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Skógarhlíð 20, Austurbær Reykjavík, Iceland

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  • Plan To Travel After Covid-19? Here Are 10 Best Road Trips In Europe To Add To Your Bucket List

    Nothing tops an excursion that overflows with extraordinary views, astonishing and breathtaking attractions, time and energy put into spending memorable moments with companions or with your loved ones. A well planned out road trip is a definitive escape that will leave you with a truckload of memoirs you will clutch onto for your lifetime. Traveling across unfamiliar roads is probably the most ideal approach to bond with everyone close to you. It's never too early to start planning for your next travel after Covid-19, especially with many countries getting ready to open up their country for travel.    via GIPHY Before we go into the 10 best road trips that you should add to your bucket list in Europe, here are some worthwhile factors that will make you love road trips specifically!  The flexibility of Road Trips The most evident reason why you ought to opt to go via vehicle is that you do not have to adhere to plans or timetables. Driving additionally gives you the adaptability to change your agenda and stop at any place en route. Gather together with your Friends Once we get to the `adults` phase of life there are instances where we put some distance between the companions we grew up with or went to school together in light of the fact that we are now excessively engrossed in our own family lives or work lives. A road trip is an ideal reason to discuss everything with your buddies that you used to share when you were younger. The Experience Trumps it all Prior to heading out for a road trip, try not to jot down every last detail of the plan. Your main aim would be soaking up as much as you can of touring the countryside. Attempt to maintain a rule to refrain from asking questions like "Have we reached?" or " How long more?". Ensure that your trip consists of all the pleasant conversations, turning the volume of the radio to its peak, the scenic views, and all that a road trip has to offer! Be Safe than Sorry In an ordinary scenario for any road trip, to be better prepared, you would pack filtered water, snacks, sufficient clothing and a first aid kit. However, given the way that the world is currently recuperating from Covid-19, be sure to take with you essential items for hygiene, for example, hand sanitizers to cleanse your hands, sterilizing wet disposable wipes, dispensable gloves, plastic bags and tissues.   One of the best ways to travel around Europe is to go on a road trip as it can be cost-effective and reasonable if planned right. Even though taking a flight appears to be the convenient way out and spares you a ton of time, they can be over-the-top expensive. The preferred option would be to drive in Europe to explore new places if you are the type who loves to breathe in the fresh air outside, appreciate beautiful and scenic views and go along the type of routes that gives you an Instagram-worthy picture. Driving in Europe has proven to be far simpler with the approach of GPS gadgets. All you need is a smartphone and you are all set to go! Here are 10 of the best road trips Europe has to offer!  via GIPHY   1. Scotland Image Credit: Bjorn Snelders on Unsplash; Isle of Skye in Scotland is a must-visit spot! Setting aside the fact that Scotland has a gloomy weather climate pretty much all year long, this spot is noted for its radiant scenic views that changes drastically with the seasons. Scotland vows to be incredibly photogenic and compensating with sights that will blow your mind. If you choose to take this spot as a destination, you can pay a visit and appreciate flawless lakes, grand palaces and enchanting towns. Must-visit spots would be Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Glen Coe, Glenfinnian Viaduct and Scottish Highlands. Circling from Inverness around the north shore of the territory, you can travel a little more than 500 miles and absorb marvelous Scottish scenes en route. Driving through this route gives you the opportunity to encounter ideal Scottish attractions. You can visit the palaces of Dunrobin and Ardvreck and explore the charming Smoo Cave.   2. Norway Image Credit: Lightscape on Unsplash; The Northern Lights in Norway.  Albeit driving in Norway can be generally costly contrasted with other European urban areas, the perspectives that will invite you are likewise unmatched to the remainder of Europe. Visiting Norway will likewise expand your odds of being able to witness the Northern Lights, as you will be given the opportunity to visit portions of Norway that you in any case would not have had the option to by walking! Make certain to stop by at Preikestolen, Bergen, Geirangerfjørd, Ålesund and Lofoten Islands. Norway's fjord and mountain scenes are famous for their stunning magnificence. This would be a call to all nature lovers! Envisioning the miracle you will feel as you look up at forested mountains brimming with enthralling beauty and glancing over polished waterfalls is what makes Norway so exceptional.   3. Slovenia Image Credit: Francisco Ghisletti on Unsplash; Incorporate Lake Bled, Slovenia's famous attraction, in your route!  Road tripping across Slovenia is a journey brimming with routes to waterfalls, lakes and caves that structure and contribute quite a bit towards Slovenia's history. This particular destination is a moderately little nation frequently neglected by voyagers. Slovenia is the perfect European road trip destination simply because of its wide streets that make driving a breeze when navigating. This spot has everything. You name it they have got it! From wonderful mountain ranges, world-class sweets, clamoring urban areas, old Venetian towns along its coast to renowned vacation destinations. Incorporate Lake Bled, Škocjan Caves, Ljubljana, Piran, Lake Bohinj and Julian Alps in your route as well! 4. Italy Image Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash; Venice is definitely a must-visit when you're in Italy! Perceived by numerous tourists as the perfect travel destination (we are not surprised!), Italy screams of lovely scenes, truly rich urban areas with architecture and workmanship going back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, tasty and scrumptious delectables sold along each road you walk which is famous around the globe for their special quality and uniqueness. Due to these aspects, these highlights make Italy without a doubt one of the most fascinating road trip destinations in Europe. Look at the concealed jewels of Italy while hitting all the top vacationer hotspots. Amalfi Coast, Milan, Naples, Tuscany, Venice and Rome are a must-visit!   5. Switzerland Image Credit: Morgan Thompson on Unsplash; Zermatt, Switzerland, a hotspot you don't want to miss!  Switzerland lies in the focal point of Europe yet displays a special mix of societies along with magnificence and productivity. Ever wondered which place the celebrated mountain engraved on each bar of Toblerone originated from? None other than this beautiful hotspot! Watch out for the Matterhorn, in the entirety of its greatness. Be sure to be compensated with astounding perspectives en route! Bern, Zürich, Zermatt, Gruyères and Jungfrau are hotspots you certainly would prefer not to pass up! Switzerland makes it simple for you to love the place without much of an effort. You can choose to stop and enjoy a picnic, overlooking beautiful views while you are cozied up on a mountain top with your loved ones. Have a go at looking at stars in the night sky or walk through Switzerland’s urban areas to get a taste of their local culture.   6. Iceland Image Credit: Adam Jang on Unsplash; Don't miss out on the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach at Vik Island! Up and coming as a bustling traveler hotspot, particularly for those searching out the Northern Lights during winter, an excursion in Iceland rewards you with perspectives on a portion of Europe's most sensational landscape. Be ready to experience clear waterfalls and massive glaciers while you drive through this captivating Nordic country. Attractions like Golden Circle, Vik, Iceland Highlands, Akureyri and Reykjavik will have you drooling for more! Take some time to visit legendary nature spots in North Iceland, such as the "Waterfall of the Gods" and "Peninsula of the Trolls".   7. Spain Image Credit: Neil Martin on Unsplash; Bilbao, a place of interest in Spain, that will not let you down! The Basque Country is frequently neglected by travelers who swarm the better known South of Spain. However, Spain has anything a person on a road trip might be searching for as it has so much to offer! Stupendous beaches, palaces on top of mountains, medieval towns, dazzling design and the absolute most praised eateries on earth. There is a lot to see and do in the midst of the charming scenes that motivated Picasso and Velàzquez. San Sebastian, Bilbao, Picos de Europa and Biarritz are places of interest that will not let you down! It is highly recommended that you devour seafood from the Galician towns. A road trip in this district offer amenities for a vast array of individuals like those who love the beach, family voyagers, music lovers, foodies and those basically needing to dive into Spain's rich craftsmanship and history.   8. Croatia Image Credit: Ivan Ivankovic on Unsplash; Don't miss out on Dubrovnik at Croatia! Croatia is considered to be generally an unexplored corner of Europe. The Balkan locale is incredible for exploring and coming across these shrouded jewels without these visits causing a dent in your pocket. With an abundance of history, social and culinary fortunes and incredible nightlife, the area is highly regarded as a renowned travel hotspot. Blistering summers and cold winters imply that the ideal time to visit is pre-summer or early autumn. Don't miss out on Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Bosnia and Herzegovina! 9. Ireland Image Credit: Henrique Craveiro on Unsplash; Stunning sights at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Ireland is a fantasy come true for a road trip thanks to its coastline, enthralling landscapes and vibrant atmosphere. Truth be told, driving is the simplest method to get around, while you get to soak up the scenic views as you drive along. All through your drive, you will find the opportunity to visit mansions and lodges, walk around harbor towns, and hobnob and mingle with the cheery local people. Also, you will be blessed to receive stunning sights on the Irish coast, some of which are the Cliffs of Moher, Ahill Island and the Aran Islands. Views, history, culture, clamoring cosmopolitanism and the tranquility of town life will not disappoint you one bit! I am sure you would not want to pass up the opportunity to visit gorgeous attractions.   10. The Scandinavian Triangle – Sweden, Denmark & Norway Image Credit: Robert Bye on Unsplash; Begin your road trip journey in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Sweden, Denmark and Norway, otherwise known as the Scandinavian Triangle, is a great road trip opportunity to absorb the charms of the locale. In spite of the fact that these are three distinct nations, you can without much of a stretch drive through the south of Sweden, eastern Denmark and southern Norway in a circle over a couple of days. It will not take you long to succumb to the Scandinavian Triangle, due to it consisting of the Baltic coastline and the rich landscape which is bound to leave you speechless. The ideal spot to begin your Scandinavian road trip journey is in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Subsequent to making the most of the city's Old Town, Royal Palace and the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, drive south along the coast towards Denmark. In transit, you can appreciate and look out for southern Sweden's medieval towns and palaces.   Make certain to be ensured that arranging a road trip in Europe will be one of the most fulfilling and memorable holidays you will take in the course of your life. Start planning your road trip around Europe now!  via GIPHY...

  • Top 10 Experiences You Must Try in 2017

    Travelers should try to make these must-try travel experiences 2017 part of their holiday to add to the excitement. Better yet, start creating your travel bucket list for 2017 by including some of these thrilling and unique activities when making holiday plans.   1) Snowmobiling - Reykjavik, Iceland If you are planning to visit Iceland, make it a point to take a snowmobiling tour to complete your visit. This thrilling activity is the best way to get the most out of visiting regions like the Golden Circle. Even taking a glacier snowmobile tour at Langjokull is a great way to appreciate the beauty of Iceland.  Most snowmobile tour excursions will include an hour of racing through the snow covered landscape and would be some of the unique travel experiences for Muslim travelers in Iceland.  It is hard to find Halal food in Reykjavik but there are some good vegetarian and seafood options. For prayer facilities, there is only one mosque Reykjavik.   2) Go Canyoning – Da Lat, Vietnam Try canyoning in Vietnam and get engaged in some fun travel experiences for 2017. Canyoning also known as gorge walking, is an exciting activity that consists of trekking through gorges or waterfalls  - and Da Lat is one of the best destinations to do it. A guide will help you trek, climb or cliff jump through waterfalls which is a unique way to be get close to the natural landscape of the region – great for those looking for an adrenaline rush too. While Halal food cannot be found in Da Lat, there are is good selection of vegetarian restaurants. However, there are no mosques in Da Lat, but prayers can be done in the hotel rooms.   3) Go On A Bridge Climb - Sydney, Australia Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one activity that should be added to your travel bucket list for 2017. Not only will climbing to the top grant you with an amazing panoramic view of Sydney but  also of the UNESCO Heritage site the Blue Mountains too. For those who don’t fancy exerting themselves, bridge climb tours also include shorter climbs. There are even special or celebration bridge climb tours during festivals such as the Chinese New Year, Vivid Sydney or Mardi Gras. Sydney also has many diverse restaurants to find Halal food and locating prayer facilities or mosques will not be an issue either.   4) Swing at the End of the World - Banos, Ecuador  Visiting Banos in Ecuador will offer some unique travel experiences for Muslim travelers – that includes swinging from La Casa Del Arbol, a tree house  that is a seismic monitoring station. This may not sound like much, but you will be swinging 2,600 metres above sea level in the open air over the volcano Mount Tungurahua with no safety harness – definitely something to add to your travel bucket list for 2017. There will be some difficulty finding Halal food or mosques Banos, but there are vegetarian or vegan eating outlets available and prayers can be carried out in the hotel room.   5) Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride – Cappadocia, Turkey A hot air balloon ride above the mountain landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey is certainly one of the best things to do in 2017. You will enjoy a view of Cappadocia like no other as it is a top destination to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. There are many different regions to choose from as well, and some visitors can select particular tours that cover certain regions.There are restaurants  serving Halal food in these areas , and prayer facilities include a few mosques in Cappadocia.   6) Northern Lights – Trondheim, Norway Seeing the Northern Lights dance across the night sky is something to add to your travel bucket list for 2017. While visiting almost any region in northern Norway  -  such as Svalbard,  will give you great view of this phenomenon, there is an amazing a display of the Northern Lights in Trondheim that can be seen even from the city. Of course the aurora is much more visible in areas that are not brightly lit up. There are a few restaurants that serve Halal food and few vegetarian places too and prayer facilities include the Muslim Society in Trondheim and few other Islamic centres.   7) Japanese Tea Ceremony – Tokyo, Japan While this might sound less adventurous, it is a great way to get immersed in the Japanese culture and try out some unique kinds of sweets and great tea. This is will be one of the unique travel experiences for Muslim travelers, where they can enjoy a traditional tea ceremony with Halal food being provided on request. However, always confirm that no alcohol is used in food in preparation beforehand. There are a number of mosques in Tokyo including the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Centre and the Asakusa Mosque.   8) Jet boat ride at Iguazu Falls – Foz do Iguacu, Brazil and Argentinean Borders Your fun travel experiences for 2017 should include taking a jet boat  tour that will include a ride through the majestic natural waterfall. The professional boat operators will take visitors into the heart of the waterfall which is a unique experience to get close with nature.  Surrounded by a vast tropical rainforest, Iguazu Falls is formed by several waterfalls and the river is actually the shape of a horse shoe. One restaurant serving Halal food – Castelo Libanes, can be found, but more information can be gathered from local Muslims or the mosque.  Prayer facilities are not available in the area but in Foz do Iguacu includes the famous Omar Ibn Al-Khattab mosque.    9) A Walking Tour of Plitvice Lakes – Plitvice National , Croatia Taking a walking tour through the hiking trails of this UNESCO Heritage site is a unique way to appreciate the Plitvice Lakes and should be one of the things to do in 2017. The 16 lakes and 90 waterfalls during spring or fall season are especially beautiful and a walking tour will ensure a great view to be taken to photograph. Halal food will be hard to find in Plitvice, however, seafood or vegetarian dining options are available and can be ordered after inquiring about food preparations. There are no prayer facilities or mosques located in the area, but prayers can be carried out in the accommodation.   10) Tandem Paragliding – Cape Town, South Africa Add paragliding in Cape Town to your list of fun travel experiences for 2017 and get a amazing view of Cape Town too. Most paragliding flights are done from Signal Hill or Lions Head and it is an exhilarating experience. Take part in tandem paragliding with an instructor or try a solo flight if you are more experienced. Cape Town is very Muslim-friendly and restaurant serving Halal food can be found quite easily. Prayer facilities and mosques can be located in most areas of Cape Town.     Click here for more of HalalTrip's Best 10 lists for 2017!     ...

  • Best 10 Places for Millennials in 2017

    Most of the top travel destinations for millennials 2017 are ones that are not only chosen for the attractions and sites, but for a great travel experience as well. Where should Muslim millennials go in 2017? The general travel patterns of the millennials do differ from older Muslim travelers – especially in term of activities and excursions, but places where Halal food and prayer facilities are easily accessible are usually selected. HalalTrip has listed below ten of the most popular travel destinations for millennials.   1) Sydney - Australia With plenty of places to shop and countless adventurous activities that available - it is no surprise that Sydney is one of the top travel destinations for young travelers in 2017. Sydney is a large city with something for everyone - art galleries and museums and diverse international cuisines. Sydney is also one of the top travel destinations for Muslim millennials with its diversity when it comes to Halal food options and prayer facilities too. There are numerous places to explore and sights to see – such as Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House or Port Jackson. Don’t forget to visit the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, Art Gallery of New South Wales or get some shopping done at the Queen Victoria building.   2) Reykjavik - Iceland  Reykjavik has become one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials not just for being an interesting place, but mainly for the famous geothermal mineral spa - the Blue Lagoon. Iceland has some wonderful attractions and sights to offer visitors - from great shopping spots or flea markets to shop at and even bird or whale watching to see unique wildlife. One of the best parts of Iceland has got to be the Northern Lights phenomenon that should not be missed.   3) London - United Kingdom United Kingdom is an amazing country to visit especially for those who are looking for an interesting cultural and fun holiday. This makes London one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017. The best part of London is that it’s a very modern city being one of the  top travel destinations for Muslim millennials  where different cultures have made an impact on the city. Take a tour of London that includes some of the top attractions like Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud’s, Tower of London and the London Eye or simply get immersed in experiences London has to offer.   4) Tokyo - Japan Tokyo is a modern city that is always moving forward, but also has some authentic experiences to offer those who would enjoy learning more about Japanese culture. From amazing Japanese cuisine or traditional tea ceremonies to participate in, and with interesting sites to see - it is no surprise that Tokyo is one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials. Take a tour to Senso-Ji shrine, The Imperial Palace or some of the many cultural and educational museums in the city. Tokyo is especially beautiful during spring, where millennials can enjoy the cherry blossom season.   5) Singapore   Singapore has always been one of the top travel destinations for Muslim millennials especially when it comes to the varieties of Halal cuisine and Muslim-friendly options that are easily accessible. As one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, Singapore is known for its great shopping experiences and urban lifestyle – ideal for young millenials. Some great places to visit include Marina Bay, China Town, Universal Studies and the Sentosa Island which is filled with gorgeous resorts, theme parks and restaurants.   6) Cairo - Egypt Cairo is a place that offers some the best historical and cultural experiences – and the top of most millenials’ travel list includes a visit to the Pyramids of Giza. This intriguing city is also one of the  top travel destinations for Muslim millennials due to the country’s rich Islamic heritage and beautiful mosques as well – the Al Azhar mosque and the Islamic district are interesting places to visit. With great shopping spots to buy some quality local handicrafts and products, Cairo is one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials.   7) Barcelona - Spain This charming city in Spain has become popular among young people and is one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials. Pay a visit to some of the top historical attractions that are world-famous and other interesting attractions such as - the Picasso Museum, La Sagrada Familia or the medieval city of The Barrio Gottico. Drop by the Park Güell for a taste of Mordenist Architecture and take a stroll down Las Ramblas.   8) Paris - France Paris has become one of the top travel destinations for Muslim millennials with the increase in Muslim travelers and easier access to Halal food and prayer facilities. As one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, Paris is an exciting place – a visit to the Louvre Museum to see some of the most amazing art collections in the world or the Centre Pompidou for modern art. Even enjoy a day spent relaxing in Jardin Du Luxembourg amusement park. A trip to Paris will not be complete without shopping, so drop by Champs-Élysées avenue.   9) Amsterdam - Netherlands Amsterdam has always been one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials this year it’s still one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017. Amsterdam is a place with many art museums, galleries for millennial art lovers of both modern and classic art – visiting the Canal Ring is a great way to learn about the culture of the city. Admire the beautiful architecture, visit some charming cafés or take a canal cruise along the canal network – the best way to see the city is by walking or biking. Pay a visit to the Van Gogh museum or the Anne Frank House too.   10) Bangkok - Thailand As one of the must-visit travel destinations for millennials, Bangkok is filled with several interesting places to explore and some amazing places for shopping, especially at some bustling markets and major malls. Being one of the top travel destinations for young travelers 2017, some must-visit attractions include the Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew, Wat Pho, the Floating Market and the Chatuchak Weekend Market.     Click here for more of HalalTrip's Best 10 lists for 2017!       ...

  • 10 Ways to Experience the Beauty of Iceland

    Planning a Muslim-friendly trip to Iceland? Find out why you must visit Iceland and what makes it a great travel destination. HalalTrip has compiled various travel tips on how Muslim travelers can explore the beauty of Iceland. Read on for more information.   Iceland is the second largest island in Europe and the most sparsely populated country of the continent. Mostly made of Tundra, considered the inhabitable Highlands of Iceland, its population is concentrated along its coastal region. So why visit Iceland? Well; with its geysers, glacier parks, volcanoes, ice caves, Aurora Borealis and its natural geothermal spa, there are some amazing must-visit places in Iceland for those Muslim travelers who wish to experience a holiday unlike any other.   Travelers to Iceland will have an unimaginable experience filled with rugged and natural beauty unlike any other, and memories to cherish for a lifetime!   Best Sightseeing and Must-do Experiences in Iceland  Majority of the must-see sights and top attractions in Iceland comprise of natural, nature created wonders…Here are 10 ways to experience the beauty of Iceland which will leave you breathless!    1) Northern Lights      The Northern lights can best be seen during the winter the nights when the skies are crisp and clear in Iceland. Visitors may be able to see them in Reykjavik, but the best views will be from somewhere remote and scarcely populated. Seeing the Aurora is possible from August to April anytime between dusk and dawn. So when in Iceland look up the Northern lights forecast website where they will list the Aurora sighting possibility depending on weather. There are also special tours arranged for viewing the Aurora and the longer your stay in Iceland the greater the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.   2) Geysers, Underground Springs and Thermal Pools     The volcanic activity under the surface of the island have created many geysers, underground springs and thermal pools around the country. A visit to one of these naturally occurring phenomena cannot be missed. Go to Strokkur in the southwest of Iceland beside the Hvítá River or Haukadalur in the south of the country to view some of these Geysers.   3) Volcanoes and Lava Fields     A very popular tourist activity in Iceland is a visit to the Hekla volcano, the lava fields and the multicolored rhyolite mountains. While at Landmannalaugar, consider taking a hike or a horse ride through some arresting landscapes that will make you forget you’re on earth. Summer might be the best time to visit as Landmannalaugar is situated in the Highlands of Iceland.   Another popular volcano that requires visiting in Iceland is the Maelifell Volcano which during summer displays its perfect cone shape covered in moss.    4) Myrdalsjökull Glacier Park     The Myrdalsjökull Glacier Park will stun you with its many wondrous sights, including the volcano Katla, ice caves and formations, glaciers covered in volcanic ash, hot springs and other beautiful sites. Some activities that travelers can enjoy include snow scooter, snowmobile, super Jeep, dog sledding and ice climbing tours. As with any natural glacier there are hidden dangers and hence, it is recommended to visit with an experienced guide.    5) Skaftafell Ice Cave As the name implies, Iceland is covered in ice and snow, and there are is no shortage of ice caves and formations for travelers to explore and view. The Skaftafell Ice Cave, best viewed during the winter, is popular with tourists and recommended to visit with a guide.   6) Blue Lagoon at Grindavík An experience like no other! A visit to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields filled with black volcanic boulders can be done in any weather. Located only 40 minutes away from Reykjavík, this Spa offers a natural bathing experience in milky aquamarine waters together with the modern age entrapments. The water which springs from underground hot springs reaches 370 to 390 Centigrade.   7) National Parks There are more National Parks in Iceland than you can count on one hand, depending on the length of your vacation, visit any one of these parks - Lakagigar and Laki, Landmannalaugar - Nature Reserve, Lónsöræfi, Öræfajökull Glacier, Skaftafell, Thingvellir National Park, and Vatnajökull National Park - and experience the wonders of Iceland.    8) Kirkjufell Mountain and Kerlingarfjöll Mountains This beautiful Kirkjufell Mountain situated near a small town, Grundarfjörður in western Iceland, juts out from the surrounding flat landscape, making it a focal point for tourists and seamen alike. Covered in snow during winter and in greenery during the summer, it is surrounded by several small waterfalls where wildlife and birdlife abound. Surrounded by beaches, there is walking trail around the mountain, and those who want to do something more strenuous can climb up to see the bird and fish fossils as well as take in the breathtaking views from the top!   The Kerlingarfjöll Mountains are one of the largest geothermal areas in all of Europe, these mountains are full of small steaming hot springs, mud pools and water fountains, and considered a true a hikers’ paradise.    9) Gullfoss Waterfall Another popular attractions of Iceland, the Gullfoss Waterfall, is located in the canyon, which forms three step terraces. The river Hvítá which is fed by Iceland´s second biggest glacier - the Langjökull, plunges down this canyon which creates a powerful waterfall that is spectacular show by nature.  The surrounding landscape is beautiful and natural. A tour can easily be arranged and the waterfall that plummets down 32 meters is stronger during the summer and crowned by a rainbow on a sunny day.   Culture and People Iceland’s cultural heritage is also something travelers must explore. In the south of Iceland, there are many exhibits and museums that showcase the history, geography, geology of the country as well as its art, music and dance. If you are curious about Iceland’s Viking history, then take some time to visit the National and Saga museums in Reykjavik, the Capital of the country situated in the North. Don’t miss out on a visit to the Hallgrimskirkja church and rotating Perlan glass dome restaurant, although Muslim travelers will have to dine on seafood and vegetarian dishes.   Top Activities in Iceland In addition to sightseeing, Iceland is also a paradise for those Muslim travelers looking for an adventurous and extreme experience holiday. With its volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers and untamed landscapes, Iceland is an ideal place for all kinds of adventure sports and fun activities including:    - Guided snow mobile trips around Iceland’s glaciers  - Jeep safaris across the highlands of Iceland  - Hiking and walking tours in the glaciers or across mountains with alien landscapes  - Snorkeling between the tectonic plates in Silfra in the Thingvellir National Park   - Skiing and snowboarding on mountains in the North, East and West of Iceland  - White water river rafting down the Hvítá River in South Iceland or Jökulsá River in East Iceland  - Trekking around the country on an Icelandic horse  - Cycling  - Exploring magma chambers and tube caves - Gjábakkahellir Cave near Pingvellir National Park in the summer, and the Leiðarendi Cave in the Bláfjöll area in winter  - Guided ice climbing and walking on the glaciers of Sólheimajökull and Svínafellsjökull  - Whale Watching from May to September  - Taking in the bird like on a bird watching tour Halal Restaurants in Iceland There is limited Halal food available in Iceland. Reykjavik has a few halal restaurants – Shalimar, Ali Baba, Kebab Grill, Mandi and Habibi that serve Halal food, while in other parts of the country, seafood and vegetarian would be the options available for Muslims travelers in non-Halal restaurants.    Mosques in Iceland There is only one mosque in Iceland, which is in Reykjavik. Therefore, the limited Muslim-friendly facilities in Iceland calls for Muslim travelers to carry their prayer mat and Qibla direction compass and be ready to pray in the outdoors or in hotel rooms.   Weather in Iceland Keep in mind that Iceland has long winters from October to April, where the nights are long but the best time to experience all winter related activities. The summer months start from June and lasts till August, this is the speak tourist season and pre-bookings are a must for tourists.   All in all, remember that the amazing top activities in Iceland will require travelers to be willing to walk, climb and hike. The magnificent must-see sights and attractions in Iceland require visitors to be responsible and opt for hiring experienced guides. And don’t forget your warm clothes as summer can also be cold in Iceland, especially if visiting the Highlands! Click here for more destination ideas for your next Muslim-friendly trip    ...

  • Iftar Times Around The World 2016

    For Muslims worldwide, The Holy Month of Ramadhan is a month of fasting, purity, spirituality and self-discipline. Fasting during this month is one of the five Pillars of Islam. This is observed as such since Ramadhan is the ninth month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar which marks the revelation of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammed. Muslims will start fasting by taking Suhur -the morning meal, at sunrise and break fast at sunset with the evening meal known as Iftar. Ramadhan schedules around the world are different due to the times between sunrise and sunset, including the latitude and longitude. This time Ramadhan will fall on 6th or 7th June 2016 in the middle of the summer solstice with some countries having longer fasting hours than last year - especially significant in some European countries. Ramadhan calendars are available online, there are even special Ramadhan apps to keep track of correct Suhur and Iftar timings for Muslims who will be in a different city. It is always better to get information from the closest mosque in the area you are residing. Shorter Ramadhan Fasting Hours Muslims in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will be experiencing around 11 to 12 hours of fasting, these are hours are some of the shortest for this year. Some South American countries like Brazil, Chile and Argentina will also experience shorter fasting hours during Ramadhan. Average Ramadhan Fasting Hours Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Malaysia will break fast after 14 to 15 hours. In the Middle East fasting hours will also be approximately 14 to 15 hours in countries like Dubai, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. However, in Syria fasting will be for about 16 hours. Ramadhan fasting hours in other Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea are an hour or so longer with 15 to 16 hours. The United States will also have an average of 16 hours of fasting for Ramadhan this year.   Longer Ramadhan Fasting Hours In European countries like France, Italy, Belgium and Holland, the average fasting hours for Ramadhan will be from 17 to 18 hours while Muslims in the United Kingdom and Denmark will be fasting between 18 to 19 hours. This time Germany will also have longer Ramadhan fasting hours falling between 19 to 20 hours. In places that are further north like Russia, Norway and Sweden fasting will be experienced for more than 20 hours, so Muslims in these countries follow the Mecca timings. In Reykjavik, Iceland the sunset sets for only a short time making Iceland the country with the longest Ramadhan timings being roughly 21 to 22 hours, again Muslims in these regions follow Mecca timings too. When is Ramadhan Over? The Holy Month of Ramadhan will end on July 5th or 6th 2016. Eid Al Fitr will be celebrated on these dates depending on when the crescent moon has been sighted after sunset on the 29th day by the moon sighting committee. This is done by astronomical calculations.   Click here to visit HalalTrip's Ramadan page for more useful Ramadan information   ...

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