A city known for its natural attractions and friendly residents, Vancouver makes a wonderful holiday destination. Whether one is looking to relax in natural surroundings or wishes to enjoy adventure activities, Vancouver never disappoints its visitors. The city offers numerous opportunities of biking, mountaineering, kayaking, skiing and water sports. The downtown area of Vancouver has several historic buildings that are good to see. The Stanley Park is the main attraction of the city along with its seawall and the Vancouver Aquarium. The Museum of Anthropology is one of the best museums in the city, displaying world-class arts and cultures. There are several beautiful parks in the city including the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, UBC Botanical Garden and the VanDusen Botanical Garden. For appreciators of art, there are several art galleries in Vancouver which you should visit - The Vancouver Art Gallery and the Contemporary Art Gallery are some of the best galleries to see work from local artists. Vancouver offers an exceptional shopping experience. There are numerous independent shops and boutiques in the city that offer local items. The Robson Street has numerous fashion stores. The Yaletown is the best place for shopping in Vancouver. Other good places for shopping in the city include South Main, Chinatown Night Market, Richmond Night Market and Commercial Drive....more

Vancouver, Canada

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A city known for its natural attractions and friendly residents, Vancouver makes a wonderful holiday destination. Whether one is looking to relax in natural surroundings or wishes to enjoy adventure activities, Vancouver never disappoints its visitors. The city offers numerous opportunities of biking, mountaineering, kayaking, skiing and water sports. The downtown area of Vancouver has several historic buildings that are good to see. The Stanley Park is the main attraction of the city along with its seawall and the Vancouver Aquarium.

The Museum of Anthropology is one of the best museums in the city, displaying world-class arts and cultures. There are several beautiful parks in the city including the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, UBC Botanical Garden and the VanDusen Botanical Garden. For appreciators of art, there are several art galleries in Vancouver which you should visit - The Vancouver Art Gallery and the Contemporary Art Gallery are some of the best galleries to see work from local artists.

Vancouver offers an exceptional shopping experience. There are numerous independent shops and boutiques in the city that offer local items. The Robson Street has numerous fashion stores. The Yaletown is the best place for shopping in Vancouver. Other good places for shopping in the city include South Main, Chinatown Night Market, Richmond Night Market and Commercial Drive.

Nearby Airports

Vancouver is served by the Vancouver International Airport. From the airport visitors can get taxis, limousines or the SkyTrain to reach their destination in the city. The SkyTrain is a rapid transport system and also the quickest and easiest way of travelling from the airport. Taxis are available from just outside the baggage claim area and costs about $25-30 for a ride into the city. Limousines would cost around $40-55.

Halal Restaurants

There are numerous places where visitors can find halal food in Vancouver. Some good halal restaurants in Vancouver include Curry Feast, Zeitoon, Anatolia Express, Mr. Shawarma, Einstein Wrap House, Tamam, etc.


There are several mosques in Vancouver. The best known mosques in Vancouver include Masjid ar-Rahman, Masjid Omar al-Farooq, Ul Haqq Masjid, Jamia Masjid Vancouver, etc.

Things to Do and See in Vancouver

  • Stanley Park
  • Vancouver Aquarium  
  • Sheraton Wall Centre  
  • Museum of Anthropology  
  • Vancouver Art Gallery  
  •  VanDusen Botanical Garden  
  • UBC Botanical Garden  
  • Vanier Park  
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
  • No Attraction found.
  • 5 Best Muslim-Friendly Cities to Travel in February

    As January comes to a close it's time to welcome the month of February. For those of you who are fond winter travelling, all is not lost. In some places the end of January does not mean the end of winter so, keep your hopes high! You still might get a chance to see the winter beauty of different cities if you plan to go out in February. Here are the names of the cities that look their best in February. via GIPHY Follow our city guides Harbin, China: Happening in the capital city of China's northern Heilongjiang province, Harbin International Ice and Snow sculpture festival attracts thousands of foreign visitors each year. The festival begins in December and goes on till 25th February, so if you haven't visited it by March, pack your bags for December. Remember, The Harbin Ice and Snow festival is the largest winter, ice and snow festival in the world. Also, since Harbin is located at the northern tip of China it faces the brunt of Siberian winds, hence, temperatures can go well under -20°C. The Harbin Taiping Airport is one of the busiest airports in China, and is connected by various Chinese and international airlines, so getting there isn't a problem. Finding Halal food restaurants in Harbin could be challenging if you're a first timer but there's ways to make it easier to find Halal food restaurants near you, you can use mobile apps such as the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food eateries near you. Chicago, USA: Although, Chicago faces the full brunt of winter, in February things start to calm down. Chicago, IL is also one of the most diverse cities in the US that has a sizeable part of its population being foreign born. It is also one of the major go-to destinations for foreigners and other Americans living in different parts of the US. There are a variety of hotels in and around the city, ranging from extremely expensive ones downtown, to cheap ones in the suburbs, or you can rent a hostel room / student dormitory if you're a solo traveler. Finding Halal food in Chicago is easy since it's home to a large population of Muslims, therefore you'll find many restaurants and diners offering Halal food. Chicago has a number of attractions including the famous Willis Tower, and the metallic bean (Cloud Gate) located in the Millennium Park. Also, the Chicago River runs through the city, and has magnificent high-rise buildings on both sides.  These are a few things that you can see in Chicago, but remember, Chicago is much bigger than this. The Chicago O'Hare Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and connects almost every corner of the Earth to Chicago, so getting there won't be troublesome. Vancouver, Canada: Photo Credit - Vancouver is located in the British Columbia, Canada, and is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to Canada. It has been voted one of the most liveable cities in the world by a number of organizations, and has an incredibly high standard of living. Canada is also famous for its intense winters, so I think I don't have to say much about it, except to remember that Vancouver remains cloudy and wet throughout February. There's plenty to see and do in Vancouver, you can take a stroll in Stanley Park or watch a colorful show at the Vancouver Aquarium. There's also the Science World inside a huge dome for those who are attracted to Science. Halal food can be found if you look for it, as there's a large Muslim community residing in the city of Vancouver, and since Vancouver is a very friendly city, you can ask citizens for guidance if you can't find a Halal food restaurant or eatery nearby. Getting around the city is quite easy, the city is connected through a skytrain system and several bus lines with road signs available in English, French and sometimes Chinese since Vancouver holds a large expat population from China. The Vancouver Airport is among the busiest in Canada, and is mostly used by those coming from East Asia, however, it connects all major cites in the world. Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and one of the oldest, yet most modern cities of the world. Tokyo is often visited in the summer season when the cherry blossoms bloom, however, during the fall season, the cherry trees adorn a new, mesmerizing look, and you might see snow if you're lucky. Japanese people are well mannered and care a lot about their culture and traditions, so, if you're in Tokyo, remember to abide by the local laws, and do not disrespect their customs. Tokyo is full of places that are worthy of visiting, and I believe you won't be able to explore most of them if you're on a short trip. There's The Tokyo Disneyland, The Tokyo Disneysea, Tokyo Skytree etc. Tokyo has a well-developed transportation system with rails and buses binding all of the city together but remember it does get a bit crowded, so move in an orderly fashion while using public transport. Finding Halal food may be difficult since Tokyo does not host a very large Muslim population, but there are a bunch of Halal food restaurants that you can find with the assistance of apps and maps. Furthermore, remember, they could be a bit expensive too. The Tokyo Narita Airport is the major airport of Tokyo, which connects most of the world to the city. International Airlines such as Emirates, Air China and Qatar Airways have Tokyo in their prime destinations list. Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world, and since it is strategically located between Asia and Europe, it was often the center point for rivalry between empires. Today, Istanbul is located in the Republic of Turkey, and is an established tourist destination. During the last few years Istanbul has seen an increase in the number of foreign visitors. Istanbul is a great destination for those interested in its history - the city is filled with spectacular buildings belonging to the Ottoman and Byzantium era. There are also structures dedicated to the foundation of modern Turkey, such as the Taksim Republic Monument. If you want to explore the religious side of the city, you can go to the Blue Mosque or the Hagia Sophia. Istanbul is usually cold in February. Halal food can be found everywhere since Istanbul is a predominantly Muslim city. In fact, Turkish cuisine is one of the best Muslim cuisines in the world, and you'll get to know what I'm saying when you try their Baklavas and Kebabs. Getting around Istanbul is easy, there's a large network of streetcars and tramways linking the whole city, and there's also the cruise service that is used as a tourboat-cum-ferry, since the ride offers a spectacular view of the city. The Istanbul Airport is a hub for one of the world's best airlines, Turkish Airlines, a major airline that connects several European and Asian cities with Istanbul. via GIPHY Find a Halal Restaurant near you...

  • The Top 7 Reasons to Visit Canada

    Canada is often a place that tourists tend to skip over when picking vacation spots, but those people are missing out on a trip of a lifetime! Canada is a massive country with everything you could want to see and do on vacation, be it adventure or thrill-seeking opportunities, or relaxing in charming countrysides or on even on magnificent beaches. There are also many reasons why Muslims love to travel to Canada, namely, the availability of Muslim-friendly facilities and the feeling of being welcomed. Islam is the second largest religion in Canada, standing at 3.2% of the population, after Christianity. This means that there's no shortage of anything you could need to fulfil your requirements without compromising your faith Here are the top reasons to visit Canada in 2018:   1. It Has Incredible Nature & Wildlife Canada is one of the best places to witness the elegance and beauty of nature – and revel in the magnificence of Allah's creations. With brooding snow-capped mountains, incredible road trails, and craggy beaches around the country, it is any nature lover's dream come true and there is no shortage of things to do and see in Canada. Enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains that serve as a backdrop for the city of Banff, or kick back and relax on the stunning beaches of British Columbia. And let's not forget the renowned Niagara Falls in Ontario, something you definitely cannot miss on your Halal travel to Canada. And you can even see the famous natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights straight from the backyard of a home in Albert! Canada is also home to some of the world's most incredible wildlife. The vast, sprawling environments of these animals that remain unaffected by humans gives these animals a chance to thrive in their natural habitats. You can spot grizzly bears in the Great Bear Nature Tours in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, snorkel with beluga whales in Churchill, see Walruses in the Community of Hall Beach in the Arctic, and so much more!   2. There Are Festivals Galore Picture Credit - Not only are there amazing natural landscapes, wildlife tours, and incredible shopping in Canada, there are also plenty of fascinating festivals that take place around the country throughout the year. Taking part in these festivities gives you a chance to mingle with the locals and learn a little bit more about the culture and traditions of this fascinating country. Picture Credit: Carnaval De Quebec From comedy and art to food, children's festivals, and county fairs, there's something happening somewhere to suit your personal interests. Some of the most famous events to take place in Canada include the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Winterlude Festival in Ottawa, the Celebration of Light festival in Vancouver, the Quebec Winter Carnival in Quebec, and so much more. Check out the local listings in the particular cities you plan to visit to see what festivals are taking place during your time of visit.   3. It Is Full of Heritage and Culture History or culture isn't exactly what a tourist think of when they think Canada, but the country has a deep a rich heritage that you can explore on your travels. The amazing part about each city in Canada is that they are all distinct and offer entirely different opportunities to explore, activities, adventure, and more. In today's world of artificially created attractions that can take away the authenticity of experiences to be had, this is truly a breath of fresh air. Explore the charm of French-speaking Quebec, which seems like a quaint town in rural France, or head to Toronto to live it up amongst the city folk. You can also experience the history of Canada by visiting these ancient Canadian attractions that have been gazetted as National Historic Sites such as Fort York and Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in Vimy, Canada, Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and more. There are also many places where you can take yourself back to the olden days and participate in activities like being a soldier for a day at the Halifax Citadel National Historical Site in Nova Scotia, or experience the culture and heritage of the Anishinaabe people at the Pukashwa National Park in Northern Ontario.   4. The Locals are Friendly The friendliness and hospitality of Canadians is often a popular theme in pop culture and TV shows, but the best part is that this theory is actually rooted in reality! Canadians are some of the most welcoming people in the world, and who better to represent this than their prime minister Justin Trudeau, who not only allowed refugees into the country but welcomed them at the airport by saying “You are home”. Not only does Canada have an incredible infrastructure, it is also one of the safest countries to travel with a relatively low crime rate. As Muslim travelers, you would not have to feel out of place because of the significant Islamic population who live here as well. You can allow yourself to be completely yourself on your Halal holiday in Canada!   5. There's Amazing Halal Food With a large population of Muslims scattered all over the country, there is no doubt that you will be able to find amazing Halal food all across the country. Obviously, there will be more options in cities with a dense population of Muslims like Ontario, but you should have a few choices no matter where you go. You can find a range of cuisines from local food to Middle Eastern, Asian, and more at food trucks to fine dining in Canada. Make sure to try the unique dish “Poutine”, which has even been touted to be the National dish of Canada, although not officially. Here are some of the top Halal restaurants in Canada:   Affy's Premium GrillTry their premium grills and steaks, and also their non-alcoholic daiquiris and coladas.(Address: 2200 Brock Rd C2, Pickering, ON L1X 2R2, Canada. Phone: +1 905-239-5415, Website: BachirA Lebanese restaurant raving reviews for their delicious shawarmas, falafel, and Middle Eastern desserts.(Address: 54 Boulevard René-Lévesque O, Ville de Québec, QC G1R 2A4, Canada. Phone: +1 418-523-8383) Chinese Halal Restaurant This charming Chinese restaurant is known for its delicious Halal Chinese food in Canada. Make sure to try their lamb dishes!(Address: 101 Ravel Rd, North York, ON M2H 1T1, Canada. Phone: +1 416-498-9800) Al-Watan Tandoori Halal Restaurant This simple restaurant in Vancouver might seem unassuming, but is one of the best Halal eateries in Canada serving amazing Indian and Pakistani cuisines.(Address: 6084 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3T3, Canada. Phone: +1 604-324-6378) 7 Peppers GrillThis is a Syrian Halal restaurant in Nova Scotia has incredibly friendly service and even better food!(Address: 6290 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A5, Canada. Phone: +1 902-431-2727) Get more information on Halal food in Canada through the website:   6. You'll Have Plenty of Places to Pray Picture Credit - As we've already mentioned, Islam is the largest minority in the country, which means there are plenty of prayer places in Canada. Not only are there many mosques scattered all over the country, many places also accommodate Muslims by having prayer rooms and even specially designed restrooms to suit the needs of Muslims. Here are some of the most famous mosques in Canada: Baitun Nur Mosque Address: 4353 54 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4L3, Canada. Contact: +1 403-243-1600 Jami Omar Mosque(Address: 3990 Old Richmond Rd, Nepean, ON K2H 8R5, Canada. Phone: +1 613-828-2222) Outaouais Islamic Centre (Address: 4 Rue Lois, Gatineau, QC J8Y 3R1, Canada. Phone: +1 819-776-1831) Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque (Address: 3810 Eastgate Dr, Regina, SK S4Z 1A5, Canada. Phone: +1 306-359-1713)   7. Maple Syrup! Ask a random person anywhere in the world what Canada is most famous for and chances are, they'll tell you its maple syrup! This popular sweet condiment is made from the xylem sap of various types of maple trees. Canada is the largest manufacturer and exporter of maple syrup in the world (most of it concentrated in Quebec), which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. There's no doubt that Canadians love maple syrup, I mean, the maple leaf is even on their national flag! Anywhere you go, you should be able to find maple syrup-themed goodies and treats, from cookies and cakes to maple-treated meats, and so much more. Make sure to try them all, and maybe even stock up on a few of them to bring back as souvenirs! For more destination ideas on where to travel in 2018, check out our travel blog or download the Halaltrip Islamic Travel App to find locations of halal restaurants and mosques near you....

  • 7 Best Destinations on a Budget for 2018

    Once, travelling was considered to be an amenity exclusively for those that are well off but today in this modern interconnected world more and more people are stepping out of their homes to explore their planet and its riches. If you have a ton of money you'll probably think of living in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or maybe the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore but you can enjoy the essence of travelling even if you're on a budget. Here are some of the places that are low cost and equally beautiful if not more than Singapore or the Bahamas.   Credit-   Vietnam   Vietnam is an emerging tourist destination. After decades of uneasiness and political unrest, Vietnam is finally open to foreign tourists. In 2016, Vietnam welcomed 10 million foreign visitors into the country. It's currency the Vietnamese Dong is one of the most inflated currencies in the world consequently, Vietnam has become one of the most affordable countries for foreigners. An average meal at a restaurant will cost you just around 2 USD which as compared to Singapore is almost 80% less expensive. However being very cheap, it is not any less exciting than other tourist destinations. The country is filled with National Parks and World Heritage Sites, its main attraction, however, is the city of Hanoi. Hanoi is the reason why half of the 10 million annual visitors choose to visit Vietnam, it has been in the top 10 lists of many tourist-friendly websites since a long time now.   Vietnam has also introduced a new concept, where tourist from other countries visit historical battlefields to learn more about the numerous wars and conflicts that took place there, this concept is sometimes referred to as military tourism. Find nearby Halal food places in Vietnam  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Vietnam   Tver, Russia  Picture Credit-   Tver is a city located in the Tver Oblast region of Russia. It was once the capital of a powerful medieval empire. Even though most of its medieval architecture was destroyed during the Second World War, there is still plenty to see in the city. The city of Tver is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg but it is much closer to Moscow than St. Petersburg. You should arrive at one of Moscow's airport and then you can take a train or catch a bus to Tver. The best thing about Tver is its architecture, you'll find tons of white buildings constructed in traditional European fashion. There are walking streets where you can find shops, bars and restaurants. The city is very economical, if you compare it to New York City in the United States, rent prices are almost 90% lower in Tver, furthermore, if a meal at a restaurant costs you $10 in Vancouver the same meal will cost around $6-$8 in Tver. The best time to visit Tver is summer since we already know how cold Russia can be in the winters. Find nearby Halal food places in Tver Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Tver   Thailand   One of the best places to go if you're a budget traveller is Thailand. Considered as a shoppers paradise, Thailand is very economical, a place where you can go on a shopping spree without caring about a budget. Apart from shopping Thailand is also a good spot for beachgoers and history lovers. Furthermore, their rich culture is also a major attraction, you will find loads of shiny temples across the country. Thailand remains warm and humid throughout the year and according to locals, Thailand only sees winter for 15 days in December. Nonetheless, it's a good place to buy cheap sweaters and duck feather jackets. The local currency (Thai Bhat) is very cheap, you can get 32 Bhats for a single US Dollar (Fall 2017 estimate). Thailand is a major tourist hub, therefore, it's airports are connected to most of the world with flights coming in from as far as the UK. Find nearby Halal food places in Thailand Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Thailand     Albania Picture Credit -   Albania is sort of an all-rounder in this list, having almost everything that a tourist wants, National Parks, Beaches, Valleys, Grasslands, Mountains, Lakes and Vibrant Cities. The Northern region of Albania is known for its natural beauty. The Central part of the country is consists of Sandy Beaches, Lagoons. Its cities, Tirana and Durres are culturally and historically significant, they're also very cheap. Tirana International Airport connects most of the country with Eastern and Western Europe. Find nearby Halal food places in Thailand Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Thailand   Baltistan Region, Pakistan Picture Credit - While Pakistan might not be on the bucket list of many because of issues such as terrorism, The Gilgit-Baltistan region of the North has been hosting thousands of local and foreign tourists for decades. It is also one of the safest regions of Pakistan and is also isolated from the conflicts happening in the rest of the region. The tourist activities of the region have been the main focus of several vloggers and media sites such as Unilad and Al-Jazeera. Why should you visit it in 2018? well, Pakistan has become a much safer place in the last five years than it was before and this trend is likely to continue. Baltistan region was already free of criminal or terrorist activities and now with a further increase of the safety net, it's the best time to visit. The climate is generally cold and dry but varies from place to place. There are a number of hotels and resorts in the region, most famous of which is the Shangri La resort in Skardu city. The Shangri La was built around a lake and is one of the most scenic resorts in the world.   The region is filled with towering mountains including the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. Two of the top 10 highest mountains, the K-2 mountain and the Nanga Parbat are also located in the same region. The region is connected by all major airports of Pakistan but the best way to reach Baltistan is by road so that you could see all that the region has to offer. The living costs in the region of Baltistan are one of the lowest in the country and on a few of occasions the local shop owners are known to not charge foreign tourists. When you're there don't forget to ride along the Karakoram highway which is the highest paved road on the planet, it passes through Baltistan into Chinese Xinjiang, which is also the next best destination to visit in 2018.Find nearby Halal food places in Pakistan Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Pakistan   Xinjiang, China   Xinjiang autonomous region of China has a long history, it's towns and cities used to be important stopover points for traders travelling along the ancient Silk Road. The region has developed into a major economic hub as a result of China's recent economic boom. A lot of modernization has happened in the last few years and a lot of its old structures have been demolished or rebuilt, however, the culture and heritage of Xinjiang remain intact. The main attraction of Xinjiang is its diverse culture, you'll find delicious new varieties of food, friendly locals, beautiful mosques and mesmerizing landscapes filled with lakes and majestic mountains It's best for those looking for something new and adventurous to do. While in Xinjiang, you might also get a view what it would've been like for traders and merchants passing along the cold tundra region on their camels and horses.   The quickest way to get there is by plane, the Urumqi Dipwou Airport connects the region with the Middle East, Central Asia and rest of China. Find nearby Halal food places in Xinjiang Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Xinjiang   Moldova Picture Credit - Moldova is the mostly unexplored by foreigners. Even though the country is not facing any major political issues, wars or natural disasters and even has a well-developed infrastructure it still is the least explored country in the world and hosted close to only 300,000 tourists in 2015. To overcome this the Moldovan governments have introduced a visa-free policy for American, Canadian, Swiss, Japanese and Turkish nationals. The living costs are one of the lowest in Europe. Moldova is waiting to be explored. The Chisinau Airport in the capital city of Chisinau is not a very busy airport and is hardly used by foreigners so in lieu of Chisinau Airport you may use Odessa's Airport in neighbouring Ukraine. It would take around two hours to reach Chisinau from Odessa. Find nearby Halal food places in Moldova Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Moldova   2018 is just on the horizon, so, it's better if you already start planning where you're going to visit. The number of international tourists is increasing around the world day by day, places tend to get overcrowded which is why a lot of the economical destinations are losing their charm. Some of the above-mentioned destinations are mostly unexplored or are emerging onto the world stage so, unlike Thailand, they're economical but not very crowded, therefore, it's better to visit them as soon as possible before they become crowded. Thailand, however, has still kept its charm and has managed to keep things in order even after such a large influx of tourists which is why it deserved a spot on this list.  ...

  • A Muslim’s Guide to Shopping in Taiwan

    Taiwan is a tropical island that neighbours China, Japan and Philippines. This populous country is amongst the most highly educated in the world, supports a stable economy, and rich natural produce, which makes it a popular tourist destination.  Not only is Taiwan known for its technology and great food, but it is also a major shopping destination. Even though the Muslim population is represented by a small percentage of the country, there are multiple mosques spread out through the island, and several Halal restaurants as well, which makes a Muslim tourist's guide to Taiwan fairly easy to navigate. Most visitors are overwhelmed by the choices they face when it comes to shopping, so before you book your trip to Taiwan, go through our guide to shopping spots in Taiwan so that you are better prepared.   What To Buy   Taiwan has so many options that you might want to empty your wallet and purchase everything, so if you are wondering what to buy in Taiwan, it is good to know what the country is best known for so that you can plan what to buy in Taiwan. Famous things to buy in Taiwan are:   1) Candied fruits     Picture Credit -   The rich and fertile soil means that there is plenty of fresh beautiful ingredients available, but since you can hardly take fresh fruits back and expect them to last, candied fruits is a better option. This way, you get to take home a piece of the island as well as enjoy it for a while. They also make great gifts. You can find mangoes, plums, dates, pineapples and more in an array of colours and tastes, salty and sweet, at any store, night market or mall.   2) Dried seafood  Picture Credit-   Similar to the candied fruits is the dried seafood available that allows you to prolong your holiday experience and cook up a local favourite back at home. Sea cucumber, fish, and shrimp are amongst those that are dried and packed and sold almost everywhere, from malls and shops to roadside stalls.   3) Jade      Picture credit-   Taiwan is known for this precious stone and has plenty of trinkets that you can buy as souvenirs or presents. Beware of being cheated by a fake though, so it is always best to shop in reputed stores and check for authenticity. The Jianguo Jade Market is the best place to buy jade at a range of prices, in a wide selection of items.   4) Glass    Picture Credit -   This seems a bit of an odd item but glass art is very popular in Taiwan and the exquisite items make for beautiful – if slightly expensive – gifts. If you are looking for an item to splurge on, check Tittot Glass Art Museum for glass-blowing demonstrations and world-class quality standards.   5) Local handicrafts    Picture Credit -   There are many things that the Taiwanese do in exquisite beauty. There are affordable items like hand-painted paper fans, umbrellas and lanterns. You can select from tea sets, hand puppets, wood carvings, and beautiful and simple pottery and porcelain items as they all make great Taipei souvenirs. You can even buy beautifully carved inkstones and a personalised name stamp as a special gift. You can find most of these items at Chinese Handicraft Mart at No.1, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City; Hakka town of Meinong and Lugang Town; ceramic shops in Yingge; and wood carving stores at Sanyi Town in Miaoli County     6) Technology    Picture Credit -   If you are looking for any kind of electronic item, chances are you’ll find it in Taiwan. Note that prices are not that much different from other countries though, so don’t expect them to come cheap.   7) Tea    Picture Credits -   There are plenty of teahouses to be found in Taiwan, for it is the preferred beverage. Bring home different flavours or a classic brew, in tea bags or loose.   Night Markets   You can’t go to Taiwan and not visit a night market as it is such a big part of the culture. Most people go for the food, but items are incredibly cheap as well. Night markets open late in the afternoon and go on well into the night, but are most populated after the sun goes down as it is cooler then. Be prepared to move extremely slowly through the crowds and spend several hours there. If you are claustrophobic, you might want to give it a skip.   1) Shi Lin Night Market    Picture Credit    Probably the most popular night market in Taipei, Shi Lin has everything from everyday items like clothes and shoes to the incredibly bizarre like snake blood in a bottle. Make sure you have your walking shoes on and be prepared for a long night, but rejoice in the fact that goods are so cheap and you can find great bargains and souvenirs, and there is plenty of food to fill your tummy while you are there.   Address: No. 101, Jīhé Rd, Shilin District   2) Shi Da Night Market   Picture Credit -     The coolest night market, Shi Da caters to the youth and you can find hip clothes and local handmade items. There are some unique items at bargain prices, so visit Shi Da if that’s what you’re looking for.   Address: Shi Da Rd. Daan District, Taipei   3) Tong Hua Street Night Market    Picture Credit -   Another popular night market, Tong Hua is most famous for the Taiwanese snacks and dishes up for grabs. You can find various other items too, but you can sample some of the best food in the country here for a steal.   Address: XinYi Rd., Sec. 4 and JiLong Rd. Sec. 2, Da’an District, Taipei   Shopping Malls   You will not be at a loss for good shopping places in Taipei as it has a busy shopping hub. Malls are crowded but convenient places to shop for many items in one location. Be prepared to wait in queues and keep an eye on your belongings because there have been cases of mugging.   1) Guang Hua Market    Picture Credit -   More of a mall than a market, Guang Hua has six floors of tech items just waiting to be explored. If you have any electronic items on your list, this is the best place to get it. The mall is open during the day and night, but note that you cannot obtain too great a discount on items, so come prepared to pay the price.   Address: No. 8, Section 3, Shimin Blvd, Taipei   2) Taipei 101      Rising half a kilometre to the sky, Taipei 101 is one of the most popular malls located in the East District, which is home to plenty of other Taipei shopping malls. A great place to purchase fashion, gadgets, books, accessories, shoes and more, Taipei 101 is world-famous for a reason.   Address: No. 45, Shifu Rd, Taipei   Food There are Halal places in Taiwan where you can grab something to eat if you look for the Halal-certification sign or opt for seafood. A guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan to stick to vegetarian and seafood options as most meat is cooked in lard. It is better to clarify if the vendors use vegetable oil for their vegetarian dishes.    1) Taipei Fish Market      Picture Credit -   Also known as Shang Yin Addiction Aquatic, the fish market has fresh seafood daily that you can request to be cooked there to eat or take away.   Address: No. 18, Minzu East Road, Lane 410, Alley 2, Taipei   2) Pin Tea Tea Shop   Picture Credit-    A great place to take a break from all that shopping, Pin Tea Teahouse is located in the centre of Zhong Xia East Road Shopping District. You can see for yourself what Taiwanese tea tastes like before heading back out and deciding what kind of tea brew you would like to take home with you.   3) Zong Cheng Hao Stinky Tofu      Picture Credit -   Did you know that stinky tofu was a thing? Apparently the stinkier the better! If you don’t mind durian, chances are you won’t mind this. You can find some in the Shi Lin Night Market. Just make sure all the elements are vegetarian, including the oil used for frying.   One of the shopping tips in Taipei is that if you are looking for a specific item, note that the stores in Taipei cluster together so follow their lead. While there isn’t a great variety between the stores, it does allow you some choice before you make your purchase. Two mosques in Taipei alone – Taipei Grand Mosque and Taipei Cultural Mosque – allows for Muslim-friendly travel in Taiwan as you are assured of a place to pray.   We hope you found this Muslim's guide to shopping in Taiwan useful in directing you where to go in Taiwan and where to shop in Taipei. There are many travel guides for Muslim travellers especially when it comes to Halal food, but if you travel to Taiwan, be sure to help out your fellow Muslim visitors through the Halal Trip App with a guide to Taipei, shopping in Taipei, and Taiwan shopping and food in general. ...

  • 10 Unique Accommodation Options for Muslim Travelers in 2017

    Don’t miss out on visiting some of these unique places to stay in 2017 for some amazing and memorable experiences. These unique accommodation options for Muslim travelers in 2017 will not disappoint those who are looking for some unique Muslim-friendly hotels or accommodations.    1) Desert Resorts – Dubai, UAE Unique accommodation options for Muslim travelers in 2017 cannot be complete without including a stay at a desert resort in Dubai. Visitors can have the unique experience of being in a luxury environment in the middle of a desert - some popular resorts include Al Maha, Bab Al Shams and Qasr Al Sarab.  Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape, sunsets and sunrises too, from these unique Muslim-friendly hotels. Desert resort rooms and suites are decorated to complement the environment of the desert.   There are also plenty of fun activities and some great Halal food to be enjoyed as well. Muslim travelers on the lookout for some of the top Muslim-friendly resorts should try staying at a desert resort at least once.   2) Cave Hotels – Cappadocia, Turkey Staying in some of the unique cave hotel in Turkey is one of the uncommon hotel options for Muslim guests in 2017. These accommodation options are becoming quite popular and each cave hotel has something unique to offer in terms of ambience and experience.   Cappadocia is especially popular for cave hotels – some well known cave hotels include Cappadocia Cave Suites, Ottoman Cave Suites, Aydinli Cave House Hotel and AREN Cave Hotels. Staying in a Fairy chimney inspired suite is where you can enjoy beautifully furnished and lit up rooms. It is great way to appreciate what makes Cappadocia special.    3) The Mirrored Airbnb – Pennsylvania, United States   The Mirror House is a airbnb located in Pittsburgh that is covered with mirror work – with mirrors even decorating the unique interior, complete with mirror sculptures. Every brick outside is covered with mirrors and with framed mirrors decorating the walls and ceiling inside the dining room.   There are 15 rooms  - each of which have been decorated differently with retro, modern artistic furniture and colour schemes. With a great home theatre system and a beautiful garden, this is one of the more unique Muslim-friendly budget accommodation options.    4) The Cube Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands These houses are definitely some of the more unique accommodation options for Muslim travelers in 2017. Designed by architect Piet Blom in the 1970’s, the design concept is that each house resembles a tree in an urban forest, where the tilted cube-shaped house is built on a hexagonal pylon.   The houses are located in Overblaak Street and contain three floors with uniquely shape rooms such as a triangular living room. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the second floor, and there is usually a garden on the top floor.   5) Tsala Treetop Lodge – Pletternberg Bay, South Africa This breathtakingly beautiful lodge is located in an indigenous forest off Pletternberg where the guests can choose from the luxurious Treetop Suites for an amazing view of the forest and nature from the viewers’ deck. Treetop Villas built above a tree canopy also come with a great view and modern, unique interior décor. While it may not come cheap, guests will get to experience a luxurious accommodation and be surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest.   Treetop Lodge is one of the unique Muslim-friendly hotel options where Halal or vegetarian dining options can be arranged – making Tsala Treetop Lodge a top Muslim-friendly resort.   6) Giraffe Manor – Nairobi, Kenya Giraffe Manor has to be one of the most unique accommodation options for Muslim travelers in 2017 where guests will get to interact with wildlife – namely giraffes. This exclusive boutique hotel located in Langata in Nairobi is where visitors will see giraffes visiting the lodges and where they can even feed them treats. Despite the stylish rooms and beautiful décor, guests can also get immersed in the natural surroundings with each lodge offering something different.   7) Historical Fort Hotels – Rajasthan, India Spending part of your vacation in a historical fort hotel is some of the uncommon hotel options for Muslim guests in 2017 to consider. Not only will you get a taste of what it was like being Rajasthan royalty, but an amazing cultural experience in cuisine and environment. Some great hotels to get an experience like no other include the Rambagh Palace, Taj  Umaid Bhawan Palace , The Raj Palace and more to choose from.  Rambagh Palace is especially popular as a historical monument.   8) Adrere Amellal Desert Ecolodge – Siwa, Egypt Adere Amellal located at the foot of the White Mountain differs from your regular desert resort. The ecolodge is built out kershef – a mixture of stone, mud and saltwater, with 40 hand-built rooms with furnishings to match the desert landscape and atmosphere. Adrere Amellal also has a spa and pool for those who want to relax. There is no electricity but the ecolodge is lit up by beeswax candles and is an ideal place to getaway from the bustle of modern life.   9) Woodlyn Park – Waitomo, Hamilton, New Zealand Woodlyn Park is another unique accommodation option for Muslim travelers in 2017. This is where Muslim travelers who are looking for something different will be spoilt for choice with the interesting and unusual accommodation choices. Visitors can choose to stay in a 1950s Bristol freighter plane, the Waitanic Ship or Waitanic Express Train motel units. For Lord of the Rings fans, there are two Hobbit motels units to choose from.   There are a few Halal restaurants located in Hamilton within driving distance and a number of mosques as well.    10) Free Spirit Spheres – Vancouver Island, Canada One of the most uncommon hotel options for Muslim guests in 2017 include the Free Spirit Tree houses in British Columbia. This interesting type of accommodation consists of a suspended wooden orb that can be reached by steel bridges or spiral staircases. The cabin will contain built in beds and electric heating as well with showers and kitchen facilities located on the ground level camp. It is a great way in interact with nature and do some bird watching too.      Click here for more of HalalTrip's Best 10 lists for 2017!   Explore cheap Muslim-friendly holiday packages before you plan your next Halal travel     ...

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