Top Destinations for City Explorers In 2024

By Anna Tan | 29, Dec, 2023
Top Destinations for City Explorers In 2024

Want to learn more about different cities around the world? There’s no better time to travel to top destinations for the city explorer than now!

As a city girl, I enjoy visiting different urban cities to experience the sights and sounds each place offers. Every city is filled with stories to tell, from dark secrets such as murder cases to unique historical details behind iconic buildings.

We will highlight some of our popular picks as well as lesser-known cities that are worth discovering.

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New York, USA: The City That Never Sleeps
Times Square, New York City, USA

Image Credit: Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura on Pexels

Colloquially known as “The City That Never Sleeps", NYC is where the life of the party happens. Its enormous museums are worth a spot on your bucket list, often taking days to finish exploring the entire collection!

You will recognize many of these buildings in movies, TV shows, and iconic posters. For example, the Empire State Building was featured in the Godzilla and King Kong movies when the city was attacked (not in real life, thankfully). In addition, there are plenty of Halal restaurants, such as The Halal Guys, in this area!

Another unique building to check out is the Plaza Hotel. Other than being a temporary residence for some A-listers, it is also used in film scenes such as The Great Gatsby.

If you fancy hotels, you should see the top 10 unique hotels around the world.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Halal Travel and Creative Architecture
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image Credit: Chait Goli from Pexels

Did you know that Islam is the second-largest religion in Amsterdam? Hence, this is the perfect Halal travel location for city lovers like you!

Amsterdam is never short of creative-looking buildings, and you can identify different architectural designs in some of the most popular tourist attractions. The museums have realistic structures of gigantic man-made designs such as a ship, a bathtub, and a spaceship, each depicting the city’s rich art culture.

In addition, its laid-back culture is a stark contrast to many urban cities around the world. Take your time to cycle or walk around the city, enjoy the view of the canals, and dine in the many Michelin-starred restaurants with Halal food near you.

The city comes alive during the summer with many social events, such as the classical music festival Grachtenfestival, lined up all around town.


Hong Kong: Skyline Wonders and Halal Delights
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Image Credit: Bearded Texan Travels from Pexels

Most people who travel to Hong Kong are shopaholics looking for the best deals, as there are no tariffs. However, there is also a rising group of travelers who enjoy Hong Kong for its towering skyline and well-known Halal tourism spot due to its variety of Halal food choices.

The best place to see Hong Kong’s wonders is from Victoria Peak, either via hiking or taking a tram up the hill. Most restaurants are open until late at night, catering to the after-work crowd and partygoers, a win for tourists who are night owls.

Do check out the Halal food to try in Hong Kong like the Islamic Centre Canteen for delicious and affordable dim sum!

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Berlin, Germany: Modern Architecture and Street Art

The capital of Germany is well-known for its historic significance, having undergone a huge transformation during the 20th century into a metropolis. After the war, many buildings went through reconstruction, creating a mixture of modern and traditional architecture.

Strolling around Germany often feels surreal, as you will be surrounded by modern, geometrically designed buildings that tend to look dystopian. Be in awe of residential designs by modern architects such as Le Corbusier, who designed the Unité d’Habitation.

Street art is a huge deal in Berlin, and you can go on walking tours to explore this section of the city. There are also the graffiti-filled remains of the Berlin Wall, telling the story of those who fought bravely to create the united Germany we see today.


Seoul, South Korea: Cultural Elegance and Vibrant Vibes

Beyond the Korean Wave, Seoul is a beautiful city that captures the elegance of its cultural heritage along with youthful vibes to keep you energized. Visit traditional neighborhoods and temples where you can dress up in your favorite hanbok, a traditional Korean costume.

Other than the common nightlife, it is also common to see street performers dancing and playing popular K-pop music to engage locals and tourists alike. And if you are lucky, you may spot your favorite Korean celebrities filming their scenes around the city!

When it comes to food, you have little to worry about, as the government has dedicated an entire street in Itaewon just for Halal food. So explore the city to your heart’s content, whether it’s eating, shopping, or being entertained by the city’s vibrant atmosphere!


Budapest, Hungary: Time Travel in Europe
Budapest, Hungary

Image Credit: Nora from Pexels

This top destination in Europe is perfect for city explorers who want to go back in time to the medieval ages by touring the many castles and Roman ruins scattered around the city

If Berlin feels surreal, Budapest feels unreal with its picturesque views of greenery and majestic buildings. It’s as if there is magic in the air, and you will feel lighter on your feet as you visit each unique tourist attraction.

Something fun you can do in Budapest is caving! Yes, you can explore an underground cave system in the heart of this city as you crawl through narrow tunnels. Don’t worry, you will be in safe hands when you are down there!

Need a break from walking? Soak your feet in the many thermal baths available at an affordable rate. Your body will thank you!


Final Thoughts

We hope this list of urban cities will keep you busy as you plan for your next vacation! Be prepared to have good walking shoes, as the best way to explore the city is on foot!

Enjoy reading this article? Do share it with your travel buddies so you can start preparing for your next destination!

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