The 7 Prayers of Tawaf

By Halal Trip | 05, Jul, 2022
Tawaf is the act of a pilgrim seeking forgiveness by circling the Kaaba seven times, counter-clockwise. Circling of the Kaaba is known as Shawt. Completing the whole ritual guarantees a place in heaven as well as the title of Hajji (a person who has performed Hajj). The purpose of this ritual is to remind all pilgrims of their duty and loyalty towards Allah (SWT). Our existence revolves around him and our lives are in his hands. Tawaf is the second of the obligatory rituals of Hajj after doing the Ihram.

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The Conditions of Performing Tawaf

niyyat as one of the condition of tawaf
There are no preset Duas when doing Tawaf. You can make as many supplications to Allah (SWT) as possible for your own benefit. Below are prayers recited as a form of indicator in each of the seven rounds;

1. The First Shawt (circuit)

people doing tawaf

Image Credit: ibrahim uz on Unsplash
“Allahumma as’aluka bi ismikal ladhi yumshi bihi ‘ala talilil mai kala yumshi bihi ‘ala judadil ardhi; as’aluka bi ismikal ladhi yahtazzu lahu ‘arshuka; wa asaluka bi ismikal ladhi tahtazzu lahu ‘arshuka; wa as’aluka bi ismikal ladhi tahtazzu lahu aqdamu mala’ikatika; wa asaluka bi ismikal ladhi da‘aka bihi Musa min janibit tūril ayman, fastajabta lahu walqayta ‘alayhi muhabbatan minka; wa as’aluka bi ismikal ladhi ghafarta bihi li Muhammadin la taqaddama min dhanbihi wa ma ta’akkhara wa atmamta ‘alayhi ni‘matuka – an tarzuqani khayrad dinya wal akhirah.”
"O, Allah! I call on Thee by Thy name, by which it is walked on the waves of the seas as it is walked on the roads of the land, And I call on Thee by Thy name, for which Thy throne shakes, And I call on Thee by Thy name, for which the feet of Thy angels tremble, And I call on Thee by Thy name by which Moses prayed to thee from the side of the Mountain (of Toor) and Thou accepted his prayer and conferred Thy love on him, And I call on Thee by Thy name by which Thou pardoned Muhammad, peace be upon him and his household, all his previous and future sins, and completed all thine blessings for him To provide me with the best of this world and the hereafter."

2) The Second Shawt

“Allahumma inni ilayka faqirun wa inni kha’ifun mustajirun, fa la tughayyir jismi wa la tubaddil ismi; Sa’iluka faqiruka miskinuka bi babika; fa tasaddaq ‘alayha bil jannah; Allahumma, al-baytu baytuk, wal haramu haramuk, wal ‘abdu ‘abduk, wa hadha maqamul ‘a’idhu bikal mustajiru bika minan nar, fa a‘tiqni wa walidayya wa ahlii wa wuldi, ikhwaniyal mu’minin minan nar, ya jawadu ya karim.”
"O, Allah! I am Thy dependent servant, and I am fearful and take refuge in Thee; so do not alter my body nor change my name. I am your beggar, your poor destitute servant at your gate; so grant me mercifully your paradise. O, Allah! The House is Thy House, and the sanctuary is Thy sanctuary, and the servant is Thy servant, and this is the station of him who turns to Thee and takes refuge with Thee from Fire; so save me and my parents, my children and my faithful brethren from Fire, for Thou art the Generous, the Gracious.


3) The Third Shawt

“Allahumma adkhilniyil jannah wa ajirni minan nar bi rahmatika, wa ‘afiniy minas suqmi wa awsi‘ ‘alayya minar rizqil halal, wadra’ ‘anni sharra fasaqatil jinni wal insi, wa sharra fasaqatil ‘arab wal ‘ajam; Ya dhal manni wat tawli; ya dhal jūdi wal karam; inna ‘amali dha‘ifun fa dha‘ifhu li; wa taqabbilhu minni; innaka antas sami‘ul ‘alim.”
"O, Allah! Grant me the paradise by Thy mercy, and give me refuge from Fire by Thy mercy, and heal me from disease, and enlarge Thy lawful bounty for me, and keep me safe from the evil of the dissolute among the genies and men and the evil of the Arabs and non-Arabs. O Thou bountiful, mighty and munificent! My deed is little, so multiply it, and accept it from me; verily Thou art the All-hearing, the All-knowing."


4) The Fourth Shawt

fourth shawt

Image Credit: tarneem mohamed on flickr

“Ya Allahu, ya waliyyal ‘afiyah wa khaliqal ‘afiyah wa raziqal ‘afiyah wal mun‘imu bil ‘afiyah wal mutafaddilu bil ‘afiyah ‘alayya wa ‘ala jami‘i khalqika, ya Rahmanad dinya wal akhirah wa Rahimahuma, salli ‘ala Muhammadin wa Al-I Muhammad war-zuqnal ‘afiyah wa tamamal ‘afiyah wa shural ‘afiyah fid dinya wal akhirah. Ya arhamar rahimin.”
"O, Allah! The owner of well-being, the creator of well-being, the bestower of well-being, the granter of well-being, and the conferrer of well-being on me and on all Thy creatures, O, Thou the merciful of this world and the hereafter and their compassionate God, Bless Muhammad and his household, and bestow on us well-being, full well-being, and thanks giving on well-being in this world and the hereafter, by Thy mercy, O Thou most merciful."


5) The Fifth Shawt

"Allahumma atina fid dunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa qina ‘adhaban nar.”
"O our Lord, Grant us Thy blessing in this world and Thy blessing in the other world, and save us from the pain of Fire."

6) The Sixth Shawt  

“Allahummal baytu baytuka, wal ‘abdu ‘abduka, wa hadha maqamul ‘a’idhi bika minan nar. Allahumma min qablikar rūhu wal faraju wal ‘afiyah. Allahumma inna ‘amali dha‘ifun, fa dha‘ifhu li; waghfir li mat-tala‘ta ‘alayhi minni wa khafiya ‘ala khalqika; astajiru billahi minan nar.”
"O, Allah! The House is Thy House, and this is the station of him who takes refuge with Thee from Fire. O, Allah! All blessing, relief, and well-being come from Thee. O, Allah! My deed is little, so multiply it for me, and forgive all that Thou knowest of me but has been hidden from Thy creatures. I take refuge with Allah from Fire."

7) The Seventh Shawt

seventh/last shawt

Image Credit: Lori Thorson on flickr
“Allahumma ‘indi afwajan min dhunūb wa afwajan min khataya; wa ‘indaka afwajun min rahmatin wa afwajun min maghfirati; ya manis-tajaba li-abghadhi khalqihi idh qala andhirni ila yawmi yub‘athūna, istajib li. Allahumma qanni‘ni bima razaq-tani, wa barik li fima ataytani.”
"O, Allah! I bear crowds of sins and crowds of faults, and with thee are crowds of blessing and crowds of forgiveness. O Thou Who granted the request of Thy most hated creatures when he said “give me respite until the day they are resurrected,” grant me my request. When he said,” Give me time to the day of resurrection, accept from me. O, Allah! Make me content with what you have provided me with, and bless me with what you have given me."

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