10 of the Best Shopping Malls in Seoul

By Salmah Shahnawaz | 20, Nov, 2017
10 of the Best Shopping Malls in Seoul
Seoul has a strong shopping vibe in its busy districts. Amongst the hustle and bustle of regular life rise great shopping malls waiting to entice customers. Trendy fashions, bookstores, technology, home items and more, happy customers can spend hours roaming the paths hunting for the perfect gift or jackpot deal. Some malls offer thrift shopping, while others bask in their luxurious products. Many places host entertainment within their walls like aquariums, cinemas, art galleries, museums, theme parks and more – so that there is a little something for everyone, and to add more to your day. Most shopping complexes are located near railway stations, which makes for easy access, and certain malls offer specific conveniences that are hard to simply walk past.
Here is our guide to the must-go shopping spots in Korea for some Seoul shopping (pun intended):

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1) Lotte Department Store 

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This is probably the most popular store amongst visitors as it is directly connected to Lotte Hotel Seoul, so if you are booked with Lotte Hotel, this is the most convenient place to shop. The department store offers a wide range of products like jewellery, cosmetics, fashion, technology, sports equipment and more. It is also one of the best places to go shop for Korean fashion at reasonable prices, and they house an art gallery, food court with local and international delicacies, and a duty-free store. The best part about Lotte Department Store is that they offer to deliver your purchases to the airport to save you the trouble of trying to get it there – this is crucial especially if you have bought large items.

Mall Address: 81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Daily 10:30 – 20:00

2) COEX Shopping Mall 

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This is not just any old mall. COEX Mall Seoul is the largest underground mall in Asia. You read that right! (Bet you didn’t expect any underground shopping malls in Seoul.) All the business is completely legal – it is situated in the basement of World Trade Centre after all – and it offers much more than just shopping. Starting from Samseong subway station at the south of Gangnam and going all the way till Bongeunsa temple in the north, you can find 260 stores in between with electronics, entertainment, beauty products and more. If you tire from shopping till you drop, relax at the food court, catch a movie at the cinema, take in the soothing sights of the 650 species of marine life at the COEX Aquarium, or learn a few new things at Kimchi Museum. There is even an events hall within the mall that holds mini-concerts, magic shows, and classical concerts weekly.

Mall address: 159, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Daily 10:30 - 22:00

3) Mecenatpolis Mall 

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Similar to shopping streets in Seoul, only much prettier, Mecenatpolis Mall is an open-air shopping mall that allows you to enjoy the weather while you browse the offerings. Pretty as a picture, Mecenatpolis Mall is the perfect place to kill two birds with one stone – get your shopping done, and snap some gorgeous photos for your Instagram account. It has an outdoor garden and landscaped roof gardens, water features, glass bridges, and a ceiling of open umbrellas. Situated adjacent to Hapjeong train station, they offer a range of stores for retail therapy, as well as art exhibitions, music performances and cultural activities. That is something you don’t want to miss! The Mall also carries cafés, fast food chains, and restaurants.

Mall address: 490, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Daily 09:00 – 17:00

4) Times Square Mall 

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If you are booked with Courtyard by Marriot Seoul Times Square, then this is your mall. Times Square Mall Seoul is home to local and international brands, so you might spot some familiar names like Swarovski, Timberland, Zara and Adidas. In addition to a large number of stores, the mall offers a movie theatre that only has the world’s largest cinema screen, bookstores, a games centre, a multi-performance centre, and of course, places to eat. Times Square Mall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, also appeals to nature lovers with their outdoor spaces like rooftop gardens and Ecology Park, and soothing fountains to end the day in a peaceful manner.

Mall address: 15, Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Daily 10:30 - 22:00



5) Doota (Doosan Tower)

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Are you a ‘shop all day every day’ kind of person? The Doosan Tower is the mall for you! Open from 10:30 am to 5 am the next day – not kidding – Doosan Tower is the place to go if you forgot to get those last minute gifts before you head to the airport or the place to simply spend the whole day and night in. With over 600 stores to pick from, you won’t be at a loss for choice. You’ll spot familiar names like Calvin Klein, Charles & Keith, and Reebok, but local designers can also give you an idea of what to buy in Seoul, as the top 40 are selected annually at the Doota Venture Designer Conference. Besides finding women's clothing in Seoul, you will also spot sportswear, menswear, luxury vintage items, and souvenirs. The mall offers alterations in clothes as well as tax refunds for visitors, so you can relax in their rooftop garden as you bask in that knowledge.

Mall address: 275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Mon – Sat 10:30 – 05:00, Sun 10:30 – 00:00

6) I’Park Mall 

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One of the biggest malls in Seoul, I’Park Mall offers a guided tour to its main events, features and stores due to its immense square area. With over 100 restaurants and cafés, as well as a food court, this mall has one of the widest selections of food if you want to gorge. The mall is divided into three main areas to make your shopping experience more convenient: the I’Park Department Store, Digital Shopping Centre and Event Park; and are connected to the Yongsan Subway Station and KTX Train Station for easy access. In addition to offering a selection of electronics, games equipment, sportswear, menswear, ladies fashion and more, the 11 storeys of the largest shopping mall in South Korea also houses a bookstore, an outdoor garden, an arcade centre, a movie theatre, and South Korea’s biggest discount mall: E-Mart.

Mall address: 55, Hangang-daero 23-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Mon – Fri 10:30 – 21:00, Sat - Sun 10:30 – 21:30

7) Lotte Young Plaza

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If you’re looking for places to shop for fashion-conscious young adults in Seoul, South Korea, Lotte Young Plaza boasts six storeys of casual and trendy items by local designers, as well as imported Japanese brands – UNIQLO being the most popular. Lotte Young Plaza also has pop-up stores that you can buy unique clothing items and accessories like handbags and more by up-and-coming Korean designers. As always, you can end your day by enjoying a sunset view of Seoul at Hanuel Rooftop Garden with a bite to eat from their array of fast-food chains and cafés. You can find Lotte Young Plaza right next to Lotte Department Store.

Mall address: 15 Sail-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Daily 11:30 - 21:30

8) D-Cube City Mall 

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Like a world on its own, D-Cube City Mall is connected to Sindorim Station –which means it is easily accessible to Seoul’s main cities of Anson, Incheon, Suwon and Bucheon – and is a part of the 42-storey cultural complex which houses the five-star Sheraton D-Cube City Hotel, an arts centre and a massive outdoor park. Enjoy luxury shopping with familiar brands like H&M, Zara, Fossil and New Balance, and balance it out with some street culture at the Korean Street Market which offers Korean delicacies, street-style.

Mall address: 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Mon - Fri 11:00 – 21:30, Sat - Sun 11:00 – 22:00

9) Noon Square 

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Another place that you can find popular international is Noon Square, a shopping mall that is a ten-minute walk away from Myeongdong Nanta Theatre and Myeongdong Cathedral. A female shopper’s paradise, the mall features brands like Mango, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, H&M and Zara, and is a haven for cosmetics, fashion, accessories and apparel. Its outdoor elevator is the first of its kind in Seoul and allows shoppers a glimpse into the outside world while they are lost in theirs.

Mall address: 14, Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Mall timings: Daily 11:00 – 22:00

10) Migliore Mall

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The one place where you can find cheap shopping in Korea in a mall, Migliore Mall is a clothing fashion mall that is home to inexpensive fashion stores and wholesale outlets. You can find a whole range of casual wear, maternity wear, toys, bags, shoes and souvenirs for about 40 percent lesser than regular stores – and store owners are open to bargaining; but note that since the client base is mostly young adult, the range of sizes is limited.

Mall address: 18-145 Euljiro 6-ga, Dongdaemun, Seoul
Mall timings: Tuesday – Sunday 10:30 – 05:00
Halal travel to Seoul is made easy with malls that are connected to hotels and train stations – to shorten your travelling time between them and plan your day with more convenience. If you are a Muslim travelling to Seoul, let us know through the Halal Trip App what you thought of these malls, which one you preferred, if you found specific stores where you can buy Muslimah-wear in Seoul from, and Halal food places or vegetarian options that you would like to recommend to the Halal Trip community.

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