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  • These 5 Cheap Modern Hotels Will Save You Hundreds in Athens!

    Athens is the capital of Greece, a historical city known for its archaeological sites and archaeological museum. A visit to the city provides a vivid overview of civilization in Greece, be it in art or technology. Its Mediterranean climate makes it suitable to visit at any time of the year. Greece is located south-eastern Europe, with Athens being at the southern tip of the stated country. It is possible to take a trip to Athens on a budget and still enjoy every single bit this country has to offer. Check out these modern hotels that cost below SGD100 per night and enjoy your stay!   1) City Circus Credit: City Circus Nestled inside the city center, walking distance to ancient monuments like Temple of Hephaestus and Acropolis to name a few, City Circus Athens offers dorm rooms at an affordable rate per night. Earning a rating of 9.2 in Agoda, amenities such as luggage storage service, laundry service and safety deposit boxes are provided. Credit: City Circus Each room is equipped with Wifi and air-conditioning. Not forgetting, this hostel also offers airport transfer and tours at a fixed rate of EUR38 or EUR43.Price per night: SGD 42Address: 16 Sarri str. Athens 105 53, GreeceWebsite | Facebook | Instagram   2) Bedbox Credit: BedboxSimilar to City Circus Athens, Bedbox is located in the heart of Athens. Rated 9.2 in Agoda, people who have stayed in this hostel generally stated the hostel as strategic locations and clean. Amenities provided are luggage storage service, laundry service and also airport transfer. Credit: BedboxYou may choose dorm rooms with 4 or 6 beds, with or without private terrace and all rooms are air-conditioned and free wifi is available. If you're in need of your morning coffee while staying in this hostel, head down to the shared kitchen to get your free cup of coffee and start your day fresh! Price per night: SGD 28Address: 11 Polykleitou , Athens 105 51, GreeceWebsite   3) Bed Station Credit: Bed Station Bed Station is a hostel located in the city center, it offers private dormitories rooms. Each room is equipped with coffee machine and electronic teapot. Selected rooms even provide you with a mini kitchenette. This hostel is near to a subway which is on the same line as the Airport station. Credit: Bed Station  Similarly to the two hostels mentioned earlier, this hostel is highly rated by tourist in Agoda. Just a side note that there is no elevator as this 5 floors hostel is connected via an inner stair.Price per night: SGD 34Address: Triptolemou 18, Evmolpidon 24, Athens 118 54, GreeceFacebook   4) Nubian Hostel  Credit: Nubian Hostel Nubian Hostel is located in the neighborhood of Exarhia in downtown Athens, homed to many cafes, indie record stores and bookstores. Offering dorm styled room, each room comes with free wifi and personal locker right under the beds! Credit: Nubian HostelSome rooms offered en-suite bathroom which means only people who stayed in that particular room can use the bathroom. Just a side note that there is no elevator in this hostel.Price per night: SGD 33Address: Mavromichali 47, Athens 106 80, GreeceWebsite | Facebook | Instagram   5) Athens Studios Credit: Athens Studios & ApartmentsAthens Studio Greece offers different types of accommodation, from dormitory style studio equipped with kitchenette to studio apartments. This accommodation may fulfill your needs whether you're a solo traveler or with friends and families. Credit: Athens Studios & ApartmentsWith its centralized location, it made exploring Athens even easier. Amenities such as laundromat and luggage storage are plus points.Price per night: From SGD 42Address: Veikou 3, Athens 117 42, GreeceWebsite | Facebook    So there you go, hostels that wouldn't cost you more than a hundred per night! It is possible to stay in style and still be in the budget. Will any of these hotels be one of your choices the next time you visit Athens?...

  • Top 5 Destinations in Greece For A Family Holiday

    Blue sunny skies and even bluer seas, you can’t go wrong with Greece as your holiday destination. Greece is wonderful with its weather, food, culture, and hospitality at any time of the year. If you recall any movie that centered around or took place in Greece, you would realize that for the Greek, it’s all about family, which makes it the perfect family-friendly destination.  via GIPHY With a whole range of islands to choose from, you won’t be left wondering what to see and do in Greece. It is not just water sports that are expected to hold your child’s fancy, but a vast array of interests like nature and wildlife, history, the delight of picking their own fresh produce, and of course the many options of water activities that are on offer. In all of the islands mentioned, you will find some of the best family resorts in Greece that takes care of your needs as a parent as well as your child’s. Find Mosques and Prayer Places in Athens 1) Rhodes, Dodecanese Islands One of the best places to go in Greece for families, Rhodes always fall on the top of this list. It is one of the more popular and most-visited islands because it has a little something for everyone. Beautiful golden beaches line shallow waters that are safe for your children to roam in and are well-maintained. Hotels and resorts come with all-inclusive packages that allow you to keep your child entertained, babysitting, and delicious meals at your fingertips in a selection of restaurants and cafés. Picture Credit: It gives true meaning to the term sit back and relax as everything is tended to. Rhodes also has a UNESCO World Heritage town on the island that gives you a peek at ancient history and brings all those movies to life. Being the largest of the Dodecanese islands, it has a lot of Islamic history so it’s a great place for some Muslim-friendly travel to Greece. There is a Muslim library opposite the Mosque of Suleiman, as well as a Halal restaurant called Lithos between the two. If nature is more your thing, take your family to Butterfly Valley, the only place in the world where thousands of butterflies come to spend the last stage of their life resting and conserving energy. This happens in later May, so plan your trip around it if it’s a must-visit on your list.   Address: Rhodes 851 06, GreeceOpening Hours: 8AM to 6PM (Everyday)Contact: +30 2241 082822   2) Corfu, Ionian Islands If you want a budget holiday that is still spectacular, head for Corfu. The town is so small that it only takes you 40 minutes to explore it end-to-end by bike, but it is home to amazing olive groves, orchids, cypresses and other flora that gives it its nickname of Garden Isle. Kassiopi Villa allows for the perfect Halal trip to Greece as the dense olive trees that surround it give the place total privacy granting a hijab-free holiday. Picture Credit: The varied beaches on the coast mean you can go swimming in the shallow sea of Sidari, explore sheltered pebble coves near Paleokastritsa, or take advantage of sandy Glyfada. The Old Town is another UNESCO World Heritage site home to French, Venetian and British monuments that is a popular tourist spot. Summers means open-air cinemas which are a perfect end to a blissful day for adults and children alike. 3) Crete Home to the longest summer in Greece being in the Southern part of the country, Crete has sun and fun for everyone! Some of the oldest civilizations were present here, remnants of which can still be seen here. Parts of the Minoan’s civilization were reconstructed and is now accessible to children, making it the perfect family adventure. It has many spots of ancient history, but the Palace of Knossos is probably the most popular, so be sure to not miss it. Picture Credit: Greece’s largest island has some of the best products which mean it has some of the best food! Enjoy the simple pleasures of its many beaches as well as the olive groves from which the best Greek olive oil is sent forth into the world. Daois Cove Luxury Resort has private villas which are perfect for family holidays where you want to be away from the crowd and make all the noise you want. The Westin Resort Costa Navarino was voted one of the best family luxury resorts in the country and is also a great choice if you have children as they offer a playground and activity center, bowling alley, games center, several swimming pools and more. Even if you don’t stay at the Westin, do visit the waterpark in Chania with Disneyland games and huge waterslides. 4) Zakynthos, Ionian Islands Azure seas, impressive cliffs, and lush vegetation invite you to lose yourself in them. Zakynthos is the perfect spot if you have teenagers as the Peligoni Club offers activities all day long for families with teens. Not as crowded as some of the more popular islands, but still busy enough to make new friends, the most favored spot is Shipwreck bay which can only be reached by boat as sports some imposing cliffs. Peligoni Club Address: Άγιος Νικόλαος, Ag. Nikolaos 291 00, GreeceContact: +44 20 8740 3001Website: Explore the pine forests away from the beach that is protected from development as it is meant to be a secure area for loggerhead turtles. In addition to discovering how to save the turtles, observe the world underwater at Marine Park. Villa Bozonos is a great selection for a large family as it offers a pool and total seclusion from the outside world. 5) Alonissos, Sporades Islands Picture Credit: Welcome to some of Greece’s cleanest seas. More natural, rustic and serene than its neighboring islands, Alonissos is brimming with springs, olive groves, orchards, pine forests, and plenty more that make for expert resident herbalists and the island even hosts a homeopathy academy. If you are looking for a place to take things slow and explore nature at its best, Alonissos makes for the best family holiday. The Marine Parks are always a good spot to take your children – to keep them entertained as well as informed of the world around them. At Alonissos, they can adopt a new-born baby monk seal! When it comes to Halal travel to Greece, Athens has the highest concentration of Muslims and thus more widely available Halal food, fresh seafood is your best bet when on any of these islands! What better than knowing it came straight from your back door (the ocean) to your plate? Yum! Vegetarian options won’t disappoint you either. Greece family holidays are the best kind because there is something for everyone, and all those blue seas just can’t get you down! 7 Reasons to Holiday in Athens Find Halal Restaurants in Athens...

  • 7 Reasons to Holiday in Athens

    From its great culture and long fascinating history to ancient monuments and archaeological gems, Athens is a destination of pure magnificence, sure to leave every traveler longing for more. Its fabulous weather and mouthwatering food truly makes this Greek capital worth a visit. Although it is not the largest European capital when visiting Greece and its many islands, a trip to Athens is an absolute must as it offers lots to see and do. Athens and the plethora of things it has to offer is fast-becoming a popular travel destination amongst history buffs, foodies and those looking for a vacation spot sprinkled with some magic. If a little encouragement is what you need to book those tickets to the Greek capital, we’ve got you covered! Be warned, these 7 reasons to visit Athens may just convince you to pick up and move to the city permanently!  Find Halal Restaurants in Athens Find Mosques and Prayer Places in Athens   1. Revisiting the Past Picture Credit: Steeped in history, Athens is a city that will manage to transport you back in time. While there are plenty of other things to do and see in Athens, its historical landmarks, ancient ruins and archaeological sites offer an experience unlike any other. They are in fact so awe-inspiring that you could just end up spending your entire visit exploring these fascinating sites! While in the city, you won’t want to miss seeing the Parthenon and its museum in person. Other must-visits include the Acropolis along with its museum, the Benaki Museum, the Temple of Hephaestus, the Ancient Agora, and the National Archaeological Museum. Known to be Greece’s largest archaeological museum as well as one of Athens’s most visited attractions, the National Archaeological Museum is not just a history buffs haven, but also the perfect place for visitors to get a better understanding of the country’s history and culture. If you want to get the most out of your visit to Athens, we highly recommend taking a guided walking tour of the city’s many renowned attractions. National Archaeological Museum Address: 28is Oktovriou 44, Athina 106 82, GreeceContact: +30 21 3214 4800Website:   2. The Best Dining Experience Picture Credit: If you’ve never tried Greek food, you’ve definitely been missing out! Characterized by varieties of crisp vegetables, and fresh seafood, with additions of sauces and feta cheese, Greek cuisine has remained timeless throughout. Healthy yet absolutely mouth-watering, it is no surprise that Greek food has been gaining popularity worldwide. No matter where you go in Athens, you’ll be able to find delicious eats - from authentic Greek dishes to fusion delicacies - at affordable prices. You’ll also be delighted to know that you won’t have to stick to a strictly vegetarian and seafood diet when in Athens, because there are actually quite a few Halal restaurants in the city! These restaurants may however not be entirely obvious, so inquiring about them at the mosque will be a good idea. Don’t forget that pork is widely used in Greek cuisine, so if you choose to dine at a restaurant that isn’t Muslim owned, remember to check on the ingredients used before chowing down! A few Greek items you cannot leave without trying, include; souvlaki, moussaka, spanakopita, gyro, pastitsio and the delicious mezzes. Sample everything you can, we promise, you and your stomach won’t be disappointed!   3. Experience Athens Rivieria Picture Credit: Just a short distance from all of the city’s numerous historical and cultural wonders, is the gorgeous Athens Riviera. If you don’t get the chance to escape the bustles of the city, and enjoy Athens’s long, stunning coastline, your trip is definitely not complete! Here you’ll find some incredible five-star resorts, stunning beach stretches, featuring the most beautiful emerald waters, rock coves, walkways lined with palm trees, fun water sports; from sailing to windsurfing, some great restaurants and cafés and more. When you’ve caught some sun and enjoyed a dip in the water, head to the coastline’s south-eastern tip, to Cape Sounion. Located here is one of the most important attractions in Athens, and a Greek monument that needs to be seen to be believed - the Temple of Poseidon. Honouring the God of the Sea, this ancient attraction draws in tourists from across the globe. If you’ve got the time, stick around to admire the breathtaking sunset!   4. Plaka Picture Credit: Athens’s historic heart, Plaka, is known to make tourists fall in love with the city over and over again. The charming neighbourhood is located just under the Acropolis, and boasts winding cobbled streets, tiny alleys, historical architecture and Roman ruins, a selection of little stores and boutiques, and some of the city’s best restaurants. The picturesque area is generally bustling with tourists and locals alike, thus not only making it a great place for a leisurely stroll and to pick up some lovely souvenirs to take home, but also the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee or a delicious meal, and watch the world go by! While you're here, also visit the iconic Plaka Stairs, as well as the small, yet lovely village of Anafiotika.   5. View from Mount Lycabettus Even if you haven’t got long to spend in Athens, visiting the looming Mount Lycabettus is probably one of the best ways to spend your visit. Standing at a height of 908 feet above sea level, and visible from all over Athens, this is Athens’s best viewpoint, offering sweeping views over the entire city, along with its many note-worthy attractions such as the Acropolis. To get to the top, you can either take the paved walkway, or a more fun option is the funicular railway. We highly recommend walking if the weather isn’t too hot, as you can do so at your own pace, admiring the surroundings and fabulous view all the way to the top. Don’t forget to take along some water, as the climb can get a little tiring, but at the end of the day, it’s definitely worth it. Once you reach the top of the hill, you can enjoy the views while having a snack or drink at the café, and if you’re visiting during sunset hours, make sure you stay back and watch the sun disappear over the city!   6. Modern, yet Ancient! Picture Credit: Athens’s electric vibe is indescribable. The city may seem modern in certain aspects, but its ancient surroundings only contribute more to its charming character and appeal. The city is a mixture of new and old, but its soul has managed to remain the same as it once was. In most major tourist areas, a lot of the buildings and architecture - apart from the ruins and monuments of course - are relatively new, there are however, neighbourhoods in the city that are the perfect examples of the melting pot of architectures that Athens truly is. You’ll find Starbucks’s next to quaint, old coffee shops and hotels next to delightful taverns. One fact that we absolutely loved learning was that, there are still numerous undiscovered historical sites in the city!   7. It won’t break the bank One trip to Athens and you’ll definitely be going back real soon! For the destination not just offers some incredible things to see and do, but is also quite affordable in comparison to some other popular cities in Europe, such as Rome and Paris. A wallet-friendly trip to Athens is most certainly possible, without having to sacrifice much on comfort, thus making it the ideal option for budget travellers. Affordable food options are aplenty, no matter where in the city you are. And remember, just because the food is cheap, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great and won’t be satisfying enough! For a small amount, you can eat all the delicious gyros and souvlakis you want! Even more high-end restaurants aren’t as pricey as you would expect, so treat yourself to a posh meal or two while there! Accommodation in Athens is also affordable, especially if you choose a spot that’s a bit away from the touristy areas, and here’s what makes it even more appealing; there are plenty of free and affordable attractions you can explore in the city too. In our opinion, not many other European destinations cater to budget-friendly travel like Athens does! Book a Halal Trip with us!  ...

  • 7 Best Romantic Destinations in Greece

    The country of Greece is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to honeymoons and romantic vacations, and there's a good reason for it! This magical country perfectly marries the old world charm of unique architecture and culture with modern villas, infinity pools, and more. There is also an abundance of beautiful nature to explore, from hillsides and mountains, to sparkling beaches and rocky cliffs, you can surely appreciate the amazing creations of God as you travel with your partner in life. What's more, you get plenty of great food to eat, and there's definitely no shortage of picture-perfect sunsets! More on Greece Check out our Greece city guides Find Attractions near you in Greece Find Mosques near you in Greece Find Halal Restaurants near you in Greece Go on a Halal Trip with us! There are so many choices to pick from when it comes to romantic destinations in Greece, but we've shortened the list for you. Here are some of the most romantic places in Greece, and the best islands for couples:   1. Athens The capital city of Athens is one of the best places for a Halal trip to Greece. With the largest concentration of Muslims in the country, it is the best place to find the most Muslim-friendly facilities in Greece. But that's not the only reason why you should pick Athens as a romantic vacation - there's plenty for you and your loved one to do there, like exploring the city's most historic and iconic sites like the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora of Athens, and more. You can also enjoy delicious seafood, bargain at the Monastiriki Flea Market, stroll through old neighborhoods like Plaka, lounge in a Turkish Hammam, watch the Presidential Guard Ceremony at Syntagama Square, enjoy incredible views and beaches - you get the picture! You can even take a scooter tour of a part of the city!   2. Nafplio (Peloponnese) If you and your soul mate are in the mood for something much more relaxed, the town of Nafplio might be the ideal location for you. The best thing to do here is rent a small boat and set sail for the water castle of Bourtzi. The wind, the water, and the two of you in the middle of the sea with nothing to distract you both sure sounds romantic to us! You could also visit the traditional taverns, take romantic evening walks on the waterfront, stroll through the cobblestone alleys, pick up quirky souvenirs at the gift shops, and visit Glykos Peirasmos for the best baklava, Turkish delight, and honey-walnut cake!   3. Santorini One of the best romantic locations in Greece is Santorini. This city is best known for its iconic whitewashed buildings that make up its unique architecture, but there is plenty more for you to do on your trip here. And, there's no denying that the sunsets are gorgeous! The rocky cliffs and the aforementioned architecture makes for great photos, which is maybe why there are so many weddings and honeymoons taking place here at all times. Visit the museums and archaeological sites, take a hike from Fira to Oia, descend 300 steps to Amoudi Bay, or soak in the sun and swim at the Red Beach and Kamari Beach.   4. Crete Not everyone is the type to want to relax and laze around, if you and your partner are looking for much more exciting honeymoon destinations in Greece, then Crete might be the perfect place for you. Crete is one of the more happening places in the country, while still maintaining its own charm. You can explore the city's many historic and cultural old town districts, especially the Chania Old Town. Visit the Venetian Fortezza, the Cretaquarium, Elafonisi beach, the Samaria Gorge, the Psychro Cave, or take the overnight ferry to Crete. In Chania, Crete's most popular city, you can explore Firka Fortress and museums, take an Ottoman steam bath, see the former Byzantine wall, visit endangered Cretan mountain goats at the Municipal Garden, shop for leather goods in Skrydlof Street, and so much more!   5. Milos Beaches, beaches, and more beaches... 80 to be precise! If the two of you are beach-lovers, then we'd say definitely put Milos at the top of your list, because it is a lovely place to visit in Greece. Among all those beaches, the one that deserves the most recognition is Kleftiko. Clear, turquoise waters, sheer cliffs, sharp white rocks, mysterious caves and catacombs, dormant volcanoes... what more could you want? Among the other things to do here, you can dive the rocky caves, capture photos of the “syrmata” (tiny colorful houses by the seafront used by fisherman), visit the Catacombs of Trypiti, explore museums, eat delicious food, and rent a boat to take you through the island.   6. Pelion Located in Thessaly in central Greece, Mt. Pelion is one of the more unique honeymoon destinations for couples in Greece. It is also a lovely place to visit in Greece regardless of the season, because here you can find mountains, sun, sea, and even snow! Explore the traditional villages of Pelion, its cobbled streets lined with timbered houses that have slate roofs and scenic balconies. Go hiking, horseback riding, sea kayaking, rafting, or take The Little Train of Pelion, a centuries old train that runs 29 kilometers between Lehonia and Miles that will take you through forests and bridges. Eat good food, and shop for traditional jams and preserves that the place is known for. Pelion is also known for its Plane trees, and a 1,000 year-old one even still stands in the village of Tsagarada!   7. Kefalonia Kefalonia is another great place to travel in Greece, with a lot of exciting opportunities and adventures. As one of the largest islands in Greece, it is full of natural beauty including gorgeous mountains, caves, beaches, and natural harbours. Here, you can explore the abandoned earthquake villages, watch wild horses run free in Mt. Ainos, visit Melissani Cave surrounded by a gorgeous blue lake, and go fishing in Assos. As for beaches, some of the most beautiful are Trapezaki beach, and Myrtos beach (considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Greece). More on Greece Check out our Greece city guides Find Attractions near you in Greece Find Mosques near you in Greece Find Halal Restaurants near you in Greece Go on a Halal Trip with us!...

  • 9 Muslim-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations & Romantic Vacations

    A romantic getaway is an ultimate way to spend more time with your spouse and travel! Travel not only gives you rich experiences that are memorable for life, it also helps you get closer to your partner.If you're planning to get married and are looking for the top travel destinations to visit with your soulmate, fear not because you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking to splurge or pamper your girl or guy, we've got you covered orwith all these Muslim-friendly holiday destinations ideas! Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations and romantic vacations in 2018 for Muslim-friendly travel! Credit-   1. Abu Dhabi Who doesn't love all that luxury and elegance that the Emiratis enjoy? Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world for Muslim families and couples! In Abu Dhabi, you can live the high life in luxury hotels and 5-star restaurants. You can also try out unique activities like desert safaris, camel rides, and more. If you're in the mood for a unique honeymoon, then you could choose a desert retreat, which are lush resorts set in the middle of the -you guessed it- dessert! If the idea of spending alone time with you're loved one in the middle of nowhere under a sky filled with stars doesn't sound romantic, we don't know what does! Of course, as Abu Dhabi is in UAE, a Muslim country, you won't have any trouble finding Halal food or mosques. In fact, a tour of the city's majestic mosques is a must! Find nearby Halal food places in Abu Dhabi Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Abu Dhabi   2. Greece The country of Greece has an air of mystique and magic about it that it will make you fall head over heels in love with it – and with each other! Greece is home to a bunch of islands, and you cannot go wrong choosing any of them, but Athens is one of the best places to travel to in 2018 purely in terms of availability of Halal Food. You could also opt for seafood as it is wildly popular, but make sure that no alcohol or animal products have been used. You can explore historic monuments like the pantheon, take a stroll with your soulmate through the charming streets, or tuck yourselves away in your own private villa. Other popular honeymoon destinations in Greece include Santorini, Crete, etc. There is only one official mosque in Athens, but plenty of prayer places around the city. Find nearby Halal food places in Greece Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Greece   3. Sri Lanka If the sound of sun, sand, and sea is appealing to you, then you might want to consider whisking your loved one away on a romantic break to the island of Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is a small island, which means you're never too far away from the sea. There are plenty of locations for you to choose from like Trincomalee up north or Galle down South with gorgeous beaches, resort, spas, and more. Kalpitiya is also a great option if you're in the mood for fun activities like whale watching, kite surfing, diving, and fishing. You could also skip the beach entirely and cosy up in the colder regions like Kandy and Nuwara Eliya in the hillside. No matter where you choose to go, you should have your pick of luxury hotels, budget hotels and private villas. Halal food is never too far away as Muslims are the largest minority in the country, and there many mosques all over the country as well. Find nearby Halal food places in Sri Lanka Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Sri Lanka   4. South Africa Are you and your beau nature and animal-lovers? Then a romantic getaway in South Africa is exactly the perfect mix of excitement and privacy a holiday with your lover requires. Marvel at the majesty of the animals like lions in their natural habitat or enjoy the country's gorgeous coastlines and nature trails. In Cape Town, the country's capital, you can try fun activities like hiking, rappelling, and even shark diving! But just because the holiday is based around nature doesn't mean you have to rough it out! South Africa has many luxury hotels and reserves where you can spend some much needed alone time. As for Halal food, South Africa has plenty of Halal restaurants, but do look the particular city up before visiting. Your hotel might even be able to cater to you, just make a request in advance. Find nearby Halal food places in South Africa Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in South Africa   5. Malaysia Malaysia is one of the best countries for a budget-friendly vacation, and the best part is that there is so much to do! You can visit beautiful buildings like the twin towers, go shopping, enjoy nature, and eat your heart out! If you are looking for affordable all-inclusive honeymoon packages, you could also choose to stick to a single “attraction” like Langkawi, which is an archipelago of islands off Malaysia. Genting Highlands is another attraction that is worth an overnight stay. Shopping in Malaysia can be an expensive affair, or dirt cheap, depending on where you choose to shop. If you and your spouse are foodies, Malaysia should be at the top of your “must-visit” countries because it is a Muslim majority country. Therefore, you can find food of all cuisines, price ranges and themes everywhere you go! Mosques are available aplenty in the country and many tourist spots, shopping malls, etc. have prayer rooms. Find nearby Halal food places in Malaysia  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Malaysia   6. France Paris, France's capital has been popularly dubbed as the “city of love”, so it is definitely one of Europe's best destinations when it comes to honeymoons and romantic getaways. French cities like Nice, Cannes, and Lyon are also great locations for a couple's getaway, but Paris is where you'll find it easiest to find the most Muslim-friendly facilities. Not only does the lover's city have an abundance of Halal restaurants and mosques, there are a few hotels that cater to Muslims as well (prayer mats, Qur’an in the rooms, qibla directions, Halal food, etc.). Get a picture with your beau on top of the iconic Eiffel tower, dine in cool cafes, go shopping in this fashion capital, or just enjoy each others company amidst the allure of this beautiful country! Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in France   7. Maldives One of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia is in the Maldives! The Maldives is a place that takes the idea of a beach resort to a whole other level! There are regular beach resorts, and then there are private villas literally in the middle of the sea with their own private pools; what more could you want in terms of privacy or romance? You can try out fun activities like diving, snorkelling, and lounging in your private villa while being served your choice of delicious food! You could also take a break from your break and head back into the mainland to visit busy markets, interact with the locals and explore the city. Although Maldives is a Muslim-majority country, not all resorts serve pure Halal food and cater to Muslims. Luckily, there are quite a few that are Muslim-friendly, so you won't have too much trouble finding one! Find nearby Halal food places in Maldives Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Maldives   8. Hawaii Hawaii is an isolated US state that is made up of a group of islands, many of them volcanic. To many, Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, which is why its one of the world's top destinations for couples and honeymooners! From romantic sunsets to windy sea cruises, exotic sea life and exciting sea activities, Hawaii is probably the best romantic getaway destination in North America. There is only one mosque in Hawaii, in its capital of Honolulu, but it's a great place to interact with local Muslims. There are a few Halal-friendly resorts in Hawaii, but you could make do by bringing your own prayer mat, as well as compass and Qur'an (or mobile apps for them). There are many Halal restaurants in Hawaii, and you also have the option of cooking for yourself if you were staying in a private villa. Seafood is also a big deal in Hawaii, including the “national dish of Hawaii” - Poke! Find nearby Halal food places in Hawaii Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Hawaii   9. Switzerland If you already live on a tropical island, the sun and sea just might be something that you see every day – and that's fine because there are plenty of honeymoon locations that offer something different. One such place is Switzerland. The country of chocolates, mountains, and snow can be an incredibly romantic place to vacation with your partner. Cities like Zurich, Geneva and Bern are the most Muslim-friendly in terms of finding nearby Halal food restaurants and prayer places, but many other cities and towns have Halal-friendly facilities as well. There is also plenty to do in Switzerland. Visit museums and parks, marvel at the gorgeous mountains and lakes, go shopping, or take to the slopes in ski resorts. Or, you know, you could cosy up in front of the fireplace with your lover while it's snowing outside. That sounds much better than any other activity, don't you think? Find nearby Halal food places in Switzerland Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Switzerland...

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