6 Best Hiking Trails in Vietnam

By Saniya Baxi | 23, Aug, 2023
6 Best Hiking Trails in Vietnam

One of the best benefits of hiking is that it gives you a closer connection to the country you’re visiting. You get to see places that the majority of other tourists have never seen before and see how the locals truly live their humble lives. 

In this article, I’ll be talking about the best hiking trails in Vietnam - from the highest peak to other moderate and easy trails. So let’s get into the climb! 

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Mount Fansipanmount farsipan

Image Credit: Constant Loubier on Unsplash

Want the ultimate hiking experience in Vietnam? Then, you should hike Mount Fansipan, but this is not an easy hike! 

Mount Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam. In fact, it is the highest peak in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, which is why it earned the nickname “Roof of Indochina.”

The hike is full of wildflowers, streams, forests, and more. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to reach the summit, you’ll get one of the most stunning views from the top as well as Buddhist temples and statues. 

It’s recommended to take the leisurely route which will take at least 2 days.  



The beautiful green valley of Sapa is one of the best places to hike in Vietnam. Sapa is located almost at the border of China and Vietnam. It has cute streets that are worth visiting before your trek!

During your trek, you’ll pass by rice fields and meet the super-friendly locals. You’ll also get to see how they grow spinach, cauliflowers, cabbage, and rice.

The hardest yet most fun part of the trek is the bamboo forest. It can be hard to follow the trail inside the forest and you might get off the track, but everything matches up later. In case you lost the trail, the locals would definitely help you. 


Black Virgin Mountain

Black Virgin Mountain is the highest mountain in South Vietnam, and it’s a great hike if you want to watch the whole region from the highest point possible. The mountain is located in Tay Ninh and it is two hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City

It’s recommended to take a cable ride to the pagoda, which only lasts for 4 minutes and will save you a lot of energy for the real hike. Hiking the peak will be the most fun part of the whole trek. 

However, keep in mind that this is an intermediate hike and not an easy one. 


Cao Bangcao bang

Image Credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh on Unsplash

Get ready for a 4-day trek to reach the Ban Gioc waterfalls! They are a collection of waterfalls that are located at Vietnam’s northern border with China. 

However, they are very remote and far away from everything, which makes it a great adventure to reach there. 

One of the best places you’ll pass by is the village of Dam Thuy. The place there is peaceful and magical. It’s a quiet village and its people are living away from the city or any tourists. You can stay at one of the village homestays and spend time with the locals and see how they live their simple life in nature.

The views of the mountains only get better as you go through your journey. 

Once you reach the waterfalls, you’ll realize that the 4-day trek was definitely worth it. If you want to get closer to the waterfalls, you can take one of the local boats and enjoy the spectacular experience.


Mai Chau

This is an easy hike for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Vietnam. The place is full of rice fields and green mountains that will mesmerize you. Moreover, you can hike to Go Lao waterfall, which is so close to Mai Chau, and even swim in it! 

You can continue to the Ba Khan area and enjoy the view of Hao Binh Lake. Although it is close to Mai Chau, the scenery is completely different and you shouldn’t miss it.

You’ll get to see the local markets, simple houses, friendly locals, cycling trails, and more. The best time for this hike is between September and May. 


Cat Tien National Park cat tien national park

Image Credit: Jesse Schoff on Unsplash

Put on your hiking shoes and get ready to visit the biggest national park in Vietnam! 

It’s a magical place for animal lovers as you’ll get to see elephants, gibbons, deer, boar, and a lot of wildlife that you probably haven’t seen before. Moreover, you can visit the Uncle Dong Redwood trees and the giant Tung trees.

You can even enjoy the rivers of the national park and the jungle while chilling on one of the hammocks scattered around the park. 

It’s a beginner-level hike that anyone can do and enjoy, so don’t miss it! 


Final Thoughts

Vietnam is full of hikes for all levels, ranging from easy to moderate and challenging. You will definitely find the proper hike that suits you. 

The best part is that each hike is unique in its own way and will give you a whole new experience! 

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Cover Image Credit: Ryan Le on Unsplash  

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