A Muslim’s Guide to Halal Food in Universal Studios Japan

By Saniya Baxi | 30, Dec, 2022

Muslim vacationers can now fly to Japan to soak in the wonder of the world-famous Universal Studios - Japan.

The reason is, Japan is taking all efforts to accommodate more Muslims in their tourist list as the number of Muslim-friendly amenities is increasing by the day. Of the lot, Muslim-friendly meals top the chart. 

Though limited, a few restaurants have now introduced a few dishes that follow Halal standards to attract and keep Muslims at home while enjoying a day at Universal Studios - Japan. This certainly makes USJ another hotspot among Muslims. 

Having mentioned this, you can find a list of foods that are a welcome change to Muslim tourists visiting the sought-after USJ. Read on to know the meals from the list below. 

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Halal Foods Near Universal Studios Japan

While Japan does have many Halal-certified restaurants, the options at the USJ are fewer but enough to satisfy the cravings of many Muslim tourists. The below details throw light on the restaurants nearby the USJ providing Halal-certified foods and Muslim-friendly menus. 

1. The Red Lobster Restaurant red lobster japan menus

Image Credit: Red Lobster Japan

The Red Lobster is a landmark for Universal City Walk with a wide range of cuisine offered.

Also, with the inclusion of a Muslim-friendly menu, the restaurant is now preferred by many Muslim tourists visiting the USJ. While there are not many choices on the Halal-certified menu, the taste speaks volumes. 

The Red Lobster does not have a separate certification from a third-party organization for the Halal status. 

Restaurant Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Restaurant Address: 5F, Universal Citywalk Osaka, 6-2-61 Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 554-0024. 

Let’s have a closer look at the three dishes that are now introduced under their Muslim-friendly meal menu. 

  1. Beef Bowl
    Imagine relishing a bowl of beef with cooked rice and onions along with a Halal-certified status. This thought would be the most comforting for Muslim tourists as you no longer have to worry about packing food or walking out of USJ to have a meal.
    The Red Lobster at the USJ provides this lip-smacking dish that costs 1,080 Yen per bowl. Further, to improve the comfort of Muslim tourists, the restaurant uses separate kitchenware for Halal foods and their cooking.
    However, tourists looking for halal food at this restaurant will not get any exclusive tableware. Disposables are always available and are given by special request from customers. Moreover, the raw materials to prepare these meals come from Halal-certified suppliers.
  2. Vegetable Penne
    Craving a wholesome vegetable meal and looking to try out a different cuisine? Try the vegetable penne with mixed herbs, a horde of vegetables, and gooey cheese to complete your day.
    Available at 1,280 Yen, this dish ticks many boxes for the Muslim community while staying in the Halal Category. Only ingredients from Halal-certified suppliers make their way into The Red Lobster’s kitchen.
  3. Butter Chicken Curry
    Chicken lovers also have a choice of relishing the appetizing Butter Chicken Curry from the Red Lobster.
    A bowl of flowy gravy with evenly and sumptuous pieces of chicken is ready to eat with another bowl of perfectly cooked rice. Further, this dish costs 1,280 Yen and is a complete visual and edible treat for Muslim tourists.
    The chicken meat comes from Halal-certified suppliers and is prepared in separate kitchenware set aside for Halal followers. However, the restaurant uses the same kitchen for preparing non-Halal meals as well. 

*This menu may be exclusive to the Universal City store only, therefore please re-check regarding the availability of these Muslim-friendly menus before dining in other Red Lobster stores.

2. The Hotel Keihan Universal Towerhotel keihan universal store

Image Credit: Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

If you are staying at the Hotel Keihan Universal Tower, the Universal Studios is just a 2-3 min walk. Moreover, the restaurant is located on top of the Universal Tower, providing a breathtaking view along with a Muslim-friendly menu. 

Here, you get to taste a number of dishes that have Halal certification. However, the restaurant as such does not have a Halal certification from a third-party organization. 

Like the Red Lobster, the kitchen stays separate for the preparation of Halal meals but the dining utensils are the same for everybody. You could request disposables like spoons, knives, dishes, chopsticks, etc. Various dishes that will please Muslim vacationers are: 

  • Prawn Tempura and French Fries
  • Beef Consomme soup
  • Matcha Flavored Halal soft rice cake
  • Beef Steak with grilled vegetables 

Besides, you could opt for single dishes like rice, coffee, and fruits in the Muslim-friendly menu. For the beef dishes, you get to select from a range of four beef types namely:

  • Aussie Beef - Priced at 3,850 Yen 
  • Domestic Beef - Priced at 5,500 Yen
  • Wagyu Sirloin - Priced at 7,700 Yen for 100 grams and 11,000 Yen for 150 grams. 

Even the sauces for the beef meals are Halal-certified. 

Restaurant Timings: 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Restaurant Address: 6-2-45, Shimaya, Konohana-Ku, Osaka - 554-0024. 


Muslim-Friendly Foods in Universal Studios Complex

Can't hold your hunger any longer? No need to worry as there are menus in some restaurants that are Muslim-friendly and are considered safe to consume. These items offer pork-free, non-alcoholic, and vegetarian menus. However, take note that none of these restaurants and dishes is halal-certified, therefore please dine at your own discretion. We advise you to directly ask questions to the crew members or through the information center for a detailed explanation and specified request.

1. Studio Stars Restaurant and Discovery Restaurantstudio stars restaurant

Image Credit: Universal Studios Japan

While they are two different restaurants in different areas of the theme park, they share several items on the menu that are pork and alcohol-free. Studio Stars Restaurant can be found in the Hollywood area while Discovery Restaurant could be visited within the Jurassic Park area. Here are the two menus that are safe for you to consume during your visit:

  1. Potato and Herb Curry
    This menu is perfect for you that wanted something to satisfy your hunger with intense flavors. Infused with various herbs, the potatoes are cooked until its rich in flavor, therefore explaining the not-so-soupy curry. This menu comes with rice, chocolate cake, and a regular soft drink as a set for 1,450 yen.
  2. Curry with 9 Vegetables and Fruitcurry with 9 vegetables and fruit
    Image Credit: Universal Studios Japan

    While the previous item is perfect for a more classic refined taste, this menu is suitable for you who wanted pops of flavors and the "adventure" to continue on your tongue. Combining the creamy and savory curry with vegetables and fruits, guaranteed you will be able to experience different tastes and textures within each bite! This menu also comes as a set with rice, chocolate cake, and a regular soft drink and is priced at 1,450 yen.

2. Three Broomsticks™the wizarding world of harry potter

Image Credit: Soyoung Han on Unsplash  

Located in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ area, Three Broomsticks™ restaurant offers a vegetarian menu for you to choose from. Called the Vegetarian Plate, it is a menu that features a bowl of garden salad, in-the-husk corn, french fries, and mixed vegetables. This menu is a healthier option within all the quick grabs that you can find within the park, perfect for those who wanted some freshness after a whole day of walking or only want a light bite. This menu is available to purchase for 1,800 yen.


Final Thoughts 

Japan welcomes the Muslim population with open hands with some of the newly introduced Muslim-friendly meals. Include Universal Studios Japan on your to-visit list soon!


Cover Image Credit: Bohao on Unsplash  

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