Indonesia Climbs to the 2nd Spot in GMTI 2018

By Shamilka Rasheed | 11, Jul, 2018
Indonesia Climbs to the 2nd Spot in GMTI 2018

The Global Muslim Travel Index 2018 (GMTI 2018) by Mastercard and CrescenRating takes an in-depth look into the growth and expansion of the Muslim Travel Market and the key factors that contribute to this progress. With the rapid increase of Muslim travelers, especially the Muslim Millennial Traveler, most destinations are moving towards improving Muslim-friendly facilities to promote Halal tourism – and to create better travel experiences for Muslim travelers.

The GMTI 2018 report has also ranked both OIC Muslim-friendly countries and non-OIC Muslim-friendly countries, and Indonesia has reached the 2nd spot, as the destination aims to become more Muslim-friendly and encourage Halal tourism to attract more Muslim travelers from around the world.

With a high Muslim population including several Muslim-friendly cities, Indonesia is among the best Halal holiday destinations where travelers can have easy access to Halal food and prayer facilities. According to the GMTI 2018, Indonesia also represents a growing economy that is represented by Muslims which creates better business opportunities. This OIC destination has also scored highly in terms of communication, enabling services and outreach according to the GMTI 2018 report.

Muslim-friendly cities and islands in Indonesia

As an OIC destination, you will find several Muslim-friendly cities in Indonesia where you won’t face much hassle when it comes to locating Halal facilities for a Muslim-friendly travel experience. Hotels and resorts are aiming to promote more Halal facilities and make it easier for Muslim travelers to have convenient access. These are some of the factors that contributed to Indonesia’s rise in rank in the GMTI 2018 report.


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Jakarta is one of the ideal destinations to enjoy Muslim-friendly holidays when it comes to sightseeing and learning some interesting history. Of course, sampling the local cuisines is possible too, as you can enjoy an amazing variety of Halal food during your trip. Additionally, there are several great cafés for international flair that you can visit without worrying if the food is Halal or not.

There isn’t much hassle when it comes to finding mosques in this city either, as mosques can be located in the active areas. It’s even more convenient to enjoy a Muslim-friendly getaway since there are hotels and resorts that aim to cater to the needs of Muslim travelers.


While you might be eager to visit Bali and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do so – you will face a few difficulties when it comes to locating Halal food and Muslim-friendly amenities. Lombok has quickly become popular for Halal tourism, which is why this should be your next stop after Bali. This beautiful island with wonderful beaches offers some gorgeous Halal resorts and hotels, including a variety of restaurants that serve Halal food. So you can sample the local flavors without worrying too much.

Finally, the island is also well-known for being home to numerous mosques making things pretty simple when it comes to locating prayer facilities.


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Known for fantastic cool weather, beautiful architecture and places to shop, Bandung is another Muslim-friendly city where you won’t face much hassle when it comes to locating mosques or Halal food.

There are several cafés and restaurants in convenient locations that serve Halal food, where you can enjoy a range of international and local cuisines while exploring the many boutiques and attractions. Prayer facilities won’t be much of an issue either, and most mosques can be located close to shopping malls and restaurants as well.

West Sumatra

Picture Credit: Photo by Akharis Ahmad on Unsplash

West Sumatra is very popular for its spicy unique cooking, and you will be pleased to know that this is one of the best places in Indonesia for delicious Halal food. With impressive natural attractions and scenery to admire, this part of Indonesia is a great option for a getaway from the bustling areas of the destination. West Sumatra also has a Muslim majority, and you won’t face much difficulty when it comes to locating mosques while traveling in this area.

If you are planning a to take a trip or plan a fun getaway, don’t forget to consider visiting Indonesia or add this destination to your travel list!

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