5 Luxury Holidays on a Budget

By Babajide IJIYODE | 03, Jan, 2023
5 Luxury Holidays on a Budget

You might be surprised to learn that there are more luxurious holiday spots worldwide that are still within your budget, and they range from modern capitals to nations with a long history.

Organizing a trip is always complex, especially when discussing finances. However, lavish holidays don't necessarily have to be expensive. We've come up with 5 vacation places that will make your trip enjoyable at an affordable price so you can go on your dream trip without spending all of your life savings.

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Astana, Kazakhstanastana, kazakhstan

Image Credit: Viktor Hesse on Unsplash  

Kazakhstan has, up until now, received little attention from luxury travelers. The practically limitless alternatives for outdoor excursions are helping it grow in popularity as a low-cost vacation spot.

Explore natural preserves and one of the biggest lakes in the world while hiking across the snow-capped peaks and lush valleys of Tian Shan. You have the ideal location for your next luxurious adventure vacation when you combine it with the two energetic cities of Astana, which is currently the capital, and Almaty, which served as its previous capital.


Bali, Indonesiabali cliffs, indonesia

Image Credit: Magnus Lunay on Unsplash

Enjoy the island's breathtaking natural beauty and its environment of volcanic peaks, emerald rice terraces, and scattered cascading waterfalls.

Even while it may appear like people and tourists have taken over Bali in recent years, the island's prices for luxury lodging are still remarkably low.

Visit the vibrant cafes in the coastal city of Kuta, surf in the honeymoon paradise of Seminyak, or take a short stroll through a banana plantation in northern Bali to see the Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall. Please visit Ubud's marketplaces and art galleries, as the town is still deeply anchored in its role as Bali's cultural and religious hub.


Istanbul, Turkeyistanbul, turkey

Image Credit: Ante Samarzija on Unsplash  

The historic Byzantine ruins, towering minarets, and bustling market stalls of Istanbul span two continents as they extend across the Bosphorus Strait.

The Sultanahmet District is home to several of Istanbul's most well-known attractions. The Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar are often at the top of tourist lists when it comes to learning about the city's historical past.

Spend some time browsing the Grand Bazaar, which occupies a whole city sector. With more than 4,000 stores covering a total of 30,700 m2, this covered market is one of the biggest in the world. Here, you may negotiate for colorful woven carpets, mosaic glass table lamps, and hand-painted ceramic goods.

Turkey is still somewhat warm in November, but you'll get the cheapest hotel rates since it's the end of the tourist season there. So, go there If you want a cheap luxury holiday.


Chiang Mai, Thailandtemple in chiang mai, thailand

Image Credit: Ante Samarzija on Unsplash  

The historic center of Chiang Mai, which served as the capital of the powerful Lanna Kingdom until 1558, is still surrounded by portions of its old city wall and moats. Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand, is known for its several spectacular Buddhist temples, which are evidence of Chiang Mai's Buddhist heritage. Take a trip to Wat Phra Singh, a 14th-century temple. It is a remarkable example of Lanna-style building with its distinctive arched roofs and magnificent woodwork. You should also visit Wat Doi Suthep, a temple that is said to contain a fragment of Lord Buddha's shoulder bone.

Chiang Mai is a popular travel destination because of its antiquated appeal and serene atmosphere. It is bordered by beautiful rainforests, soothing waterfalls, and picturesque rice fields.


Puerto Ricosan juan, puerto rico

Image Credit: Ante Samarzija on Unsplash  

Puerto Rico offers it all: the historic and colorful capital of San Juan, the surfside beaches of Rincon, and the emerald rainforest El Yunque. It is a less expensive option to surrounding islands with more expensive beach regions like the Virgin Islands or St. Barths. And during the last several years, San Juan has seen a significant culinary trend, with the construction of upscale seaside restaurants.



There you have it: 5 luxurious destinations you can visit without exceeding the budget. The locations mentioned above may appear costly at first glance, but you should understand that luxury does not always imply expensive. You may still travel in style without breaking the bank in any of the locations above.

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