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  • Halal Ingredients: Turn Non-Halal Foods into Halal by Substituting the Ingredients

    Our world is home to over 1.6 billion Muslims, with Islam being one of the fastest-growing religions. So, you can bet that Halal food has been in high demand.  But, since not all recipes have Halal ingredients,...

  • Top 5 Food Trends of 2021 Recap

    Food has long held a significant place in people's lives all throughout the world. It emphasizes cultures, brings people together, and generally contributes to our well-being. Without a doubt, food trends...

  • The Ultimate Orchard Road Halal Food Guide

    Looking for a place to iftar in Orchard? Let me take you on a trip down Orchard Road and list down the available options of Halal eateries that you can enjoy! Disclaimers: Singapore is currently in the...

  • 18 Must-try Traditional Indian Sweets

    India is one of the most fascinating places in the world that you can travel to. This massive country can seem polar opposite from one minute to the other, from snowy mountains to blisteringly hot beaches,...

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