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  • Muslim's Guide: The Best Things to Do in Lisbon, Portugal

    Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal! Or as the locals say: Bem Vindo! Some believe that Portugal is the oldest country in Europe; regardless of whether that is true or not, this country is one of the most beautiful...

  • Your Guide to the 8 Best Places to Explore in Mumbai

    When it comes to planning your trip to Mumbai, things can definitely get overwhelming. Being one of the largest metropolitan cities in India, there are plenty of tourist places in Mumbai.  The striking...

  • Travel News Wrap: 26 October Week

    Qantas Plans for ‘Flight to Somewhere’ Image Credit: Fezbot2000 on Unsplash Carrying on with the theme of ‘flights to nowhere’ or ‘cruise to nowhere’ that has been ever so popular these days,...

  • Top 7 Things to Do In San Francisco, California

    Small but mighty: San Francisco is a city with a never-ending amount of fun! It may be tiny, only stretching across seven miles, but every square inch of this city sits on a fault line that has some secret...

  • Let's Take a Look Back: 2019 Travel Trends

    The world in 2019 is not what it used to be and, this year has changed how travel is looked at, as well as how people travel. Travel is almost a must now, and young people are flocking to amazing destinations...

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