The Best Things To Do in Lombok, Indonesia

By Deidre Casandra M. | 19, Aug, 2022
The Best Things To Do in Lombok, Indonesia

The island of Lombok is a place where the call of prayer is heard everywhere. Topped with its scenic view and availability of halal food, it is no wonder Lombok received the top prize at the World Halal Travel Summit in Abu Dhabi as "The Best Muslim Honeymoon Destination" back in 2015. Often overlooked by tourists as compared to its famous neighbor of Bali, Lombok shares almost similar qualities but with its own unique traits and is less crowded. So, if you're looking for a tropical paradise without the hassle of crowded tourist traps, Lombok should be on your list. Read on to discover the best things to do when in Lombok.

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1. Visit the 300 years old Bayan Beleq Mosque in Lombok

bayan beleq mosque

Image Credit: Cagar Budaya Kemendikbud

This Mosque is located about 80 kilometers from the capital city of Mataram and is a popular attraction on the island. Called Bayan Beleq by the locals, the oldest mosque on the island is estimated has origins dating back to the 16th century. The moment you step in, the historic Mosque will give you a glimpse of the early Muslim occupation of the island. Although visitors are not allowed to do prayer inside, you can still see and be in awe of the durability of the building that still stands after more than hundreds of years. The building is made mainly of bamboo and timber with black fibers from sugar palms for the roof, which were readily available and used to build structures and houses in the ancient days. If you’re looking for the nearest Mosque in the central city for prayer, here are the must-visit Mosques in Lombok with top prayer facilities.


2. Beach time at Pink Beach Lombok

pink beach at lombok

Image Credit: Mitch Hodiono on Unsplash  

Pink Beach or Pantai Tangsi is the must-visit beach when in Lombok. Located in a highly remote area of Lombok's east coast, the beach gets its name for a reason. The beach sands are pink due to the combination of pink tint from a natural mix of the crushed dead coral and white sand. Since Lombok is relatively less crowded than its famous neighbor of Bali, you can comfortably wear a burkini (swimsuit for Muslimah) or don a full hijab and abaya to go swim freely. However, they said hidden gems don't stay secret for long. As of now, there are quite a number of people visiting this unique beach. So if you want to catch it whilst it's still primarily unspoiled, now is the perfect time to book a trip.


3. Enjoy Lombok’s iconic local and halal delicacy

ayam taliwang and plecing kangkung

Image Credit: harun harahap on flickr

Halal food is readily available for Muslim tourists in all parts of Indonesia. Being recognized as one of the top finalists for the World's Best Halal Culinary Destination back in 2015 is one reason why Muslim tourists should visit and learn why. Lombok as one of the islands in Indonesia is included on that list. This island has some of the best local food in the country that you need to try. We recommend Ayam Taliwang, undoubtedly Lombok's most iconic cuisine as one of your must-try dishes. Ayam Taliwang is a grilled chicken with rice and vegetables, usually served with Plecing Kangkung (water spinach), Beberuk Terong (eggplant), and Sambal (chili paste). You should also try Sate Rembiga, a marinated meat from beef, skewered and cut into small pieces like dice. This dish will give you a savory combination of sweet and spicy, complete with a tender texture that will leave you desiring more once you're back home. Sate Rembiga is usually served with lontong (rice cake) or steamed rice. But if you fancy familiar tastes, there are also international chains such as McDonald's and KFC to keep you filled.


4. Stay at a Muslim-friendly hotel

In Lombok, you will be spoilt with choices of where to stay as many accessible Muslim-friendly hotels with magnificent views are available. We recommend staying at The Svarga Resort Lombok, a resort with a spectacular view of the sparkling blue sea, hills, and lush palm trees. As a Muslim-friendly resort, Svarga Resort will assist Muslims staying at the hotel in any way possible. No alcohol is served, Halal restaurants are available in the hotel, prayer directions are marked in the room, no discotheque, and is not a part of a gambling resort. This criterion will give every Muslim guest not only a piece of mind but also enjoy a sense of positivity. You can also check out these hotels that offer similar concepts; Grand Madani Hotel, Narvik Villa Senggigi, Novotel Lombok Resort, and Sukun Villa Lombok.

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5. Blend in with the Lombok’s cultures and traditions

the beaches and people of lombok

Image Credit: Süleyman Coskun on Unsplash  

Lombok has beautiful beaches and hiking trails, but what makes it much more unique is its people. They're incredibly friendly and welcoming towards visitors worldwide, especially to those who are willing to learn more about Lombok’s culture and traditions. One of the many is The Sasak people. The Sasak people are the leading ethnic group in Lombok. They live primarily in Sasak villages around Mataram city, which is also home to several museums worth visiting.

Meanwhile, on the northern side of the island there are two traditional villages where you can experience traditional Sasak culture first-hand; Banyumulek Village and Tenganan Village. At Banyumulek Village, you can learn more about pottery making, a tradition of Lombok generations. Whereas at Tenganan Village, a wonderful tranquil village, you can visit homes and learn more details about Lombok's traditional crafts and artworks.

We hope this post has given you some insightful ideas to consider when visiting Lombok. If you're looking for a Muslim-friendly tropical vacation at a very reasonable price, Lombok should be one of your top choices to book your next trip.

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