Top Things to do in Legoland Theme Parks Around the World

By Deidre Casandra M. | 04, Jan, 2023
Top Things to do in Legoland Theme Parks Around the World

Legoland theme park is one of the must-visit world-class attractions focusing on the construction toy system LEGO. The first Legoland built was in 1968, and it's called Legoland Billund Resort, located in Denmark. Other Legoland theme parks are available in England, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, and the United States of America. The newest Legoland built was in Italy, and currently, Legoland in Belgium and China are under construction. Legoland Shenzen in China which is still under construction will be the world's largest Legoland covering 580 0000 square meters. Visiting Legoland is highly recommended for kids aged 2 to 12 as it can strengthen their motor skills and inspire imagination. However, adults are also welcomed as well, as they can relive their childhood and experience of being a kid again!

If you're planning a visit, read on to find out the 5 top things to do in Legoland!

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1. Legoland Discovery Centre in Legoland Atlanta, America
Legoland Discovery Centre Atlanta USA

Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta. Image Credit: Legoland Discovery Center Official Facebook Page.

Legoland Discovery Centre in Legoland Atlanta is the ultimate destination for any LEGO fan and a must-place visit, no matter how old you are. A LEGO world full of colors, creativity, and fun for children and families, this indoor attraction features a range of educational and interactive experiences that will inspire your imagination with two different rides, multiple interactive play areas, and a unique 4D theater. The Legoland Discovery Center does not offer prayer facilities for Muslim visitors. However, the city of Atlanta is home to numerous mosques, such as Masjid Abu Bakr, Masjid Al-Mu'minun, the Community Masjid of Atlanta, and Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam and Al-Farooq Masjid for you to do prayer. While the restaurant within the center is not Halal-certified, Muslim visitors can find various delicious food items, such as vegetarian alternatives. The city of Atlanta has a sizeable Muslim population, therefore, Muslim visitors can find many Halal restaurants to dine at around the area. Currently, the Legoland Discovery Center is under construction but be sure to wait for the 2023 surprise they're planning here.


2. The Great LEGO Race in Legoland Johor, Malaysia
The Great LEGO Race VR Coaster Legoland Malaysia

World's First VR Roller Coaster. Image Credit: Legoland Malaysia Official Facebook Page

The Great LEGO Race in Legoland Johor, Malaysia, is the world's first LEGO virtual reality (VR) roller coaster. It is one of a kind of roller coaster ride where you will be on a roller coaster, but you won't see where you are going as you have a VR headset display where it will take you around the LEGO world. It's scary but fascinating at the same time, as you won't know where you're going, so it's definitely a must-visit attraction in Legoland. Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, Halal-friendly restaurants are widely available in Legoland Malaysia. There are various restaurant choices, from Asian to Western cuisines, where all ingredients supplied to the park have been certified Halal by Jakim.


3. Miniland in Legoland Johor, Malaysia
Miniland KLCC Legoland Malaysia

KLCC at Miniland, Legoland Malaysia. Source: Legoland Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Miniland in Legoland is where you can see the iconic landmark of different cities made out of LEGO. All Legoland theme park around the world has their own Miniland attraction. At Miniland in Legoland Malaysia, be in awe of the many iconic landmarks inspired by South East Asia landmarks. One of them is a miniature version of KL city, which features all the iconic landmarks of the central city, such as KL Tower, Twin Skycrapper, Petronas Towers, Jamek Mosque (one of the oldest mosques in KL), and many more. Building this mini version of KL city alone is said to take 3600 hours to make, so imagine building your LEGO miniature landmark at home! For Muslims looking for a prayer room at Legoland Malaysia, there is one in the Imagination area next to the Pizza Mania Outlet.


4. Apocalypseburg Sky Battle in Legoland Billund Denmark
Legoland Billund Resort, Denmark

Legoland Billund, Denmark. Image Credit: Aiva Apsite on Unsplash

Legoland Billund in Denmark is one of the country's top attractions since it is the first and original Legoland theme park ever built. One of the must-visit attractions at Legoland Billund that you need to experience is the Apocalypseburg Sky Battle. This ride was named for a reason. It is an interactive and thrilling ride where you will rise 14 meters up into the air in your plane. During this ride, you will have your body fly over your head down, make loops and turn 360 degrees. It is one of a kind ride, especially for the adrenaline junkie. There are no mosques or Halal restaurants within the area of Legoland Billund but finding a Halal restaurant around the city is not an issue, as you can find many here.

Read more on what you can do at Legoland Billund here.


5. Bricktopia at Legoland Korea

Legoland in Korea is the first Legoland theme park ever built on an island, so the vibes are a little different than the other Legoland theme park worldwide, just imagine the lively sea breeze while walking around the park. One of the top attractions at Legoland Korea is the Legoland Lookout of Bricktopia. It is a one-of-a-kind Legoland experience as you get to enjoy 360 degrees panoramic view of the vibrant and colorful Legoland park at 43m above ground.

Apart from that, you also get to activate your creativity by joining the LEGO Creative Workshop at Bricktopia so the next time you purchase LEGO toys, you get to build a different set of buildings that are different and potentially sellable. Recently opened in May 2022, Legoland in Korea is as fun as other Legoland theme parks that one should never miss. Therefore, consider getting 2 days ticket pass instead of 1 if you're planning to discover all the other exciting attractions here at Legoland Korea. While Halal food status is not known at the food eatery of Legoland Korea, we recommend you have a look at the certified Halal restaurant in the Chuncheon area called Asian Family Restaurant Dongmoon.

We hope we have provided fun information regarding exciting places in Legoland theme parks worldwide that can be beneficial for our Muslim readers. Read more Halal-friendly travel info here at Halaltrip.


Cover Image Credit: Aiva Apsite on Unsplash

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