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  • You Can Now Shop For Groceries Online With These 10 Online Grocery Delivery Services In Malaysia

    Worried about the long queues in the supermarkets during this COVID-19 situation? This coupled with the uncertainty of finding your daily groceries still sitting on the shelves during this serious situation? Well, you no longer have to worry for we have 10 online grocery delivery services lined up for you to order from! Skip those queues and simply purchase your daily fix of groceries right at your fingertips from any of these 10 online grocery stores and shopping sites. We promise it won’t tire you out as your groceries will be diligently delivered right to your doorstep.  via GIPHY 1.Tesco Credit Image: Tesco  Tesco is now available online, with a wide variety of fresh vegetables and meat to choose from, as well as other household items like health and beauty products. Isn’t it amazing how you can have your daily groceries and home essentials delivered right to your doorstep? Look out for their e-coupons too for great discounts. Make sure you register for an account first before starting your shopping! The Tesco Online Delivery is only available for selected locations within the Klang Valley area, Penang and Johor Bahru. Download the Tesco app now or visit their website for more information.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  2. Happy Fresh Credit Image: HappyFresh on Facebook Happy Fresh allows you to shop for your groceries from your favourite stores online. Your groceries are freshly handpicked for you by Happy Fresh’s trained shopper, before it is delivered at your convenience, in as little as one hour. Some of the prominent supermarkets that Happy Fresh delivers from include Giant, Cold Storage, Mydin, and many more. What’s so great about Happy Fresh is the wide range of discounts it offers. There is also a wide variety of food and household essentials to choose from which includes meat and seafood, dairy products, dry and canned goods, frozen food and even organic products. Happy Fresh also provides simple recipes for everyone to try out. So what are you waiting for? Start ordering from Happy Fresh now!  Happy Fresh only serves selected areas in Klang Valley, Penang island and Johor but they are constantly seeking to reach out to more areas. Check out if they deliver to your location by downloading the app or using their website. Download their app now to get the latest updates and great deals right at your fingertips.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  3. Mydin Credit Image: Mydin  Shopping for groceries has never been easier with Mydin Online Store! With the Mydin Online Store, you can save time and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience by skipping the queues. Simply register with Mydin Online store and you are all set to place your first online grocery order. Mydin also carries a wide range of Halal products commonly found in hypermarkets which are now made available online. Some of these items include fresh groceries, household essentials, pet food and necessities, and many more. More products are added on a daily basis so customers are encouraged to browse through the website.  Download the app for the latest deals and added features.   Website | Facebook | Instagram  4. RedTick Credit Image: RedTick  RedTick offers a personalised online shopping experience for customers. Simply set a delivery timing and RedTick will choose your groceries for you and get it delivered right to your doorstep. If you spend a minimum of RM150, you get free delivery. Great deal isn’t it? RedTick is also committed to delivering the freshest groceries right to your doorstep. You can pick from more than 10,000 different types of groceries, fresh produce, dairy products, and many more.  RedTick delivers to selected areas in the Klang Valley, including Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama, Tropicana, SS2, Subang, Sunway, TTDI, Bangsar and Ampang. Website | Facebook  5. Lazada Credit Image: Lazada on Facebook Lazada not only offers the latest tech gadgets, fashion trends and home products, it also offers online grocery services. With Lazada around, you can get your groceries replenished without having to step out of the house. For those who are familiar with Lazada, you would know the great deals and discounts it offers. Fret not as the online grocery store at Lazada comes with attractive prices and generous discounts. You can get your daily fix of groceries at affordable prices. Simply visit the website or download the Lazada app.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  6. Big Box Asia  Credit Image: Big Box Asia on Facebook Bix Box Asia is the best online store to visit if you prefer organic products. Bix Box Asia offers a range of organic groceries some of them include frozen meat and vegetables, canned and powdered food, and many more. Some of their popular food items include organic and halal chicken meat so be sure to get them quick before they are sold out. While Bix Box Asia covers nationwide delivery for dry goods, the delivery for chilled and frozen goods are only available in Klang Valley currently. For purchases above RM100, there will be free delivery. Don’t miss out on this great deal. Simply register with Big Box Asia and you’re all set to shop for the freshest groceries. Website | Facebook | Instagram   7. Sunshine Online  Credit Image: Sunshine Online on Facebook Sunshine supermarket is now available online at Penang Mainland. At Sunshine Online, you get to experience the convenience of shopping for your groceries at your fingertips. Forget the long queues at the supermarket for you get to enjoy fast delivery of the freshest produce everyday, simply by adding these to your online cart. Sunshine Online also provides a great selection of your favourite brands. You can find a wide variety of produce like fresh vegetables, fruits and meat and not forgetting frozen and chilled food. Sunshine Online also offers canned food, snacks and desserts as well as cooking ingredients for you to prepare your home cooked meals. This way, you don’t have to step out of the house and physically get your groceries for Sunshine Online has got you under cover.  Website | Facebook     8. MyFishman Credit Image: MyFishman on Facebook MyFishman delivers some of the freshest fishes and seafood from the local sea in Malaysia. Here, you can choose from over 50 types of fishes and shellfish found in Malaysia. MyFishman is dedicated to providing the freshest fishes and seafood and thus, they work together with local fishermen to pick the best seafood that is available in the season for you. Your fresh seafood delivery will vary accordingly each time it is delivered to your house to ensure that you get to taste fresh seafood of the season as well as to try a variety. By ordering your fishes and seafood from MyFishman, you are also contributing to the sustenance of the healthy fishing ecosystem since getting seasonal fish indicates that you are getting seafood available in large quantity and the freshest one of the season. Why not place your orders now with MyFishman? That way, you get to enjoy delicious meals made with fresh seafood from this online delivery service!  Website | Facebook | Instagram 9. Potboy Groceries Credit Image: Potboy on Facebook Potboy Groceries is an online grocer shopping site where you get to choose from new brands as well as your daily essential products. PotBoy Groceries aims to provide a simple yet exciting shopping experience for users through their well curated tips, finds and tools and inspirations shared for daily living. They also source their products directly from suppliers and are committed to get their products delivered directly to your doorstep. By placing your orders online with PotBoy Groceries, you are not only saving your precious time and effort but also avoiding the crowd, as you no longer have to step out of your house to get daily groceries. If you fancy this convenient and fast option, order your groceries online now!  Website | Facebook | Instagram  10. Jocom Credit Image: Jocom on Facebook Jocom is a well-known online grocery shopping mobile application in Malaysia which stands for ‘Just Order Conveniently On Mobile’. It offers over 5,000 products, specializing in groceries and household staples. To use the services offered by Jocom, simply download the app and register for an account. Now, you’re all set to start shopping for groceries and other household items listed. Look out for their website or Facebook page for exciting deals and coupon codes. Jocom delivers within 24 hours to your doorstep and is a preferred alternative to grocery shopping at a physical store, particularly in this COVID-19 situation, where we try to avoid the crowd and practice social distancing as much as possible. Download the app now for more information or visit the website!  Website | Facebook | Instagram  via GIPHY Grocery shopping is no longer a hassle with these 10 online grocery delivery services in Malaysia. Given the COVID-19 situation, online grocery shopping becomes a better alternative where you no longer have to step out of the house and queue for your daily groceries. Simply order your groceries online and they will be delivered right to your doorstep. Convenient isn’t it? With that, we wish that our readers all over the world will stay safe and strong. Practice good social hygiene and never stop praying and hoping for the best situation. We will get through this, Insha Allah. And remember to stay home! via GIPHY ...

  • 7 Restoran Jepang Halal di Kuala Lumpur

    Ada pepatah mengatakan bahwa sushi itu membagi orang menjadi dua tipe – Mereka yang menyukai atau membencinya. Bagi pecinta sushi, artikel ini cocok untuk kamu! Sebenarnya terdapat banyak makanan khas Jepang selain sushi, bisa jadi rasa – rasa baru lainnya akan juga menggugah selera kamu. via GIPHY Memang sulit menemukan restoran khas Jepang yang menyajikan makanan Halal di Kuala Lumpur, karena meskipun dagingnya Halal, makanan yang disajikan cenderung menggunakan mirin dan anggur beras. Kami ingin memberikan kamu pengalaman menyantap makanan khas Jepang yang luar biasa dan Halal di Kuala Lumpur, jadi simak deh restoran – restoran Halal khas Jepang di KL berikut ini: 1. Sushi King Kredit Foto: Sushi King di Facebook Ini bisa jadi adalah restoran paling terkenal di KL, kebanyakan orang pergi ke Sushi King untuk memuaskan rasa ingin makan sushi mereka. Ada banyak pilihan menu tersedia di restoran ini, dari buffet sampai à la carte, dan lebih kerennya lagi jika tidak ada menu yang kamu inginkan di buffet, kamu bisa memesannya secara terpisah. Sushi King jelas merupakan salah satu restoran sushi buffet terbaik yang terbaik di Kuala Lumpur, meskipun begitu mereka tetap memiliki variasi menu yang banyak jadi walaupun makanan khas Jepang bukanlah makanan favorit kamu, dijamin kamu akan menemukan sesuatu yang kamu suka disana! Temukan di: Ada lebih dari 100 outlet di Malaysia, jadi Kamu pasti menemukan satu di dekat kamu 2. Sukiya Malaysia Kredit Foto: Sukiya Malaysia di Facebook Bersertifikat halal, Sukiya Malaysia menyajikan makanan Jepang seperti masakan lokal - tanpa daging babi dan kandungan alkohol - maka jika kamu sedang mendambakan semangkuk mie ramen, kamu tahu harus ke mana. Salah satu restoran Jepang tertua di Malaysia, Sukiya Malaysia telah dibuka sejak 1982 dan mereka paham benar tentang cara memperlakukan pelanggannya. Datang langsung dari Jepang, suasana restoran ini adalah budaya pop Jepang dengan makanan khas Jepang seperti Gyudon, Kari Jepang dan Chicken Bowl, dan yang terakhir tentunya Ramen. Temukan di: Restoran ini kebanyakan berada di mall. Dua outlet yang paling terkenal di Kuala Lumpur adalah di Mid Valley Mega Mall dan Sunway Velocity Mall. 3. Ramen Village Kredit Foto: Ramen Village di Facebook Tempat lain untuk memanjakan diri kamu dengan mie Ramen adalah Ramen Village – nama yang menggambarkan isi menu dari tempat tersebut. Rasa yang disajikan sangat mantap lebih lagi mereka bahkan menawarkan hidangan fusion, gabungan antara masakan khas Jepang dengan cita rasa Thailand dan Korea, yang disesuaikan dengan standar Halal. Kuah kaldu miso adalah salah satu menu yang terbaik disajikan dengan ayam yang begitu lembut sehingga hanya hancur berantakan. Karena harganya, restoran ini bukanlah restoran yang tepat untuk kunjungan rutin, tetapi sangat layak kok untuk dicoba sekali-kali. Temukan di: NU Sentral, Lot L5 09, No. 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470, Kuala Lumpur 4. Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Grant BlueWave Hotel Kredit Foto: Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam di Facebook Kalau kamu mencari restoran Jepang tipe fine dining di KL, maka Agehan adalah tempat yang harus kamu datangi. Restoran Jepang bersertifikat halal ini berada di hotel bintang lima, tetapi mereka memiliki berbagai menu dengan macam - macam kisaran harga. Bermewah ria dengan menu à la carte untuk fine dining, atau pilih menu buffet dengan harga terjangkau di akhir pekan. Menu unggulan Agehan adalah masakan tradisional Jepang - seperti Hosomaki Sushi, Nigiri dan Makimono - serta sentuhan rasa lokal pada masakan seperti Tuna Mayo Maki dengan Cili padi (cabai mata burung). Restoran ini adalah salah satu restoran Jepang terbaik di Lembah Klang. Temukan di: Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam, Persiaran Perbkamuran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam. 5. Wagyu Kokoro Kredit Foto: Wagyu Kokoro di Facebook Pastinya tidak mudah untuk menemukan Wagyu Yakiniku Halal di KL. Eiitsss.. tunggu dulu dan jangan berkecil hati! Karena Wagyu Kokoro ada untuk kamu. "Yakiniku" sendiri, yang artinya adalah daging panggang menjelaskan menu yang mereka sajikan. Benar saja, disini kamu bisa memanggang - panggang sendiri daging beef Halal pilihan chef mereka yang kualitasnya di atas rata - rata yaitu tingkatan A4 sampai A5. Mantap bukan? Selain daging beefnya yang lezat, mereka juga menyajikan menu berbahan ayam dan seafood yang segar. Menu yang disajikan ada beberapa tipe, dari menu pedas dan tidak pedas, serta dari menu set yang bisa dimakan 2 sampai 6 orang dan menu terpisah. Semua makanan yang disajikan pasti nendang. Selain itu, tempat ini memang cocok sekali untuk berkumpul bersama keluarga tersayang dan teman - teman kamu. Jangan lupa untuk mencoba Chicken Yakitori dan Kokoro Spicy Seafood Stew-nya, ya! Temukan di: Jalan Teknologi 2/1C Signature Park, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 6. Pepper Lunch Express Kredit Foto: PepperLunch Malaysia di Facebook Meskipun salah satu outlet Pepper Lunch Express yang berada di Pavilion ditutup, mereka masih memiliki cabang di beberapa food court tertentu yang masih buka. Spesialisasi masakan Pepper Lunch adalah hidangan lada mereka (hampir semuanya sih) dan masakan disini paling enak dimakan langsung waktu sedang panas - panasnya. Coba deh Pepper Rice mereka yang diberi berbagai pilihan daging atau seafood dicampur dengan semua saus dan topping yang mereka tawarkan untuk membuat lidahmu bergoyang. Siap – siap ya terkena tendangan panasnya! Where to find: Bukit Bintang Food Court, Pavillion Food Court 7. Toyyiban Sushi, Bangi Getaway Kredit Foto: Toyyiban Sushi di Facebook Satu-satunya restoran sushi milik seorang Muslim, Toyyiban Sushi adalah bisnis milik sebuah keluarga yang dimulai oleh salah satu anggotanya yang merupakan orang asli Malaysia yang pernah belajar di Jepang. Meskipun tidak memiliki banyak pilihan pada menu mereka, restoran ini membuat orang muslim nyaman karena hidangan yang mereka sajikan adalah hidangan Halal terbaik di Kuala Lumpur. Selain sushi goreng renyah, mereka juga menyajikan hidangan mie seperti Udon, Soba dan Bento dengan harga yang pas. Mereka menawarkan sentuhan lokal pada kecap pedas (sambal kecap) yang dicampur dengan wasabi. Fakta menarik tentang restoran ini adalah bahwa restoran ini dinamai berdasarkan ayat Al-Qur'an loh! Dimana umat Islam diperintahkan untuk makan makanan murni, murni - Halalan Toyyiban – jadi pastinya kamu bisa yakin bahwa yang kamu makan disini itu makanan Halal! Temukan di: Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan Itu tadi adalah beberapa restoran Jepang halal terenak di KL, jadi sekarang kamu bisa memuaskan hasrat ingin makan sushi atau masakan Jepang kamu di restoran – restoran diatas. Dari ikan bakar, sticky chicken, sashimi segar, atau wasabi yang nendang, buffet dan menu yang menyediakan semua yang kamu inginkan. Makanya, simak terus Aplikasi HalalTrip agar kamu bisa memberikan pendapatmu tentang tempat-tempat tadi, menu favorit kamu, dan jangan ragu deh untuk share tentang temuan - temuan kamu saat traveling langsung ke kami....

  • Getting Around in Kuala Lumpur By Public Transport

    Are you going on a holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Then make sure you read our Kuala Lumpur transportation guide prior to your trip! Travelling in Kuala Lumpur can be a breeze these days thanks to its recent development of public transportation, which sees the MRT railway line connecting hard-to-reach places in the city better than ever. If you’re a lone female traveler, issues like safety is always a high priority. Check out these transportation tips and info about Kuala Lumpur public transportation, and how you can best get around town safely as a female traveler on her own:   1.Metered Taxis Picture Credit - If you’ve ever followed the news about traveling in Asia, chances are you’ve probably heard of Malaysia (and specifically Kuala Lumpur) being a notorious destination where its taxi service is one of the worst in the region. Cases like rude taxi drivers refusing to use the meter, or sleazy taxi drivers taking advantage of their passengers are cautionary tales for travelers getting around Kuala Lumpur by taxi. That said, if you’re wondering how to get around in Kuala Lumpur easily, your best option is metered taxis. Avoid rogue cabbies at all cost by getting on a legitimate metered taxi. Here are some tips for getting a safe and metered taxi in the city: Get a ticket or receipt at a taxi counter or operator, where you’re required to state your destination and pay beforehand. Only get on a taxi that has stickers on its passenger doors that read like this: “This is a metered taxi. Haggling is prohibited. Request for your receipt.” Taxis can be the best and fastest option if you’re going somewhere that has no railway stopping point. Depending on your destination when you visit Kuala Lumpur, a journey could cost you between RM5 to RM80 (a long journey that takes 40 minutes or more often costs RM30-RM80). If you can, avoid taking a taxi during rush hour (7am-9am and 5pm-7pm), especially if you’re passing by the Federal Highway, Petaling Jaya, Ampang, or any major cities within Kuala Lumpur with high population.   2. Buses Picture Credit - Considered to be the cheapest transport options in Kuala Lumpur, taking a bus can be the best choice for you if you want to travel by public transport in Malaysia on a budget. Major bus operators in Kuala Lumpur are the Rapid KL, Cityliner, Intrakota, and Metrobus. The best operator to date is the Rapid KL, as it connects the city center with the suburbs of the Klang Valley. If you prefer to get around town by bus, plan your journey in advance and calculate the fares accurately on the MyRapid website.   3. The Klang Valley Integrated Transit System Picture Credit - The number one choice for many city dwellers and travellers in Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System consists of an airport rail link to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), one bus rapid transit line, one monorail line, two KTM commuter rail lines (along with shuttle services), and two light rapid transit (LRT) lines. The KTM offers women’s coaches, noticeable by its pink color. Check out the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System map for more details and to calculate the fares. These are some of the city’s tourist attractions near major train stations: KTM Kuala Lumpur Station (Port Klang Line): Islamic Arts Museum, National Mosque, Dataran Merdeka, Central Market, and National Museum. KL Monorail Bukit Bintang Station: Pavillion Shopping Mall, Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall, Bintang Walk, Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall, and Sungei Wang Shopping Mall. MRT Putrajaya Sentral Station (Sungai Buloh – Serdang – Putrajaya Line): Putra Mosque, Perdana Putra (The Prime Minister’s Office), Putra Square, Natural History Museum, and Putrajaya Wetlands Park. 4. Major transit hubs in Kuala Lumpur Picture Credit - There are different transit hubs for local and intercity travel: Local travel: Bandar Tasik Selatan Station, Masjid Jamek, and KL Sentral. Each of these transit hubs has a train interchange between the ERL Transit and KTM and LRT lines. Intercity travel: If you’d like to travel further out of Kuala Lumpur, head to one of these transit hubs: Duta Bus Terminal, KL Sentral, and Pudu Sentral. If you’re traveling intercity by train or bus, the journey could cost you between RM15 to RM50 per trip. 5. Transportation Passes Picture Credit - Avoid the long queue at the ticket counter and get yourself an all-access transport pass to save time (and money!). For travelers, the most recommended pass is the KL TravelPass, which allows you to explore the city with 2-day unlimited train rides. The travel card includes KLIA Express airport transfer (Single or Return Trips) and 2-day unlimited rides on Rapid KL rail services (LRT, MRT, and KL Monorail lines). You can purchase the card at KLIA Platform (Level 1), Gateway@KLIA2 (Level 2), or KL Sentral Departure Hall (Level 1). For more destination ideas on where to travel in 2018, check out our travel blog or download the Halaltrip Islamic Travel App to find locations of halal restaurants and mosques near you....

  • 5 Mosques to visit in Selangor

    Malaysia, known for its beaches and captivating rainforests, is also famous for an architectural feast and a divine cultural showcase of a collection of beautiful Mosques (Islamic prayer places) in the most developed state of Selangor.   Puchong Perdana Mosque Picture Credit - The elegant golden dome of Puchong Perdana Mosque and its breathtaking location within Puchong lake are just a couple of reasons for this Mosque to be visited by countless tourists. The construction of this “floating Mosque” began in 2004 and was inaugurated in 2006 in a splendid fashion. Address: Persiaran Puchong Perdana, Taman Puchong Perdana, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 3°00'34.8"N 101°36'27.8"E Website: Tel: +60 3-8066 5777 Click here for more information about Puchong Perdana Mosque   Sultan Sulaiman Mosque Picture Credit - The Royal Mosque, also known as Sultan Sulaiman Mosque is located in Klang, Selangor and houses the mausoleum of the late Sultan Salahuddin. Built in the early 1930s by the British, this Mosque is now a tourist attraction for its magnificent architecture- a fusion of Western Art Deco and Neoclassical cathedral style as well as the royal stairs; Tangga Diraja from Istana Alam Shah. Address: Jalan Raya Timur, Kawasan 1, 41000 Klang, Selangor, MalaysiaLocation: 3°02'05.2"N 101°27'01.7"EWebsite: +603 3371 6044 Click here for more information about Sultan Sulaiman Mosque     Masjid Diraja Tengku Ampuan Jemaah  Picture Credit - The Masjid Diraja Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, in Section 8 of Bukit Jelutong, is a royal Mosque built in accordance with the traditional Islamic framework of Middle East and inaugurated in 2013. It attracts tourism for showcasing, apart from its great architecture, outstanding pieces of Quranic inscriptions above the arch of its main entrances. Address: Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 3°05'57.7"N 101°32’20.9”E Tel: +60 3-7831 3641 Click here for more information about Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Masjid   Blue Mosque Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, popularly also called the Blue Mosque with reference to its magnificent blue and silver dome has been crowned No.2 for largest Masjid in Southeast Asia and the largest of the all in Malaysia. Address: Persiaran Masjid St., Sekysen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 3.078940, 101. 519824 Website: Tel: +603 5519 9988 / 7966 7977 Click here for more information about Blue Mosque    Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque Picture Credit - A stone's throw away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) hence also called the “Klia Mosque” is the international Mosque for tourists based on its convenient location. This Masjid, built within a span of four years, officially opened in 2000 and displays architectural influences from the Middle Eastern and Malay cultures. Address:Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia Location: 2.78782, 101.67645 Website: Tel: +603 8319 0200 / 603 8319 0300   Click here for more information about Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque Experience the diversity between modern and ancient Malaysia as you visit the awe-inspiring Mosques in Selangor and are tantalized by utter architectural brilliance encompassed within its authentic religious serenity and peace. Locate Mosques easily during your Muslim travel to Malaysia using the HalalTrip app! Download it now and  Start planning your trip today!  ...

  • Halal Cafes in Kl to Satisfy Your Food Cravings

    Halal Cafes in KL to Satisfy your food cravings   One reason why you might be instantly attracted to travel Malaysia for your next holiday is that Malaysia is one of the most Muslim friendly holiday destinations in the world. During your adventures, the capital city Kuala Lumpur is sure going to be one area that will keep you occupied for the most part of your stay. While you get immersed in all the sightseeing and fun activities you can enjoy, you would need to keep yourself energized with the best possible food and beverages that not only satisfy your taste buds but also allow you to enjoy the delicious taste of Malaysian and other International cuisines.   Take a look at some of our top picks of cafes where you can find the best halal food in KL.   credit -   1. Rimba & Rusa by Wondermilk   Picture Credit-   Located in the main town Petaling Jaya you will find this Halal friendly eatery cafe Rimba & Rusa. Before you even begin to enjoy the food of this wonderful eatery, you will first be greeted by the warm and friendly ambience of this cafe. Decorated with pastel shades, natural lighting and lots of plants, the cafe maintains a very calming atmosphere making it a great place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. This very casual atmosphere goes hand-in-hand with the theme of the cafe of 'Everyday is Sunday' so even after a busy day witnessing all the attractions of the city, you can stop by to cool off and enjoy some great quality food in this best halal restaurant in KL.     Picture Credit-   Rimba & Rusa offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and lots of other snacks so their menu will give you a wide choice of delicious delights to satisfy every meal requirement you might have. Some of the signature dishes on offer include the pandan French toast, braised glazed short ribs and the famous cupcakes, cakes, brownies and puddings served for dessert that is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. Address: D-GF-01, Jalan PJU 5/2, Sunway Nexis, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday - 12 PM to 10 PM;Saturday to Sunday - 9 AM to 10 PM;closed on Fridays Contact: +60 3-6151 4022 - reservations accepted on weekdays     2. Merchant's Lane   Picture Credit   Chinatown is one of the most colourful locations in Kuala Lumpur you simply cannot miss. As one of the most popular shopping locations in the city, you will undoubtedly spend hours and hours browsing through the extensive collections of things on offer here. To get you fueled up for this hectic time out, you could stop by Merchant's Lane, one of the best hipster cafes in KL. The cafe is designed to blend in local charm and cultural heritage resulting in a rustic style setting that is truly unique. While their menu covers multi-cuisine food options it is known to be one of the best locations serving halal Chinese food in KL. You could look forward to enjoying some interesting dishes like the South China Sea - servings of grilled salmon with eggs, salsa and hash, and Asian inspired battered calamari - Port Klang. They also have an interesting selection of tea, coffee and other beverages that will provide the refreshing feeling you seek for the rest of your day.   Address: No, 150 Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday - 11.30 AM to 10 PM;closed on Wednesday;Weekends - 9.30 AM to 10 PM Contact: +60 3-2022 1736   3. Grind22 Café   Picture Credit -   The large crowds and busy streets of Bangsar might take a toll on you; in such an instance the Grind Cafe would serve as a perfect stop to relax and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee. Apart from this peaceful setting they take pride in offering the finest blends of coffee straight from Ethiopia, Kenya & Mandailing Sumatera. Complementing their extensive range of beverages you will also find some great pastries, cakes and they also host themed events serving up great dishes such as stir-fry noodles and Nasi Lemak.   Address: No. 22, Lorong Maarof, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday - 12 PM to 10 PM; Friday - Saturday - 12 PM to 1 AM Contact: +60 3-2202 0422     4. Project B   Picture Credit -   If the many attractions of Sentul are a part of your itinerary as you travel Malaysia you should definitely stop by this very interesting cafe named Project B. Although the restaurant is not Halal certified it maintains a pork-free menu, so you could find some great tasting food options to please your taste buds. Some of their delicious daily specials include curry chicken and chicken rice, and you can even enjoy the best halal seafood in KL with dishes like Saba fish served with Japanese rice. Aside from the great tasting food, you can feel even better about dining at Project B because the restaurant is also associated with the Dignity for Children Foundation, an initiative that aims to empower and uplift the lives of underprivileged children. Address: 25-G Jalan 11/48A, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hours: 7 days a week - 10.30 AM to 8.30 PM Contact: +60 3-4050 3387     5. Vibes Café & Bistro   Picture credit-   Kuala Lumpur is known to be one of the premier shopping destinations. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the city is filled with many fancy shopping malls. Among these, the Utropolis Marketplace Shopping Mall stands out as a popular location and is home to one of the best cafes you should visit, the Vibes cafe. The eatery boasts of a very stylish design decorated with ultra-modern wood and steel furnishing. Food-wise their menu covers a great mix of local and international cuisines. As you glance through their menu you can find a great collection of pizzas, waffles, wraps, pasta and even the traditional Nasi Lemak that you can enjoy.   Address: Lot G-B1, Utropolis Marketplace, Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hours: 7 days a week - 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM   6. JASLYN CAKES Picture Credit - If you are in the mood to taste some delightful cakes then Jaslyn cakes is just the right place to visit. Although a rather small café hidden in the middle of Bangsar, this café has a very interesting variety of freshly baked cakes and pastries. To complement this great tasting array of food they also have a good collection of organic tea, coffee and fresh juices, guaranteed to make you feel refreshed. They guarantee all food is natural and is made of the best quality ingredients and sometimes even look for alternative ingredients which can give traditional treats a slight twist. So head on down to this best halal restaurant in KL and treat yourself to some classic red velvet cake or crispy pastries made of buckwheat and rye. Address: 7A, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur Opening Hours: Monday: Closed; Tuesday - Friday: 1100 – 1900; Saturday -Sunday: 1100 – 2000 (Opening hours on holidays are updated on Facebook page) Contact: 03-2202 2868   7. OJO Coffee Picture Credit - Bangsar is quite a popular city in Kuala Lumpur and it comes to no surprise that it attracts quite a large population on a daily basis. If you are looking for an ideal spot to meet up with friends then the OJO Coffee shop is a great place you might want to try. The café displays a very chilled out atmosphere and also has a “work” friendly setting with quite a few power sockets available for customers to use. As the name implies their main speciality is the coffee they serve and they have quite a creative range of beverage options including Red Velvet and Pina Colada Bubble Gum flavoured latte. Aside from the great taste, the eye-catching presentation of these amazing brews will also light up your mood instantly. They, of course, have a menu complete with some great food options including healthy salads, cheesecakes, chocolate banoffee, chocolate mousse and much more. Address: No. 23, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; located about 5 mins away from the Bangsar LRT station Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9 AM – 12 AM; Friday: 9 AM to 1 AM; Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM to 12 AM Contact: +60 3-2201 1804   8. VCR Café Picture Credit - VCR Café is a trendy halal cafe in Bukit Bintang. Over the years the café has built up quite a healthy fan base of coffee drinkers as they serve up a great variety of unique coffee blends. The all black exterior makes the café easily identifiable even from a distance. Once you enter you will feel the charming atmosphere created by rustic décor made of brick and wood complemented by warm lighting. Here you can find anything from the long black to flat white and everything in between. The café is also known for offering a great tasting range of hot chocolate drinks made of high-quality cocoa. Don’t worry; you won’t be left hungry because the café which is pork free has a great range of desserts and baked items including banana cake, French toast and fluffy potato waffles among many more. Address: 2, Jalan Galloway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hours: 7 days a week - 08:00 – 23:00 Contact: +60 3-2110 2330   9. Merchant's lane Picture credit - The building where Merchant’s lane café is now located may not have had a great past but the new look it has received after this café opened up has sure breathed new life into the place. The café is truly amazing in terms of design making it a must-visit spot when you are in Petaling. One of the first things you might notice is the tagline at the counter which reads 'This Must Be The Place' which truly describes the feeling sensed within the premises. Aside from the extremely unique and artistic décor Merchant’s lane infuses the same charm into the food they serve up too. Before you even taste their dishes you will be pleased by the attractive and colourful display of food on offer. Some of the most popular dishes served up here include the 'South China Sea' with grilled salmon, poached eggs and hash & mango-corn salsa; 'Eat Die Me' with scrambled or poached egg and Halal meat sausages, cheese-baked tomato and creamed corn & hash. They also have a great range of coffee, waffles and ice cream to satisfy any food craving you may have. Address: No, 150 Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 11.30 AM to 10 PM; Saturday & Sunday – 9.30 Am to 10 PM; closed on Wednesday. Contact: +60 3-2022 1736   Download Halal Trip app to locate nearby Halal food places >>  ...

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