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  • Thrill-seekers Would Not Want To Miss These 5 Amusement Parks In Japan!

    Japan has many things to offer, from its beautiful culture, modernised cities and a huge variety of theme parks. Often when we plan for holidays, we would include at least one theme park based on what we’ve read or heard about them. However, all these theme parks have different aspects to offer and stand out from each other with their very own unique features. We will be exploring the top 5 theme parks in Japan and mention what makes them so special. Perhaps by the end of this article, more than one theme park will be on the list for your next trip to this amazing destination. 6 Shopping Places in Japan You Shouldn't Miss! 1. Universal Studios Japan Being the first Universal Studios theme park in Asia, it does not disappoint when it comes to providing an unforgettable experience for the rest of the world. The park offers family fun with the young ones and thrill-seekers. As the name would suggest, the rides and areas in the park are based on popular movies created by Universal studios. The complex unique selling point of this park is that it makes fantasies come to life for movie lovers. You can witness colourful parades and mascots, all in the theme of great blockbusters like Jurassic park, Back To The Future, Terminator, Jaws, Spiderman and Harry Potter! The huge park includes 9 areas and an endless variety of rides including roller-coasters and thrill rides that are suitable for visitors of different ages and interests. Address: 2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka Prefecture 554-0031Website: USJOperating Hours: 9AM to 7PM (Might vary on special occasions)Ticket Price: Lowest for children - 5,200 Yen                       Adults - 7,400 Yen to 21,500 Yen 2. Ninja Samurai Kingdom Picture: Kankomie Although this theme park does not have the best ratings as compared to other famous theme parks available in Japan, its unique theme is an experience by itself. The park follows a cultural theme of Japanese tradition with huge gold statues, splendid architecture, castles and forts. It is a place to be transported back into the past. For both locals and foreigners, it is an amazing attraction if you are interested in history, military and escapism. It signifies the unification of Japan, making it very important and true to the Japanese. The ground-keepers can even be found in periodical clothing to truly complete the transportation experience. One of their attractions that visitors love is the Ninja scare house, that provides a different kind of nerve-wrecking thrill. Address: 1201-1 futamicho Mitsu, Ise 519-0603, Mie Prefecture                 (Formerly known as the Ise Azuchi Momoyama Cultural Village)Website: Ise-JokamachiOperating Hours: 9AM to 10PM (some rides close at 5PM)                                The hot spring bath opens at 11AMTicket Price: 3600 Yen (Entrance only)                      4900 Yen (Rides)                      900 Yen (Hot spring baths)                      300-400 Yen (Separate rides) 3. Tokyo Disney Sea This theme park is made of 7 ports: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. The Tokyo Disney Sea is a fantasy inspired by myths and legends of the sea. Its mythical theme is meant to strongly appeal to adults as well as children. Each port has its own uniqueness, incorporating water into grandiose architecture, decor and rides. For example, the Mediterranean Harbour is styled in Venician canals and gandolas whilst the Mysterious Island goes along with a more fictitious approach alluding to the writings of Jules Verne with science fiction vehicles and submarines. The Lost River Delta, uses Indiana Jones Adventures to create thrilling rides and make you the hero of your own adventure. Address: 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, JapanWebsite: TokyoDisneyResortOperating Hours: 8AM to 10PM (May vary on special occasions) 4. Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Picture: Yokohama Due to its aquatic features, you may believe that it falls under the same category as the Tokyo Disney Sea. However, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is an incorporation of a theme park and an aquarium. It focuses more on nature and reality, which is totally different from Disney's far-fetched fantasy. It includes all sorts of marine mammals such as sea lions, polar bears, whales and sharks. It doesn’t stop there! With guided tours, interaction with the animals is promised. If touching, feeding and playing with animals is not thrilling enough, you have the option to go on amusement rides at the Pleasure Land. It features the Blue Fall, which is a 107-meter drop and the Surf Coaster, a rollercoaster that includes a loop over the sea. Address: Hakkeijima, Kanazawa, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 236-0006, JapanWebsite: SeaParadiseOperating Hours: 10AM to 6PM (Longer hours on weekends and during school holidays)Ticket Price: Free entry to the park                      3000 Yen (Aqua Resorts)                      3000 Yen (Pleasure Land)                      5050 Yen (Aqua Resort and Pleasure Land) 5. Fuji-Q Highland Picture: Time-out One of Japan’s most popular theme parks is located alongside Mount Fuji, making it the perfect spot to admire the magnificient mountain. This theme park's unique selling point is their record breaking roller coaster. Fujiyama was the tallest roller-coaster when it was opened in 1996. Today, it still stands in the list of top 10 tallest rides on earth! Each of the 7 rollercoasters in the park have their importance in the world of thrill-seeking. This attraction has a lot to offer as a Japanese theme park. It features a popular anime series and traditionally designed rides. The variety is endless, with mazes and haunted houses also available for visitors to try. In case there are guests that got dragged along against their will, there is also a museum that displays beautiful paintings of Mount Fuji. If none of those appeal to you, head down to the park's hot spring facility with relaxing bath houses that uses traditional japanese architecture. Address: 5 Chome-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017, JapanWebsite: FujiQOperating Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Extended during peak seasons)Ticket Price: 400 to 1500 Yen (Individual rides)                       5700 Yen (1-day pass with unlimited rides) Each theme park offers a different kind of thrill, whether they want to be scared to their core, transported back into history or go on a rollercoaster above the sea, each experience is completely unique due to the theme of the park. So head down to Japan and all your senses will be satisfied! Read more about Japan!...

  • 6 Of The Most Beautiful Gardens in Japan

    When you travel to Japan, spending time exploring the many beautiful Japanese Gardens is definitely not to be missed. The design of Japanese gardens is treated as a form of art that has been practiced for over 1000 years. This has led to many different styles of gardens evolving and each of it displays its own unique form of beauty. We have put together a list of some of the most famous Japanese gardens in Japan which are also some of the best Japanese gardens in the world for you to include in your tour of this beautiful country.     Credits -     1) Kenroku-en   Situated in Kanazawa, the Kenroku-en is one of the three most famous Japanese gardens in Japan also known as the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’. This garden plays a unique role in the history of the country as it was built for the enjoyment of feudal lords. The garden looks like it is made of a collection of gardens and features the oldest fountain of the country, stone bridges, beautiful streams and ponds and stone bridges. It is also known to be one of the most private gardens making it ideal to enjoy a peaceful stroll in the midst of natural beauty. Click here for more information about Kenroku-en   2) Koraku-en   Also one of the three most famous Japanese gardens in Japan, you should consider visiting Koraku-en if you are anywhere near Okayama. Located very close to the Okayama Castle and bordering the Aashi River, the splendid view makes it one of the best Japanese gardens in the world. Enjoy this amazing serenity with your family, friends, or loved ones.  Click here for more information about Koraku-en   3) Kairaku-en   The third of the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’ is the Kairaku-en garden located in Mito, Japan. This beautiful garden, established in 1841, is the latest addition to these three most famous Japanese gardens in Japan and has been always opened to the public. Designed under the theme of "a garden to enjoy with people", it is one of the Japanese gardens that paved the way to the concept of development of public parks. Be sure to give this garden a visit during the plum blossom season, which is said to be the best time throughout the year. And of course, bring your family or friends along to witness the beauty of Kairaku-en with people. Click here for more information about Kairaku-en   4) Adachi Museum of Art   This garden has received quite a lot of attention and acclamation as one of the best Japanese gardens in the world in various gardening magazines time and time again. To live up to its name as one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens, the garden is highly maintained - which is why it is so breathtakingly beautiful all year round. This garden is not to be missed as not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of this exquisite gardening masterpiece, you could even visit the museum to witness its valuable art collection.Click here for more information about Adachi Museum of Art   5) Ryoan-ji Temple   We highly recommend you visit the Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, which features one of the most serene gardens in Japan. Founded in 1450, the garden stands out as the most famous Zen garden or stone garden. Due to the immense value the garden holds, the site has also received recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site. So, when you're in Kyoto, be sure to give Ryoan-ji Temple a visit to witness this culturally rich beauty! Click here for more information about Ryoan-ji Temple   6) Byodo-in Temple   Joining the list of beautiful Japanese Gardens is the Byodo-in Temple located in Uji - dubbed the Land of Happiness featuring unique architecture. The Byodo-in Temple is also popular among Japanese gardens for being one of the best surviving examples of the Buddhist Pure Land architecture. Also located in the garden is the Phoenix Hall - the main temple of the garden - which is a famous attraction not to be missed. You can even catch a glimpse of this temple on the Japanese 10 yen coin.Click here for more information about Byodo-in Temple ...

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