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Australia's largest mosque is owned and managed by the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA). Imam Ali Ibn Taleb Mosque also known as Lakemba Mosque services the large Muslim population of Lakemba. The Friday Khutbah is in Arabic and occasionally in English, the masjid also has a dedicated ladies section as well.


65-67 Wangee Rd, Lakemba NSW 2195, Australia

Phone No

+61 2 9750 6833



Language of service

English and Arabic


Five daily prayers

Opening Day


Opening Time

Fajr-30mins to Isha+2 hrs

Quick Facts

  • Toilets at walking distance.
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    Lakemba Mosque in Sydney is one of Australia's largest mosques and serves the residents of Lakemba and the surrounding suburbs. The mosque was established in 1977 and is presently one of the most prominent mosques around Sydney.