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5 Chome-1-2 Kamata, ?ta-ku, T?ky?-to 144-0052, Japan

Language of service

Arabic , Urdu , Bangla , English , Japanese


Five daily prayers, Jumu'ah prayers

  • A Local's Guide: Top 7 Things to do in Lahore, Pakistan

    Every country has a heart. For Pakistan, it's Lahore – a beautiful cultural city in the center of Punjab. With red sandstone walls that speak history, museums that take you back to colonial times, and plenty of sights to discover, this city has a lot to offer, especially to those looking to connect to different cultures in the Muslim world. Hence, there are ample top attractions of Lahore to discover. Part of a Muslim-majority country that is strongly connected to its religious roots, Lahore is the ideal destination for those looking to plan out the perfect halal vacation. These are the best things to do in Lahore.   1. Start your Journey by rejuvenating your soul at the Al-Hafiz Masjid Image Credit: Abuzar Xheikh on Unsplash What can be better than offering Salath at one of the many beautiful mosques of Lahore? Built near the Lahore International Airport, the Al-Hafiz Masjid is a great place for Muslim tourists flying in the city to offer their first Salath at. Similarly, the Wazir Khan Mosque, built in the 17th century and embellished with rich, intricate designs, welcomes all Muslim travelers in congregational prayers at a fair distance of 20km from the airport. Being one of the best places to visit in Lahore, offering your Salath here will be a memorable experience. It will be effortless to find mosques and prayer places near you in Lahore, as the city is full of them.   2. Find yourself traveling time back to the great Mughal Era Image Credit: Nahmar Cheetah on Unsplash The Mughal era was known for many great ordeals, the most prominent ones being their architecture, embedded in all Mosques, historical, and cultural sights of Lahore. The golden age of the Mughal's dominion saw Lahore become the capital of the empire, and today, the ruins of Mughal construction testify to their enduring, timeless grandeur. If you're a fancier of art in historical sights, Lahore's grand history will have you traveling time. No visit to Lahore is complete without a trip to the famed Shalimar Gardens. The scenery of the best park in Lahore is guaranteed to wow you in no time. In the near vicinity, the stunning tiled tomb of Emperor Jahangir awaits your awe. Here, you can witness the most delicate Mughal frescoes and intricately carved marble architecture.   3. Finding solitude at the grand Badshahi Mosque Image Credit: Ayesha Asif on Unsplash Embedded in the center of Lahore's walled city, The Badshahi Mosque is one of the most breathtaking mosques in the country. Today, the Mosque is on every Muslim tourist's must-see list and is definitely one of the best places to visit in Lahore! It has a vast courtyard with the sun gleaming on the marble domes. The best time to visit this Mosque is early in the morning, as less crowd helps you explore the Mosque in solitude. Try offering at least one of your Salaths here, as it is an experience on its own. If you work up an appetite, the Haveli restaurant and Kuku's Den in the Mosque's near vicinity have great halal food and family-friendly entertainment.   4. Exploring Lahore fort and admiring the beauty of Sheesh Mehal Image Credit: Sharjeel Khalid on Unsplash The Lahore Fort is the prime location to visit when finding the best things to do in Lahore. The fort has various gates opening in the city, but the most convenient gate is at the Badshahi Mosque. A security line is present to lead you seamlessly into the fort. The massive fortress has several palaces, museums, and gardens, ready to be explored; hence, it's best to spend a few hours here to observe the diverse styles of architecture found. The fort's most notable palace is Sheesh Mehal, which is made entirely of reflective glass tiles, making it the dreamiest, must-visit place for every tourist.   5. Wandering through the cultural hub – the Anarkali bazaar Image Credit: kanwar Taimoor on Unsplash Beloved by tourists — and rightly so — this is one of the best places to visit in Lahore, particularly if you're looking to stock up on souvenirs! At the Anarkali bazaar, shopkeepers peddle everything from hand-worked Khussas (traditional footwear of India and Pakistan) to ethnic jewelry and everything in between. There are several different mosques and halal food restaurants nearby, each of them not more than a short rickshaw ride away.   6. Enjoying the architect of Lahore's modern drama tradition at the Rafi Peer theatre and AlHamra Arts Council Image Credit: Khalid Mahmood, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons The best way to experience Lahore's culture is through seeing the locals perform theatrical art. Visit Rafi Peer Theater, Pakistan's first puppet show theater. Moreover, grab tickets to the various shows at The Colony and AlHamra Arts Council to enjoy art displays and theatre-plays. This is a great family-friendly activity for those traveling with young children.   7. Indulge in the best thing to do in Lahore – enjoying All-Halal scrumptious food Image Credit: Khurram Sajjad on Unsplash Lahore is renowned for having the best food in Pakistan. Luckily, being a Muslim country, you will find everything halal! Hence, innumerable lip-smacking flavors are waiting to be a part of your journey. Visit the Fort Road Food Street for must-have traditional dishes, such as Lahori Chargha, Halwa Poori, and Lassi. In Lahore, you will find the must-try Pakistani dishes you must not miss out on. If you are looking to find continental food to tease your tastebuds, visit M.M. Alam Road for unlimited great halal food and excellent shopping sprees.  Several things are going to grab your attention in Lahore. The lush green gardens, the canal running through the city, breathtakingly beautiful architecture, an intricate mosque in every corner, mind-blowing halal food, and of course the friendly and very hospitable Lahori people – it doesn’t get better than this, so make sure to add Lahore to your list of travels! For more destination ideas, check out our travel blog to find locations of halal restaurants and mosques near you....

  • Your pick of the crop: The best Airbnbs in Perth for every type of travel!

    The world of traveling is ever-changing and growing. It was not long ago when staying in someone's apartment abroad was a daunting experience but now with sites like Airbnb who place the utmost importance on customer safety, comfort, and wholesome experiences, travel, and hospitality are closely intertwined. Home to the Aboriginal Australians for over 38,000 years, Perth is the capital and the most metropolitan area of Western Australia. Perth is home to historical castles, British history, protected gardens, coastal reserves, amazing nature, and a buzzing metropolitan scene. This article has gathered the best Airbnb for your experience in Perth and categorized them for ease in your search. Whether you're searching for something cozy and affordable, luxurious, sleek and modern, or a home with character, Airbnb is here to serve and travel has never been so close to our fingertips.   Cozy and Affordable- Historic Hostel The Old Swan Barracks Backpacker Hostel Image Credit: Nachoman-au, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Cozy and Affordable does not indicate substituting looks, charms, and comfort. Perth has an array of choices for those who wish to spend money on different things. Although for a budget of under 40 Australian Dollars a night most places are hotel rooms and private rooms in a house, this provides you with epic stays like The Old swan barracks. This impressive hostel looks like a castle from the exterior but was the headquarters of the Australian Army. One of the cheapest finds in Perth, this place is great for a sleep and go location. It won an award in 2019 for the Best accommodation from adventure tourism. It provides you with a bed, space, and storage as well as a communal kitchen. There are choices available for smaller and larger groups. It must be warned this place has a bar and large social area. Airbnb Link   Hostel G Perth -Bed in Glam Room (Ladies Only) Image Credit: unpluggededition Muslim female travelers need not worry, if staying in a hostel worries you, Hostel G Perth is perfect as it is ladies only. The whole communal area only allows females and the priority is female comfort. The space is small and private only allowing a max of 4 people, which means it could be booked out for a group of female travelers or a solo traveler. All the comments from previous guests are positive and some even return, this Airbnb scores a 4.66 in total out of 142 reviews. Airbnb Link    Homes with character "Silver Gypsy's Fabulous Flat for Two" or more ...- meditative retreat Image Credit: Airbnb The 1 bedroom flat is encased by a shield of greenery and is the perfect retreat away to make you feel your away from the city. This is done without compensating for access to the surrounding towns and even the beach. Marg, a retired teacher with a particular interest in Family History welcomes visitors to explore her gardens growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables in season. The homely character of this Airbnb encourages you to enjoy its surroundings in warm and cooler seasons, with all the amenities available to make a cozy night in perfect or even a day to the beach paired with a basket full of garden goodies enjoyable. Airbnb Link    Beautiful Loft Home: walk to King's Pk, UWA, shops Images credit: Airbnb This 2 bedroom loft is an artistic home merging traditional Italian interior design, eastern and Mediterranean rugs, and modern furniture. The amalgamation of all these influences create a space unique and inviting. The apartment begs for curious minds to inspect the detailed choices and enjoy the grand space. This is a good choice for the halal-conscious traveler as there are several rooms without art including faces that allow Muslim visitors the ease of praying in the home. The character of this home is versatile, whether young or old the homeowners have done a great job in creating a place that merges Australia’s complicated history through visual cultural notes. This huge space houses 6 guests and has 3 double beds, it has all the modern technological appliances you may need and is within walking distance to transport. Airbnb Link    Sleek and modern South Perth Living on the Foreshore Free NBN WIFI- longer business stays and the modern traveler. Image Credit: Airbnb A blend of whites, creams, greys, and blacks this home is the epitome of pristine, sleek, and modern. The shiny clear surfaces, blank walls and clean ground floor apartment is the perfect choice for the modern traveler, who wants to experience the cleanliness of a hotel but the comfort of a home. All the reviews rave that the location is perfect for those who require quick access to the city for business or ease. One reviewer called the flat ‘immaculate’ and a few Airbnb-ers expressed their delight with space after staying for weeks and even months. Airbnb Link   Top location, 81sqm, pool/gym, parking & more! - the modern city individual⭐️ Image Credit: Airbnb In similar fashion to other sleek and modern apartments, this 1 bedroom flat boasts pristine whites, greys, and blacks but this time with incorporation of earthy tones to connect the flat to the nature of the surrounding area. The plants, mahogany, straw, and wood connect this place to the heart of its central location. Lake monger and parks surround the flat, located in North Perth. This apartment also boasts access to a pool, gym, and outdoor BBQ. Although they are shared with the neighbors if you require privacy, agreements can be arranged with the neighbors. Airbnb Link   Aviator Ocean Retreat- Family or group holidays Image Credit: Airbnb Our last home in this category is aimed at the group of younger travelers with a standard for the modern and cleanliness. This space is highly familiar with a living room, dining space, private back garden deck. This is perfect for a family or group of friends trying to enjoy each other's company. It is also within walking access to Catalina Beach Park with its beautiful white plank work and swimming pools. This is an ideal place for a family to enjoy the sun, have fun, and relax. The kitchen is also ideal for people who enjoy cooking! Erin, the host has posted pictures of the sunset which showcase the ocean and the sky in all its glory. Airbnb Link    Luxurious retreats Hidden Gem in Inglewood! Min's to Perth City Image Credit: Airbnb Louise the owner of this beautiful home describes her home as “ the ideal retreat for an exquisite & up-scale stay, located close to the absolute heart of Perth CBD and Airport. “ This luxurious Airbnb who sleeps up to 8 guests is a space that focuses on refined luxury and the comfort of a home. Everything in the home is at the disposal of the guests including the Nespresso machines and everything in the kitchen. This home is more of an understated luxury that aims to ground its guests into the everyday life of someone living in Perth. Halal travelers can be glad to experience a home with no offensive art or faces in the decoration. The house has shielded windows for people who need privacy. The host was described as responsive and there to help with every demand and Airbnb Link    Modern taste of nature, with amazing views (house)- swimming pool home away from home Image Credit: Airbnb Perhaps the most luxurious home on our list, this home with its stunning views and private rectangular swimming, open window plan may take a little while to get used to. The Home’s main unique selling point is that it is so detached from other people and homes that it can have open windows, a private backyard, and a swimming pool without the fear of anyone seeing through. Halal-conscious travelers may take a moment to get used to this place because it would feel as though anyone can see them, but its location and architecture as well as positioning over normal ground level mean that it’s hard for any visitors to intrude. However, this home is shared with the hosts so conversation and boundaries would have to be discussed for hijabis. This should be of no problem as all the reviews rave about the host’s hospitality and how they added to the experience of staying here. Granted this place is located away from the city and closer to nature’s reserves, situated at the foot of the Kalamunda national park but this Airbnb should be considered for its unique experience. Airbnb Link ...

  • Bintan's Vibrant Resort: Cassia Bintan

    Only a short 45-minutes ferry ride from Singapore, Bintan offers you a quick getaway from all the hustle and bustle in the city. It’s time to stop stressing about all those things inside your mind and let’s go all the way to Bintan! This Negeri Segantang Lada is ready to bring you a journey to serenity. Set to become the next Bali equivalent, Bintan has lots of resorts. When you have so many options, picking the right ones can be quite a challenge. Therefore, HalalTrip is here to save the day! One of the resorts we highly recommend for every unique soul who craves for something colorful, vibrant, and edgy is Cassia Bintan by Banyan Tree. This is where you should stay, seriously.   CASSIA BINTAN Image Credit: Cassia Bintan Address: Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan Resorts, Sebong Lagoi, Tlk. Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29155 Phone: (0770) 693111 Website: Instagram: @cassiabintan Facebook: Cassia Bintan Without much more hustle and sweat, Cassia Bintan is perched in a perfect location where it is only 10 minutes away from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. You can go to Bandar Bentan Telani Terminal with a ferry from Tanah Merah, Singapore. A single Economy Class Ferry Ticket fare starts from SGD 45 for a one-way trip and SGD 58 for a round trip. Then, for Emerald (First Class) Ticket starts from SGD 62 for a one-way trip and SGD 102 for a round trip. *Ticket fare can change depending on the off-peak or peak season. This 5-star hotel opened at the end of August 2017, so the building is relatively new. The concept this resort is based on is very zingy and youthful. Furthermore, Cassia Bintan has apartment-like features where all types of rooms have a living room and a trendy functional kitchen. A great place for those who are fond of cooking! Whether you are planning to stay alone, with your cliques, colleagues, or your partner, what's not to like about cooking breakfast in the morning with a view of the blue sea? P.S.: They have Market 23 in the lobby area for you to pick out some ingredients for your meal with so many instagrammable spots. You can also find a recipe book inside your room and have a Thai style BBQ feast. If cooking is not your thing then, don’t worry! Most of the restaurants in Bintan are Halal. There are various Halal restaurants near the resort, from Lotus Café, Treetops, Vista, XANA Beach Club to Saffron restaurant. If you would like to try somewhere more romantic, try having dinner at Kelong Restaurant or Dinner on the Rocks. Imagine a candlelight dinner under the stars overlooking the South China Sea landscape. Craving for something more aligned with the local taste? Go to Sederhana Nasi Padang. They also have Prayer rooms available! Or go to Pujasera in Kota Sebung or Rimba Jaya, you will have a variety of local food choices there. We recommend that you check with the restaurants just to make sure of their Halal status. Image Credit: Cassia Bintan Now, let’s talk about what the resort’s offers, Cassia Bintan has a very fun lobby! There are board games, card games, foosball, and darts. Furthermore, because of its aesthetic design, you definitely want a selfie or a we-fie. Cassia Bintan is absolutely instagrammable. For you beach lovers, this resort offers access to a private beach that is only about 1.5 km away from the resort! There, you can either have a blast with your friends and family or you may choose to go the total opposite of a relaxing time by the beach. Reading a good book alone or with your lovely partner. Imagine having a sweet sunset moment with your loved ones while walking feet-in-sand on this clean white sand beach. Image Credit: Cassia Bintan This resort will give you the best relaxation for the rest of your weekends since it is very close to the beach. You really can hear the soothing sound of waves inside your room. Other than that, if you are seeking for a more therapeutic experience, head over to Banyan Tree’s award-winning spa where you will be in the hands of massage experts to massage all that stress away! There are golf courses nearby as well if golf sounds more like you.   Cassia Bintan Room Options One-Bedroom Apartment Image Credit: Cassia Bintan These funky rooms are for two persons and are 42sqm - 51sqm. There is a No Breakfast option that starts from SGD45, With Breakfast starting from SGD 57. These are the different themes that they offer for these One-Bedroom apartments:  Stay and Play option costs SGD 110 (catered for golfers) Loft Ocean View for SGD 140  Garden option costs SGD 175 Ocean option costs SGD 225 (exclude taxes)  All types of rooms have a kitchen, living room, free wi-fi, air conditioning, and microwave. All rooms are non-smoking rooms.   Two-Bedroom Apartment Garden or Ocean Image Credit: Cassia Bintan For those who would like to bring more people to the room, especially for family or group of friends, the Two-Bedroom Apartment is a good choice. This 62sqm-71sqm room has two options, which are Garden View for SGD 260 and Ocean View for SGD 300 (exclude taxes). The room facilities include a kitchen, living room, dining room, free wi-fi, breakfast for two, air conditioning, and microwave. All rooms are non-smoking rooms.   Activities and Things To Do 1. Foam Pool Party Image Credit: Cassia Bintan What more can we say, a pool of bubbles is definitely a YES! And it is FREE, weee! Price: Free Opening Hours: 3 PM – 7 PM (Saturdays only).   2. Water Sport Image Credit: Cassia Bintan Feeling adventurous? Water sport such as Snorkeling and Jet Ski is one of Banyan Tree’s private beach available activities. Enjoy Bintan’s beautiful ocean from under or above. Jetski Price: Starts from SGD 43 for 15 min and SGD 160 for 1 hour Safari Tour Opening hours: 9 AM and 4 PM Location: Marine Centre Snorkeling Price: Around SGD 36 Opening hours: 9 AM and 4 PM Location: Marine Centre   3. Speedboat through Mangrove Image Credit: DestinAsian If you like watching some wild animals and having a wild adventure, there will be pythons hanging on the branches and some monitor lizards, but we can assure your safety! Seriously. Price: Around SGD 38 (60 minutes tour) Opening Hours: Day tour at 9 AM, 10.30 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. A night tour at 7.30 PM. Location: Roundtrip pick-up from Cassia Bintan   4. ATV Image Credit: Grant Durr on Unsplash Nothing beats zipping around nature with an ATV to get the blood pumping! Release your stress by riding an ATV! Price: Around SGD 58 (30 minutes) Opening Hours: Marine Centre   5. Yoga Maintain your physique, mental, and spiritual by doing Yoga. If you have not tried doing Yoga before, this is your time… Price: Free Time: 5:30AM – 7AM Location: Santai Deck at Angsana Resort by Banyan Tree   6. Release Endangered Baby Turtles into the Ocean Image Credit: Cassia Bintan Well-known for big on caring for marine life, Banyan Tree offers you this activity though Cassia Bintan. Just imagine watching tippy-tappy baby turtles’ feet getting back into the ocean? Such cuties! Price: Free Time: Check for updates on Cassia Bintan’s Facebook or Instagram Location: Cassia Bintan’s private beach   7. Busung Dune Desert and Telaga Biru Image Credit: Wonderful Indonesia Visit Gurun Pasir Busung that is 40 minutes away from Cassia Bintan. Make sure to bring a camera or your phone with you because this place very beautiful and magical! Price: Free Opening Hours: 24 hours Location: Jl. Raya Busung, Busung, Seri Kuala Lobam, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29152   8. Lagoi Beach Image Credit: DestinAsian More beach? Go to Lagoi Beach, this popular public beach has plenty of selfie spots, eateries, and shops. Price: Free Opening Hours: 7AM to midnight Location: Sebong Lagoi, Teluk Sebong, Sebong Lagoi, Tlk. Sebong, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau So, now you know where to go and stay in Bintan for a relaxing holiday! Even if you are not staying in Cassia Bintan, Bintan island itself has so many more things to do and explore. May the situation improve so that the borders can be lifted soon, Insha Allah!...

  • 8 Best Uniquely Singapore Souvenirs

    When we travel around the world, we tend to think about souvenirs, either for ourselves or for others. Indeed, we cannot buy memories but this is the closest we can get to remember the moments. Often, finding a souvenir is always challenging for me. As much as I want, I wouldn't want to stick to the typical keychains and magnets. I remember dedicating one day of my itinerary just to accommodate in finding souvenirs. As we all know, the traveling ban will be eased soon. Singapore will soon be opening its border to other countries and welcome its visitors. As such, let us list down the souvenirs that you can find in Singapore. It's not the typical keychains and magnets, but these are the items that spell Uniquely Singapore.   1. Merlion Plushie Image Credit: Naiise Forget about the Merlion statue and get the Merlion plushie instead! This mythical creature with a lion's head and fish's body is Singapore's national symbol, thus making it a Uniquely Singapore souvenir.Head down to Naiise to get your hands on these cute little furry plushies. They have several collections of the Merlion Plushies, which make you want to sweep them off the shelves because of its cuteness.   2. Instant Food Image Credit: Prima Taste I am not talking about just any instant food but I am referring to Singapore's flavor here. There might be some flavors that are unique in Singapore, like Chili Crab and Laksa. How about bringing these flavors back home to share with your family and friends? Or maybe, savor them on one of those days that you missed the taste of Singapore.Instant noodle brands like Prima Taste or Myojo have an array of Singapore's flavor that you can savor and the best thing is that they are Halal-certified. You can find flavors like Thai Tom Yum and Mee Soto Ayam. Another Halal instant noodle or food brands that you can look out for is Koka. Buying instant noodles and food is not that difficult as you can pop by any supermarket to get them. The only thing you need to worry about is the bulky packaging and if they can fit in your luggage.   3. Local Sauce / Paste Image Credit: Hai's Website If you feel that instant food and noodle is too bulky and will take up space in your luggage, how about some local sauce or paste? These ready-to-cook sauces are hasslefree and let you achieve the authentic flavors.Similar to instant noodles, you can get these local sauce in any supermarket. Brands like Hai's have ready-to-cook sauces and instant pastes. What's more, Hai's is certified Halal. Once you're back home, you will never have to miss the flavor of Singapore with the availability of Laksa and Chili Crab flavor in their products.   4. Local Snacks Image Credit: shopback It is no doubt that certain sweets and snacks bring about nostalgia. When I was younger, I always munched on that Animal Biscuit or ripped the sugar icing off the Ais Gem biscuit, leaving the biscuit aside. These snacks made up part of our childhood, and it's what makes it Uniquely Singapore. You may be lucky to find any of these snacks at any convenient store but I believe you can only find them at certain stores.Biscuit King is one of the stores that you can head down to. Located along Upper Thomson Road, it's worth visiting to get your snacks and get the taste of nostalgia. You can also find sweets and preserved fruits apart from assorted biscuits. According to their websites, the listed snacks are certified Halal. Do check on the specified snacks before purchasing.   5. Golden Duck Image Credit: Golden Duck on Facebook While we are still on the topic of snacks, let me introduce you to the snacks that have been raving in Singapore. If you are already familiar, the salted egg yolk trend is still booming in Singapore. With most delicacies and food being fused with salted egg yolk, it is no surprise that you can see them everywhere.Golden Duck has produced very addicting snacks and that is the Salted Egg Fishskin and the Salted Egg Potato Ridges. You might also be tempted to try their Sichuan Mala flavor and Chili Crab flavor. It is easy to spot the Golden Duck brands on the shelves of any supermarket and the best thing is that they are certified Halal.   6. Traditional Dresses Image Credit: Kai Pilger on Unsplash Being a multinational country, you will be able to experience the uniqueness of each culture in Singapore. When we talk about culture, we can definitely not forget about their traditional dresses. Walk along Chinatown and you will be able to find Cheongsam. Head down to Little India and you will be able to get Saree. If you want to find Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu, Geylang has an array of collections that can leave you spoilt for choices.Getting a traditional dress might be a little off the budget but I feel that it is a great souvenir item, either for yourself or someone close to you. The textile and material are representing the culture back in the country. Therefore, making it a unique and meaningful collection of souvenirs.   7. Vanda Miss Joaquim Products Image Credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens Shop Vanda Miss Joaquim is known to be the national flower of Singapore. It is a hybrid orchid, also known as the Singapore Orchid. Of course, getting your hands on any Vanda Miss Joaquim products will serve as the perfect memorabilia of Singapore.You can find a wide range of Vanda Miss Joaquim products in the Garden Shop at Singapore Botanical Garden. You can find scarves, cushion covers, and even umbrellas with the Vanda Miss Joaquim prints. Don't forget to check out the collections of Orchid teas too!   8. Keychains Image Credit: Starbucks Singapore Okay, let's be real. Sometimes, you just ran out of ideas, or you just ran out of time to get your souvenirs. To be honest, I am a keychain collector and I find that it is nice to have a keychain display of every country that I visited before.If getting a keychain with just a 'Singapore' word printed onto it is mainstream, how about a miniature Merlion keychain? Head down to any Starbucks outlets in Singapore to get your hand on their cute Merlion Bearista keychain. This keychain is sculptured to the Merlion's shape, making it unique from other keychains that you can buy elsewhere. There you have it! 8 ideas for souvenirs that you can find in Singapore. These souvenirs are totally Uniquely Singapore and will definitely be the perfect memorabilia for your trip to Singapore....

  • 7 Best Nasi Ambeng Delivery and Restaurants in Singapore

    I was one who wasn't able to recognize traditional / Asian cuisines involving rice. Back then, I thought Nasi Ambeng was the same as Nasi Padang as they both contained assortments of dishes accompanied by white rice. But Nasi Ambeng has fixed dishes, namely beef or chicken rendang, sambal goreng (spicy stir-fried tofu, long bean, and tempeh), and serunding (sauteed grated coconut). The notable dish for Nasi Ambeng for me is the Bergedel and Fried Beef Lungs, which probably the reason why I am looking forward to feast on Nasi Ambeng these days. Might even get some Nasi Ambeng delivery.   What is Nasi Ambeng? Nasi Ambeng is a Javanese cuisine, typically, Nasi Ambeng is served in a large dulang (tray). With the white rice being surrounded by the various dishes, the platter of Nasi Ambeng is shared among four or five people. It was common to see this delicacy being served in a kenduri (a feast after a religious ceremony), encouraging bonding and togetherness over a meal.   Nasi Ambeng Delivery & Restaurants Of course, we wouldn't be expecting to eat in a platter and share them with the others in this period. But this doesn't mean that you are not able to enjoy them. Here is the list of the best Nasi Ambeng that you can find in Singapore. Information is correct at the time of writing. As Singapore is currently in Phase 2, do adhere to the rules and regulations of dining in a restaurant to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.   Coba Coba Image Credit: Coba Coba Facebook When it comes to good food, one wouldn't mind traveling as far to get them. With only one outlet available in Yishun, I can assure you that your traveling time is worth it! Coba Coba serves Indonesian cuisines that are not limited to Nasi Ambeng. Either you are going to savor it alone or with some other people, you can choose among the available platters available. As the sharing of food is not advisable at this point in time, you can opt for the Nasi Ambeng Bento Box. For only $12.90, it is one of the great alternatives if you are planning to treat your family, friends, or even your company without the need to go out in a big group.Price: From $10.80Address: 156 Yishun Street 11 #01-106 S(760156)Operating hours: 8 am - 9 pm, Mon-SunDelivery: Available in FoodPanda (limited menu) and official websiteWebsite | Facebook | Instagram   Padi@Bussorah Image Credit: Padi @ Bussorah Nestled in Bussorah Street, you can find a restaurant serving authentic Malay dishes called Padi@Bussorah. Its restaurant has a great ambiance to hang out with friends or colleagues after work. Choose from a solo platter to platters for 5 people. You can expect to savor dishes like Ayam Lemak Chili Padi, Sambal Goreng, and Sambal squid. It will definitely leave your stomach happy and heart satisfied.Price: From $16.90Address: 53 Bussorah St, S(199469)Operating hours: 11 am - 10 pm, Mon-SunDelivery: Through the official website (Bento and Ala Carte Ambeng dishes)Website | Facebook | Instagram   My Spice Affair Image Credit: My Spice Affair My Spice Affair is another restaurant serving authentic Malay dishes, mainly focusing on Malacca recipes. From a warung hawker stall at Jalan Kayu and Seletar back in the 1970s, today you can savor these flavourful dishes at Aperia Mall. The store serves Nasi Padang in the day and Nasi Ambeng from 5 pm onwards. Three sizes are made available to cater to your crowd size. The dishes are not limited to Ayam Lemak Chili Padi, Beef Rendang as well as Sambal Cuttlefish. The Spice Affair has an option for Ambeng Light, an even smaller portion than Ambeng Solo, suitable for those with a smaller appetite.Price: From $8.80Address: 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia #02-11 S(339511)Operating hours: 10 am - 9 pm, Sun - FriDelivery: Through the official websiteWebsite | Facebook   Hajjah Mariam Cafe Image Credit: Hajjah Mariam Cafe Facebook Tucked in the basement of Westgate Shopping Mall, Hajjah Mariam Cafe caters to local Malay Cuisines. But it is best known for its Nasi Ambeng as people from every part of the island will flock in to enjoy them! For every size of the platters, you can choose between the standard or premium, where the latter contains additional brinjal and cow lungs. Their Dulang Ambeng-On-The-Go is perfect for enjoying the great food at home. It is also the best option if you stay quite far from Westgate mall and don't want to travel.Price: From $8.50Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #B2-08 Westgate Shopping Mall, S(608532)Operating hours: 10 am - 9 pm, Mon-SunDelivery: Through calls (Number available on its official website)Website | Facebook   Pu3 Restaurant Image Credit: Pu3 Facebook Do you know about the existence of a restaurant serving local Malay cuisine just another street behind 313 Somerset? Well, I wasn't aware of it too, and now I have an additional choice of Halal eateries when I'm in town. You can choose between chicken, beef, or cuttlefish for its solo Ambeng platter. You should also try their Tahu Telor, a fried egg, and tofu dish topped with ground peanuts, sweet sauce, and petis. Pu3 Restaurant also open orders for Ambeng Bento exclusive for any solemnization event.Price: From $9.80Address: 111 Somerset Road, #02-20 TripleOne Somerset S(238164)Operating hours: 11 am - 8 pm, Mon-Thu; 11 am - 9 pm, Fri-Sun & Public Holidays.Delivery: Through the official websiteWebsite | Facebook | Instagram   Istimewa Nasi Padang Image Credit: Istimewa Nasi Padang Facebook Istimewa Nasi Padang is a Muslim-owned stall located in the area of Bukit Merah. This store has been featured numerous times in media and food blogs. Recently, Istimewa Nasi Padang was also rated as the top 3 best Malay restaurants in Bukit Merah. Their Nasi Ambeng is available in two sizes; Nasi Ambeng Half and Nasi Ambeng Full. Both of which contains 12 kinds of dishes in a platter. Apart from Nasi Padang and Nasi Ambeng, Istimewa Nasi Padang caters to Signature Bento Set, suitable for corporate events or meetings.Price: From $28Address: Blk 28 Hoy Fatt Road, S(151028)Operating hours: 6 am - 3:30 pm, Mon-SatDelivery: Through the official website or calls (Number available on its Facebook page)Website | Facebook   Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West Image Credit: Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West Facebook Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West is a Halal caterer in Singapore. With numerous excellent reviews, it is no doubt Nasi Ambeng Asli Jurong West has been providing good food and services. Their Nasi Ambeng is available for 1 pax, 2 pax, or 4 pax. As for the 1 pax set, you can choose between beef or chicken as one of the main dishes. They concurrently have online orders for their Nasi Ambeng, so do keep a lookout on their Facebook page for order slot.Price: From $8Delivery: Through Whatsapps (Number available on its Facebook page)Facebook | Instagram   There you have it! The best Nasi Ambeng you can find in Singapore. If you have yet to settle for your lunch or dinner today, don't forget to check out any of these outlets and satisfy your stomach!...

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