The Muslim App To Search For Travel Tips and Locate Nearby Places [Video]

By Halal Trip | 21, Jul, 2017
Getting ready to embark on your dream vacation? Got your bags packed, work sorted, tickets printed, and hotels booked? But wait, not so fast! You have to think about where to eat, where to pray, where to visit - search for holiday destinations that will give you a trouble-free, Muslim-friendly, and Halal-friendly travel experience. As Muslims, traveling isn’t always as simple and as easy as one, two, and three.
Except, now it is!
Traveling has never been easier than with the world of opportunities the modern era provides, and the HalalTrip app takes full advantage of all available technologies to provide you with a smooth and trouble-free trip.
The functions available through the HalalTrip app make the Muslim traveler’s life so much easier, which is why it is an essential travel app to have on hand. The app contains so many features that help you out from the very beginning to the end. From trip planning, picking out destinations, and finding airport facilities, till the time you get back home, the HalalTrip app is a great tool to have with you at all times. You can also make use of the other functions available like Qibla direction, prayer timings, travel duas, travel tips/etiquettes, downloadable visitor guides, and so much more!
The search and nearby functions in particular will help you out when you’re looking to find nearby places to pray, eat or visit.

1) The Search Function

HalalTrip App Search Function

Have a particular place in mind? Is it time for prayer, or are you looking for Halal restaurants? Or maybe you’re wondering what to see and do, and trying to select attractions to visit? Not to worry, you don’t have to stop a stranger in the street and struggle to communicate in a foreign language. All you need is the HalalTrip app on your smartphone!
Search for restaurants and find the perfect one you’re in the mood for - Malay, Indian, Chinese, or even Western and Eastern cuisines! Look for mosques or prayer room facilities at the destination. Learn more about the attractions you want to visit and what facilities are available there. Get all the information and tips you need for the perfect Halal-friendly travel experience!

2) The Nearby Function

HalalTrip App Nearby Function

The HalalTrip app’s nearby function allows you to search and locate nearby places on your mobile phone. All you have to do is turn on the GPS or ‘location’ on your phone and you will be given a list of mosques and Halal restaurants that are situated close to where you are in real-time. You can find out more about these places, their specialties, and the facilities they provide by clicking through.
You can also find out the addresses and contact information of such places. And if you need directions, no problem! Click on the map and you’ll be given a step-by-step guide on how to get there from your exact location and even a pretty accurate estimation of how long it will take to get there.
All in all, download the HalalTrip mobile app for a smooth, convenient, and memorable Halal-friendly travel experience!
The free travel app is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms and has been downloaded by travelers from countries across the globe, rapidly making it one of the top travel apps available for Muslim travelers.
You can download the app here:

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