Word of Mouth - London Locals Tips

By Halal Trip | 09, Oct, 2017
Word of Mouth - London Locals Tips
There are countless places to visit and fun things to do when traveling around London - but what do the locals enjoy about the city? While there are popular tourist spots, getting advice from the locals can help you find uncommon yet fun things to do in London. Let's find out how to enjoy a holiday in the UK with great tips from the London locals.


1. Visit The Museums

british museum

Image Credit: British Museum


This might be the typical thing to do while on vacation in England, however, museums are not only culturally significant but remain among the top things to do in London. Take your pick from The British Museum, Natural History Museum, Cabinet War Rooms, or the Science Museum to name just a few. The popular museums also have special after-hours events and the permanent exhibits can be viewed for free.

2. Go To A Theatre

Spending an evening at the West End watching musicals or plays is a big part of London's local life and is some of the top things to do in London. There is something for everyone from famous plays to performances that will easily fit your budget – this is a great way to get entertained in London.

3. Stroll Down Regent’s Canal or Southbank

Take a walk along down to Little Venice which is lined with charming houseboats – you can even drop by the Canal Theatre or The Puppet Theater Barrage for fun too. Alternatively, you can take a stroll along Southbank and admire the famous buildings such as Shakespeare’s Globe and The Tower of London.

4. Visit The Big Markets

Borough Market

Image Credit: Borough Market

Don’t forget to visit some of the biggest markets during a vacation in England to try some excellent street food or baked goods or find clothes, antiques and great bargains. The markets at Borough and Camden are popular with tourists and locals alike, where you can get some awesome items. The Portobello Road Market should not be missed either and the Columbia Flower Market is a nice place to spend a Sunday.

5. Drop By Dennis Sever’s House

This house that was created by artist Dennis Severs is an intriguing building that will give you glimpses of the 18th-century life of the fictional Jervais family. There are 10 rooms that are designed in Georgian and Victorian styles to explore which gives visitors an interesting experience – which is one of the more unique things to do in London.


6. Watch A Movie At An Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor film screenings are some of the best activities in London and are a fun way for locals to spend time with friends. There are some interesting options to choose from - you can sail along River Thames or have a picnic at Royal Park while watching a film. The Nomad is another great outdoor spot to kick back and watch something.

7. Enjoy Afternoon Tea

enjoying afternoon tea

Image Credit: Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

Looking for a traditional English experience and great food? Spending afternoon tea with a friend is one of the more relaxing activities in London. Enjoy cakes, scones, sandwiches, and more along with some great tea in beautiful settings. Afternoon tea with Halal options can be arranged with 24 hours prior notice in places such as Claridge’s, The Dorchester, or The Ritz. BB Routemaster and Mamounia are good options too. 

8. Spend A Day At A Park

One of the best ways to enjoy London is to spend time in some of the beautiful parks in London by taking a stroll or having a picnic. Drop by Hyde Park and take a boat ride in the Serpentine Lake, or pay a visit to Hampstead Park or St. John Park to get closer to nature and enjoy the summer.

9. Go On A Walking Tour

Locals do prefer walking around London as opposed to driving around, so do some sightseeing by taking a walking tour to check out London attractions and famous spots. You can simply take a stroll around London to see top-rated tourist attractions in London and get a feel of the city as well. However, you can learn a great deal about London from a walking tour with a local guide.

10. Try Some Favourite Local Food

fish and chips

Image Credit: Mai Quốc Tùng Lâm on Unsplash  

From heart-warming Sunday Roasts to Shepherd’s Pie or some delicious Brick Lane curry - these are must-try Halal dishes in London. Fish and Chips are another staples that you must have and you can find Halal options around London too. Don’t forget to visit the Borough Market, Camden Market, or Portabello Market Road either to taste some great street food - and there are stalls serving Halal food too.
A vacation in England can be more interesting when experiencing London the way a local would - so do check the activities and places that are mentioned when you are in the city.

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