountains at least twice to get the day time and night time view. Certainly the KLCC fountain show will be more magnificent and impressive at night when you can watch both towers are lit with lights and the water fountain in KLCC Park lights up in different colours and dances to the tones of the music. The KLCC fountain light show times are every night at 20:00, 21:00 and 21:45. Watch it as many times as you want. #5 Explore Aquaria KLCC Located within walking distance from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, it is home to over 150 species of marine life. 3 main highlights in Aquaria KLCC are the Oceanarium, live feeding session show and the interactive area known as Touch Pool. Marvel the sea creatures swimming around in one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia! Where to Eat in KLCC & Bukit Bintang? Lunch at Madam Kwan’s in KLCC for Malaysian Cuisine  Eat Dry Fried Sang Har Egg Noodles at Grandmama’s in Pavilion for Malaysian Cuisine Dinner at Umai-Ya in KLCC for Japanese Cuisine  Dinner at Isabel Restaurant and Bar in Bukit Bintang for Malaysian Cuisine #DAY 2 In Kuala Lumpur: Uncover KL’s Monumental Buildings #6 Visit the Old Colonial Center & Merdeka Square Area It was a love at first sight when you hit the Big Ben of Malaysia. The name of the orange building is Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, an Old Colonial Center. Right across the Malaysia’s Big Ben is the actual Merdeka Square. The famous Merdeka Square area is a charming district line with British old colonial buildings. Merdeka Square or Independence Square is an important landmark location in Kuala Lumpur. This is where the Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time on the 31st August 1957. From that moment, the Malaysian flag proudly flies here on one of the tallest flagpoles in the world at a height of 95 meters. #7 Visit Masjid Wilayah or Federal Mosque You don’t need to know any Muslim to visit the mosques. Non-Muslim visitors are welcome to visit the mosque with free tours from 10am to 6pm daily, except on Friday 12pm to 2.30pm. Come to Entrance B and there are volunteers excited to show you around mainly explaining about the architecture, Islamic teachings, Muslim way of life and to answer any questions you might have about the Islamic faith. The Majestic Wilayah Mosque is a blend of Turkish and Malay architectural styles, heavily influenced by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. The mosque can hold 17,000 people and the prayer room inside really beautiful. #8 Discover Thean Hou Temple This prominent temple is a huge and important Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur. A massive six-tiered Chinese temple, it is set on a hill and offers wonderful views over Kuala Lumpur. The temple is a blend of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian elements can be seen from the temple’s traditional design featuring majestic pillars, spectacular roofs, carvings and embellishments. During Chinese New Year, tourists make their way to see the temple decked with festive lanterns and lights. #9 Explore Batu Caves Batu Caves is an important religious landmark by Hindus. It is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India and it really does feel like you are stepping into Southern India. Don’t forget your hiking shoes to climb up the 272 steps to reach the main temple. Cathedral Cave is the largest and most popular cavern in Batu Caves which houses numerous Hindu shrines. The enormous standing guard at the front of Batu Caves is 42.7 meters tall statue of Lord Murugan. #10 Eat Best Durian in KL Spend some time to eat durian in KL. Durian will be cheaper if you visit Kuala Lumpur during the main durian season. If you can’t do that, these are the five places for all year round durian dining experience in Kuala Lumpur. Durian King, TTDIThis place is so popular among local. It is your neighborhood durian stall. Durian SS2  You can easily spot this durian stalls thanks to the multiple white tents by the roadside. Durianity, Puchong You can find cool durian-inspired dishes such as durian pizza, cheesy durian French fries and musang king durian ice cream on their menu. DurianBB Park, Imbi Serve durian platter, it’s a safe choice for beginners to durian and a perfect place for Instagrammers! City Durian Specialist, Jalan Alor Located at strategic location within Bukit Bintang, a place to hang out for locals and tourists. Where to Eat in Petaling Jaya? Eat Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng, Ipoh Hor Fun Soup and Assam Laksa at Village Park  Lunch at Sambal Hijau TTDI for Malay Cuisine  Lunch at Crab Factory for Asian-Western Fusion Cuisine Dinner at Fatty Crab for Chinese Cuisine  Dinner at South Sea Seafood for Chinese Cuisine #DAY 3 In Kuala Lumpur: Pamper Yourself #11 Take Yoga / Pilates Class in KL Picture Credit: Hot Yo Studio Facebook Whether you are a yogi or trying yoga or Pilates for the first time, KL has one of the best yoga or Pilates class for everyone. Most of the yoga studios run by dedicated and professional have English speaking instructors. If you are shy, you can take ladies only class by Siu Lim. Currently she is an instructor at Urban Spring Pilates at Bangsar and Hot Yo Studio at Desa Sri Hartamas. #12 Relax at Massage Spa in KL If you love massage or spa as much as I do, deep tissue massage at Urban Retreat Spa is a must! Urban Retreat Spa has also been awarded 2018 Certificate of Excellence! I also had an amazing Moroccan Massage at Hammam Spa. Hammam Spa is one of the first Moroccan Spa in South East Asia! Every time I fly to Thailand, I never miss to have a massage session in Bangkok or Phuket. The good news is KL now has many selections of Thai massage places such as at HealthLand and at Thai Odyssey. #13 Get your Caffeine Fix at Coffee Shops Don’t be shocked by the amount of coffee shops in KL. Depending on where you are staying, there are some great options all over the city. I really treasure my casual coffee session in Bangsar. There’s PULP by Papa Palheta and APW Bangsar to name a few. However, it gets quite crowded during the weekends and a visit during weekdays is much more pleasant. #14 Shop at Pavilion Picture Credit: The Duck Group Facebook Finally, end your trip to do some shopping at Pavilion. I have a love hate relationship with Pavilion, particularly when the traffic gets crazy. It is walkable from KLCC or you can take a short Grab ride to get here. Go shopping at dUCk store, our popular home grown brand and choose dUCk KL Collection with KL city skyline on the scarf and on the tote bags for the perfect souvenir. Where to Eat in Bangsar? Lunch at Sri Nirwana Banana Leaf for Indian Cuisine Dinner at Pince & Pints for Asian-Western Fusion Cuisine Make sure to check out my recommended eating places and it could be your favourite eating place too! ...

  • 5 Mosques to visit in Selangor

    Malaysia, known for its beaches and captivating rainforests, is also famous for an architectural feast and a divine cultural showcase of a collection of beautiful Mosques (Islamic prayer places) in the most developed state of Selangor.   Puchong Perdana Mosque Picture Credit - The elegant golden dome of Puchong Perdana Mosque and its breathtaking location within Puchong lake are just a couple of reasons for this Mosque to be visited by countless tourists. The construction of this “floating Mosque” began in 2004 and was inaugurated in 2006 in a splendid fashion. Address: Persiaran Puchong Perdana, Taman Puchong Perdana, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 3°00'34.8"N 101°36'27.8"E Website: Tel: +60 3-8066 5777 Click here for more information about Puchong Perdana Mosque   Sultan Sulaiman Mosque Picture Credit - The Royal Mosque, also known as Sultan Sulaiman Mosque is located in Klang, Selangor and houses the mausoleum of the late Sultan Salahuddin. Built in the early 1930s by the British, this Mosque is now a tourist attraction for its magnificent architecture- a fusion of Western Art Deco and Neoclassical cathedral style as well as the royal stairs; Tangga Diraja from Istana Alam Shah. Address: Jalan Raya Timur, Kawasan 1, 41000 Klang, Selangor, MalaysiaLocation: 3°02'05.2"N 101°27'01.7"EWebsite: +603 3371 6044 Click here for more information about Sultan Sulaiman Mosque     Masjid Diraja Tengku Ampuan Jemaah  Picture Credit - The Masjid Diraja Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, in Section 8 of Bukit Jelutong, is a royal Mosque built in accordance with the traditional Islamic framework of Middle East and inaugurated in 2013. It attracts tourism for showcasing, apart from its great architecture, outstanding pieces of Quranic inscriptions above the arch of its main entrances. Address: Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 3°05'57.7"N 101°32’20.9”E Tel: +60 3-7831 3641 Click here for more information about Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Masjid   Blue Mosque Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, popularly also called the Blue Mosque with reference to its magnificent blue and silver dome has been crowned No.2 for largest Masjid in Southeast Asia and the largest of the all in Malaysia. Address: Persiaran Masjid St., Sekysen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 3.078940, 101. 519824 Website: Tel: +603 5519 9988 / 7966 7977 Click here for more information about Blue Mosque    Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque Picture Credit - A stone's throw away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) hence also called the “Klia Mosque” is the international Mosque for tourists based on its convenient location. This Masjid, built within a span of four years, officially opened in 2000 and displays architectural influences from the Middle Eastern and Malay cultures. Address:Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 2.78782, 101.67645 Website: Tel: +603 8319 0200 / 603 8319 0300   Click here for more information about Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque Experience the diversity between modern and ancient Malaysia as you visit the awe-inspiring Mosques in Selangor and are tantalized by utter architectural brilliance encompassed within its authentic religious serenity and peace. Locate Mosques easily during your Muslim travel to Malaysia using the HalalTrip app! Download it now and  Start planning your trip today!  ...