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First built in 1917, this old generation masjid underwent several restorations, the most recent one in 1998. Located in the Central part of the island, its newly-restored building which comes complete with a minaret at the front porch can fill up to 2500 people. Ramadan is a busy month for the mosque as an average of 800 Muslims break their fast at the mosque daily. There are regular religious classes for children and adults.


Masjid Khalid 130, Joo Chiat Road Eunos Singapore Singapore 427727

Phone No

+65 6345 2884 +65 6346 1279

Language of service

English/ Malay/ Tamil


All prayers including formal jum'a

Quick Facts

  • Female prayer section
  • Wudu facilities for ladies
  • Toilets At walking distance
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