5 Best Muslim-Friendly Cities to Travel in February

By Walied Ali | 08, Feb, 2018
5 Best Muslim-Friendly Cities to Travel in February

As January approaches, it's time to welcome the month of February. For those of you who are fond of winter traveling, all is not lost. In some places the end of January does not mean the end of winter so, keep your hopes high! You might still get to see the winter beauty of different cities if you plan to go out in February. Here are the names of the cities that look their best in February.

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Harbin, China:harbin china

Image Credit: Erica Li on Unsplash

Happening in the capital city of China's northern Heilongjiang province, Harbin International Ice and Snow sculpture festival attracts thousands of foreign visitors each year. The festival begins in December and goes on till 25th February, so if you haven't visited it by March, pack your bags for December. Remember, The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is the largest winter, ice, and snow festival in the world. Also, since Harbin is located at the northern tip of China it faces the brunt of Siberian winds, hence, temperatures can go well under -20°C. The Harbin Taiping Airport is one of the busiest airports in China and is connected by various Chinese and international airlines, so getting there isn't a problem. Finding Halal food restaurants in Harbin could be challenging if you're a first timer but there are ways to make it easier to find Halal food restaurants near you, you can use mobile apps such as the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food eateries near you.

Chicago, USA:chicago usa

Image Credit: Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

Although, Chicago faces the full brunt of winter, in February things start to calm down. Chicago, IL is also one of the most diverse cities in the US that has a sizeable part of its population being foreign-born. It is also one of the major go-to destinations for foreigners and other Americans living in different parts of the US. There are a variety of hotels in and around the city, ranging from extremely expensive ones downtown to cheap ones in the suburbs, or you can rent a hostel room/student dormitory if you're a solo traveler. Finding Halal food in Chicago is easy since it's home to a large population of Muslims, therefore you'll find many restaurants and diners offering Halal food. Chicago has several attractions including the famous Willis Tower and the metallic bean (Cloud Gate) located in the Millennium Park. Also, the Chicago River runs through the city and has magnificent high-rise buildings on both sides.  These are a few things that you can see in Chicago, but remember, Chicago is much bigger than this. The Chicago O'Hare Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and connects almost every corner of the Earth to Chicago, so getting there won't be troublesome.

Vancouver, Canada:vancouver canada

Image Credit: Mike Benna on Unsplash

Vancouver is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Canada. It has been voted one of the most liveable cities in the world by several organizations and has an incredibly high standard of living. Canada is also famous for its intense winters, so I think I don't have to say much about it, except to remember that Vancouver remains cloudy and wet throughout February. There's plenty to see and do in Vancouver, you can take a stroll in Stanley Park or watch a colorful show at the Vancouver Aquarium. There's also the Science World inside a huge dome for those who are attracted to Science. Halal food can be found if you look for it, as there's a large Muslim community residing in the city of Vancouver, and since Vancouver is a very friendly city, you can ask citizens for guidance if you can't find a Halal food restaurant or eatery nearby. Getting around the city is quite easy, the city is connected through a Skytrain system and several bus lines with road signs available in English, French and sometimes Chinese since Vancouver holds a large ex-pat population from China. The Vancouver Airport is among the busiest in Canada and is mostly used by those coming from East Asia, however, it connects all major cities in the world.

Tokyo, Japan:tokyo japan

Image Credit: Alex Knight on Unsplash

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and one of the oldest, yet most modern cities in the world. Tokyo is often visited in the summer season when the cherry blossoms bloom, however, during the fall season, the cherry trees adorn a new, mesmerizing look, and you might see snow if you're lucky. Japanese people are well-mannered and care a lot about their culture and traditions, so, if you're in Tokyo, remember to abide by the local laws, and not disrespect their customs. Tokyo is full of places that are worth visiting, and I believe you won't be able to explore most of them if you're on a short trip. There's Tokyo Disneyland, The Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Skytree, etc. Tokyo has a well-developed transportation system with rails and buses binding all of the city together. However, remember it gets a bit crowded, so move in an orderly fashion while using public transport. Finding Halal food may be difficult since Tokyo does not host a very large Muslim population, but there are a bunch of Halal food restaurants that you can find with the assistance of apps and maps. Furthermore, remember, they could be a bit expensive too. The Tokyo Narita Airport is the major airport of Tokyo, which connects most of the world to the city. International Airlines such as Emirates, Air China, and Qatar Airways have Tokyo on their prime destinations list.

Istanbul, Turkey:istanbul, turkey

Image Credit: Anna Berdnik on Unsplash

Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world, and since it is strategically located between Asia and Europe, it was often the center point for rivalry between empires. Today, Istanbul is located in the Republic of Turkey and is an established tourist destination. During the last few years, Istanbul has seen an increase in the number of foreign visitors. Istanbul is a great destination for those interested in its history - the city is filled with spectacular buildings belonging to the Ottoman and Byzantium eeras There are also structures dedicated to the foundation of modern Turkey, such as the Taksim Republic Monument. If you want to explore the religious side of the city, you can go to the Blue Mosque or the Hagia Sophia. Istanbul is usually cold in February. Halal food can be found everywhere since Istanbul is a predominantly Muslim city. Turkish cuisine is one of the best Muslim cuisines in the world, and you'll get to know what I'm saying when you try their Baklavas and Kebabs. Getting around Istanbul is easy, there's a large network of streetcars and tramways linking the whole city, and there's also the cruise service that is used as a tourboat-cum-ferry, since the ride offers a spectacular view of the city. The Istanbul Airport is a hub for one of the world's best airlines, Turkish Airlines, a major airline that connects several European and Asian cities with Istanbul.


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