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  • Enjoying the Perfect King of Fruit: How to Pick Durians

    Durian is a popular tropical fruit of Southeast Asia and it has been nicknamed “the king of fruits.” This fruit is full of nutrients, even more than other fruits.  This fruit can be easily distinguished...

  • 5 Destinasi Mesra-Muslim Terbaik di Eropah

    Ketersediaan makanan dan kemudahan halal, serta akses mudah ke masjid, antara faktor yang mempromosikan pelancongan halal di beberapa destinasi terkenal di seluruh dunia. Pelancongan halal semakin berkembang...

  • 9 Tips to Help You Fast Even Better in Ramadan

    As Ramadan is fast approaching, we are all set to devote yet another month in the name of Allah (SWT) and successfully maintain 30 new fasts every day. But as Muslims, we are always trying to better ourselves...

  • Top 5 Muslim-Friendly Destinations in Europe

    The availability of halal food and amenities, and easy access to mosques, among other things, promote halal tourism in several prominent destinations across the globe. Halal travel and tourism is expanding...

  • 9 Mouthwatering Halal Buffet Restaurants In Singapore

    As Singapore is continuously reducing the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, gone were the days of choosing the food you want off the counters. But this doesn't mean you can’t still enjoy some...

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