6 Desserts and Sweets you must try in Mauritius

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 15, Dec, 2017
6 Desserts and Sweets you must try in Mauritius
The diversity of Mauritius has always fascinated people. Known for its tropical weather, sandy beaches, Mauritius became a centre of attraction for its sweet dishes as well. Sweetness couldn't get any better on this island. Let's see some of the must-try of the island.

1. Tropical fruit salad

Visiting Mauritius without tasting a fruit salad is simply impossible. It is a colourful mixture of sweet juicy pineapple, crunchy mango, cucumber, olives and water apples topped with a rich tamarind sauce. Being the guilty pleasure of many Mauritians, tropical fruit salads are available anywhere on the island. The best part of it? It's relatively cheap and you can never get enough of it.

2. Alouda

Definitely the must-try during summer and maybe winter. The alouda is a meticulous preparation of evaporated milk, coloured grated agar -agar (china grass), vanilla essence and tapioca seeds. This refreshing and rich drink is sometimes served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and is mainly served during the month of Ramadhan. But fret not! This delicious and rich in flavour elixir is available during the whole year. One of the best alouda places in Mauritius is situated in the capital's central market's food court.

3. Crystallized fruits

If you love fruits and sugar, you'll definitely have to try this out. Crystallized fruits happen to be another guilty pleasure which is much appreciated by Mauritians as well as foreigners. Crystallized fruits is a minute preparation of slices fruits cooked in a heavy sugar syrup until it becomes dark brown. Once the fruit has absorbed the syrup, it is left to cool or dry. Being a tropical island, most of the crystallized fruits are local ones. you'll be surprised to taste crystallized mangoes, star fruit, pineapple or even olives.


4. Napolitaine

Please don't confuse this sweet dish with Italian pizza. The Napolitaine is a shortcake which is a pure invention from the Mauritian bakeries. It is one of the most appreciated pastries of the island. This cute little pink delicacy is the right combination of softness and sweetness. It is made up of two biscuit layers, having a sweet cherry or strawberry jam in between and coated with a taffy pink sugar icing. A real feast for the eyes and the mouth.

5. Puit d'amour

Pastry lovers will absolutely love this little local sweet dish. The puit d'amour is a creative adaptation of the British scone which is prepared and presented in a very different way.The base of this sweet dish is a soft basket-shaped biscuit which is filled up with cream and topped with cherry or cherry jam. This delicious treat wouldn't be complete without grated coconut sprinkled on it, giving it a very exotic taste.

6. Cassava pudding

If you fancy puddings, then you'll definitely love this. The cassava pudding is a soft and delectable pudding, with a rich taste of milk and vanilla, seasoned with grated coconut. Being at the heart of the Mauritian cuisine, the cassava is prepared in so many ways, however, the pudding remains the all-time favourite. This pudding is sometimes made of 2 or 3 coloured layers which makes it even more attractive and mouth-watering.

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