The Great Mosque of Guangzhou also called the Huaisheng Mosque or the Guangta Mosque is thought to be one of the oldest surviving Masaajid in China. A tomb of a Sahaba can be found not very far from the mosque. It is mentioned as the tomb of Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas (R.A), who was one of the first persons in Mecca to announce loyalty to the Prophet (SAWS). He is said to have traveled to China to spread Islam during 581-618 CE. There are some who mention that this could be of another Sahaba. Huaisheng Mosque is an eloquently decorated mosque and is considered one of the Guangzhou's landmarks from the early days of spreading Islam during the Tang Dynasty.  


No.56, Guangta Lu, Guangzhou

Phone No

+86 20 8333 3593

Language of service



All prayers including Jumu'a

Quick Facts

  • Female prayer section
  • Wudu facilities for ladies
  • Toilets
  • kaba

    28 Zhu Jiang Dong Lu, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510620

    18.59KM Get Direction
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    The location is wrong. Correct location is: 23°07'23.3"N 113°15'32.4"E

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    It's a very peaceful place. You hear birds, Koran and it's an excellent place for meditation.