Try these 5 Authentic Halal Japanese Snacks

By Halal Trip | 11, Jan, 2018
Try these 5 Authentic Halal Japanese Snacks

Trying to find Halal Japanese snacks? Here's our list of Halal snacks in Japan that may come in handy when you're hungry and can't find a Halal restaurant! Cheap Halal snacks in Japan are available at many main travel spots. So without further ado, here are some Japanese snacks that are Muslim-friendly!


1. Okaki


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Okaki Japan snacks are rice crackers made with rice and salt. Mochi (rice) is polished, steamed, dried, and then either baked/fried in vegetable oil to get the ideal level of crispiness. You can even try making it on your own by getting some Mochi that is available at most grocery stores. Okaki is usually offered in three flavors: seaweed, red pepper, and wasabi. This is a perfect snack for parties or while watching a movie with a friend!

Available in: Asakusa-Tokyo


2. Muso Castella Cake

Muso Castella Cake

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Castella Cake is a soft sponge cake that is available in three delicious flavors - matcha, honey, and brown. The cake comes in three different packing of green, yellow, and brown colors according to its flavors. Muso produces Castella cake using only natural ingredients without adding preservations. The process of making Castella cake is accredited by Nippon Asia Halal Association, ensuring that it is Halal and safe for consumption. You can also buy this Halal Japanese snack as a souvenir to take home!

Available at: Haneda Airport / Narita Airport


3. Kappou Yama Sakura Jam

Kappou Yama Sakura Jam

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Sakura Jam is a Halal product of Kappou Yama – a Halal restaurant in Japan. It uses essentially the domestic fruits of Japan and processes them without artificial sweeteners. You can choose from different flavors - mandarin, apple, peach, strawberry, and blueberry. All these flavors taste so good, although peach Sakura Jam is the market's best choice.

Available at: Loax stores in Shinjuku and Akihabara


4. Ryukyu Kokuto Brown Sugar Candy

Ryukyu Kokuto Brown Sugar Candy

Brown Sugar Candy is one of the sweetest Halal Japanese snacks that is made mainly using sugar cane. This delicious product by Ryukyu Kokuto is popular among locals and is found to have health benefits. Other Halal snacks by this company are Chocotto (a mix of chocolate and brown sugar), green tea chocolates, and mint chocolates.

Available at:


5. Soba-boro Cookie

Soba Boro Cookie

These crunchy cookies are made of buckwheat flour mixed together with little sugar and lots of eggs. Buckwheat is a grain-like seed that is native to Japan. This is high in nutrients and so energizing. Soba-boro cookie is a traditional confection that has a distinctive Japanese taste but is also a cheap halal snack in Japan. These cookies are made in nice shapes of rounds and flowers and they just melt when put into the mouth.

Available at: shops of Kyoto (Marutamachi/ Kawamichi-ya)

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