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183 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

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  • A Beginners Travel Guide To Waterfront Southern Sun Capetown

    Waterfront Southern Sun Image Credits: kylefromthenorth on Unsplash   The last leg of the trip took us on an approximately 350km drive to Cape Town where we stayed for another two days before flying...

  • Port Elizabeth in South Africa Part 1

    The Journey to Port Elizabeth  The distance from Gauteng to Port Elizabeth is approximately 1050 km long and while the drive through the Garden Route- South Africa’s very own paradise strewn with Fynbos...

  • Top 5 Countries to visit in Africa 2022

    From the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, through the Strait of Gibraltar, down across the Atlantic Ocean coastline to the Cape of Good Hope, and along the Indian Ocean past Madagascar and the Mozambique...

  • Mosques in South Africa: Notable Masjids to Check-out

    I personally feel that a masjid like a slab of chocolate is a very personal preference. It's a place of prayer no doubt but in the same way that everyone has a personal inclination towards nuts or coconut...

  • Local's Guide to Cape Town, South Africa

    The article was written by one of our contributing writers. After nearly a year of being in 'Lockdown,' my family and I were only too ready to start exploring again. Obviously we were a bit apprehensive...

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