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Profile image Rihanna yaqub was at Baluchi Mosque 2 years agoMombasa

a,a im from kenya but what i saw at this mosque was not appreciating @ all i believe sadaqa is for the poor n not the reach i sat aside after prayers trying to watch the situation of how they give food and clothing to the poor but believe it or not they give sadaqa to the rich while the poor mama is sitted waiting and when she asks she is being told by a certain woman called BEGAM ati go away nothin...Read More

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    Mohammad Amin Raj Khan

    That is very sad how such people behave towards the needy and the poor. May Allah swt make them aware of their behaviour. May Allah swt grant the poor and needy Shifa and reward them with great health and abundance of goodness.


Baluchi Mosque P O Box 82035 Makadara Road Mombasa Kenya

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English/ Arabic


All prayers including formal jum'a

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    try and change and people would appreciate you