Seletar Airport is owned by Changi Airport Group.

Singapore, Singapore

Profile image Nurul Ain Azhar reviewed Hey Sugar 1 year agoSingapore

Quaint MUIS Halal-certified dessert cafe in the neighbourhood serving affordable waffles and ice cream. Waffles are freshly made to order and is light and fluffy. Their all day set is only SGD 9.90 for a waffle, a scoop of ice cream, and your choice of iced tea! Will definitely come back for more.

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    Wow, looks yum!

Profile image Nurul Ain Azhar reviewed Cluck Republic 1 year agoSingapore

Seriously, who doesn’t love Hainanese chicken rice? Now you can at the heart of Boat Quay! Enjoy steamed or roasted (with crispy skin!) chicken served with fragrant rice and the holy trinity of condiments: garlic chilli, ginger and soy sauce. They have other Asian delicacies like laksa too. And oh, don’t forget to end your meal with their refreshing mango sago. It is to die for!

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Profile image Hazirah Jamaludin reviewed Ashes Burnnit 1 year agoSingapore

Super filling burger sets! Comes with fries but not drinks, I got the Fried Chicken Burger SO GOOD!! Price was not that bad too. Expect a long queue

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Profile image Nurul Shamin reviewed Omar Salmah 3 years agoSingapore
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Profile image Mohammad Amin Raj Khan 4 years agoSingapore

Assyakirin Mosque Singapore

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    Mohammad Amin Raj Khan

    One of the biggest mosques in Singapore, situated in the west of Singapore. Four storey mosque which also caters to Islamic education for the young as well as the adults.

Nice halal Melayunese-tasted restaurant with appetizing portion.

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Simple dish for those looking at light Thai flavours.

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Profile image Raudha Zaini reviewed Sinar Pagi Restaurant 4 years agoSingapore

Authentic Malay food yum

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    Novrieka Arsyad

    This nasi padang is really tasty.. You must try the authentic one in Indonesia.. ;)

Profile image Raudha Zaini reviewed Jtown 4 years agoSingapore

Authentic Indonesian food. Get your martabak manis fix here

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Profile image Fareeha Anwar reviewed Yolo 4 years agoSingapore
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Seletar Airport is owned by Changi Airport Group.


556 W Camp Rd, Singapore 797794


+65 6481 0017


Staff within the Seletar Airport terminal center is very helpful, active and the process is painless and efficient. Inside the terminal area is clean and has an open and bright surrounding where every traveler can relax after a journey. 

Prayer Facilities

There is no sufficient information about prayer room or mosque at Seletar Airport.

Halal Food

There are no enough details on Halal food restaurants within the Seletar Airport terminal. But there are enough Halal restaurants and cafes nearby the airport including internationally known fast food restaurants namely Burger King and McDonald's.


Transport is not a problem at all here. Varieties of transport options are available for affordable price which are faster too. Easily travelers can get in to public buses or else if interest can pick up a car or taxi which is also not hard to catch up from this area. Taxis are common and popular method of transport method which is cheap also. 


No sufficient details about duty free shops or other shopping areas at Seletar Airport. Anyway outside the airport there are plenty of shops that can buy goods. 


No sufficient information about facilities or amenities at the Seletar Airport.

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