Packing List for London: Your Ultimate Guide

By Anna Tan | 19, May, 2023
Packing List for London: Your Ultimate Guide

Figuring out a packing list for London? Don't have the time to think about what you need? Then you've come to the right place for everything you need to know to pack for any season!

London is not like any other country: it has unpredictable weather where it can get sunny, rainy, and windy all in one day. It may also be more expensive and difficult to obtain what you are looking for to get through your trip.

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Airlines are getting stingier with their baggage weight limit with rising airfare and if you are on a budget, you may end up getting only a luggage weight limit of 23 kg or none at all. Hence, it is important to choose a durable yet light luggage bag to bring all your items while avoiding the overweight charge.

Tip: Bring a portable luggage scale to ease your worries!



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Always check the weather app a week in advance and before you head out each day to determine what outfit works best! There is nothing wrong with packing light and buying the stuff you need when you are in London (sometimes you can get good deals at Primark and Marks & Spencer).

Here are some of our highly recommended items to bring on your trip:


Jeans are a common travel apparel staple as it is versatile in all seasons, keeping you warm during cooler weather as well as keeping you fashionable during summer. I personally don't like jeans as it is not as stretchable as leggings hence I opt for fleece-lined leggings instead.

To save space in your luggage, consider wearing your jeans or leggings at least twice during your trip and aim to create a capsule wardrobe with them. You will thank me later.


In cooler seasons, get a few long-sleeved shirts to layer with either a jumper or sweater to create a functional yet chic look. You can consider adding a dress to your list if you are planning to go somewhere special like a theatre event or a fine dining restaurant.


A waterproof coat with a hood always comes in handy whether the weather is cool and rainy or icy cold and dry. Also, the numerous pockets that come with it are especially useful when you are carrying your belongings instead of using a backpack.


When it comes to shoes, focus on bringing one pair that works for all seasons such as a pair of ankle boots that are comfortable, waterproof, and fashionable. Not only will it protect your feet from that soggy feeling, but it is also a popular choice among Londoners so you won't stand out like a misplaced tourist.

Also, don't forget your shoes will need to last through long hours of walking or you will end up with blisters and sore feet.


On the occasionally rare days when London is bright and sunny, sunglasses will save you especially when you are dining in an open-air establishment or walking around the city.



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Aside from your mobile devices and laptops, you mustn't forget:


Always pack your chargers along with your devices so you will never misplace them! Bring extra adapters that can fit multiple USB ports if you are using a few devices during your trip.

Power Banks

Google Maps will run your battery faster than you think. Bring a fast-charging power bank that will keep that battery juice going all day and all night.


Hotel hairdryers are often slow and many tourists will bring a hairdryer of their own to manage their hair. Thankfully, most of the world's plug type is the same as the UK so you don't have to worry about a non-functional hair styling tool.

However, if you are traveling from the US, make sure your hairdryer supports dual voltage or you will be in for a disappointment.


Miscellaneous Itemspacking process

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Here are some other things that you ought to pack for London:


Weather is unpredictable and an umbrella can come in handy if you do not have space for a parka or a waterproof coat. Get a sturdy travel umbrella that is windproof so it is light to carry and can handle any of London's tough breezes.


Albeit being the most obvious thing, it is easy to misplace your passport especially if you haven't been traveling out of the country for a while! Make sure your passport has at least a validity of six months or more before its expiry date.

Reusable Water Bottle

Instead of buying multiple water bottles, why not go green and bring a reusable water bottle? There are many free refillable stations across the city (you can download the Refill app to find the nearest one to you). If you prefer warm water, some hotel rooms provide a kettle to boil your water.

Forex Travel / Credit / Debit Card

The default payment in most shops isn't cash, it's a contactless card. It's widely accepted in public transportation, souvenir shops, and F & B establishments. The most popular Forex travel card is the Wise card which you can link with your Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you end up with a pouch of coins, you can use them at the supermarket where there is either a cashier or a self check out counter that accepts coins and notes.

Skincare, Cosmetics, & Toiletries

Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, and female hygiene products are travel essentials.

If you are used to living in a humid country, then London's weather will need some time to get used to. Make sure you bring a couple of hydrating facial moisturize and body lotion to keep your skin from peeling. If your skin is starting to crack, Vaseline works wonders to repair it.


Before You Go

It's easy to get overwhelmed with what you need to pack. Bring light clothing pieces if possible and don't forget that you have the option to purchase whatever you need in London!

If this has helped you in your packing list for London, then share it with your friends who are planning to head to London as well!

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