Where to Get Halal Steaks in the USA

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 25, Oct, 2022
Where to Get Halal Steaks in the USA

We all know how much Americans love their steaks, and Muslim Americans love their steak too, as long as it's all halal. And naturally, there must be a halal food industry to feed all the Muslims that reside or are visiting the USA.

So, where do you find halal meat stores and restaurants? Well, there are many answers.

This article is about where to get halal steaks in the USA. Let's find out!

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Where You Find Halal Meat in the USA?

While Muslims are a very small minority group in the USA, it doesn't mean you can't find halal food and halal restaurants. Most of the Muslims in the USA live in the North Eastern states, Texas, and California. However, there are Muslims all over the country, and many of them enjoy American halal steaks.


Unlike in most Muslim countries, halal meat in America isn't sourced from traditional markets. Supermarkets are the primary supplier of halal products in the USA. It should also be noted that many convenience stores and grocery stores are also increasingly supplying halal meat.

Online Halal Meat Suppliers

Another great way to order halal meat in the USA is online. There are many services like Boxed Halal that deliver high-quality halal meat to your door wherever you are in the USA.

Restaurants that Serve Halal Meat

As for restaurants, where there are Muslims, there are halal steaks. It's a matter of supply and demand, if you don't receive Muslims regularly, you'd naturally be inclined not to care if your meat is halal or not. So, as long as you're in a place where there's a Muslim population, you'll find restaurants that offer halal steak.


Top Halal Steak Restaurants in America

Top Halal Meat Restaurants in NY

Here are a couple of steak restaurants in New York:

212 Steakhouse

212 steakhouse

Image Credit: 212 Steakhouse

212 Steakhouse is one of the finest steak restaurants in New York state by all standards. While serving halal meat isn't their specialty, their menu offers halal choices for any Muslim who wants to visit.

Their Canadian Halal steaks include Wagyu Ribeye and Wagyu Striploin, which are some of the juiciest steaks you can get your hands on.

Address: 53rd St, New York, NY

Affy's Premium Grill

Affy's premium grill

Image Credit: Affy's Premium Grill

Affy's Premium Grill is a halal-certified restaurant in Coney Island, NYC, with a menu that screams "TASTY MEAT". My point is if you're looking to taste some good halal steaks À L'AMÉRICAINE, then you gotta visit Affy's.

Their menu includes pound burgers, grilled chicken, and all sorts of smoothies.

Address: Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Top Halal Meat Restaurants in California

Here are a couple of steak restaurants in California:

Master Butcher

master butcher

Image Credit: Master Butcher

Master Butcher is a great California restaurant that offers halal meat. It's also a shop where you can buy all sorts of meats; there's everything from poultry to fish, and of course, halal steaks.

Address: El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA

California Halal Grill

As its name suggests, California Halal Grill specializes in Halal Steaks. Located in Sacramento, CA, this restaurant offers a wide variety of Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisine choices.

Address: Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA


Top Halal Meat Restaurants in Texas

Here are a couple of steak restaurants in Texas:

Chopped Halal Grill

While it doesn't specialize in steaks, Chopped Halal Grill is a New York-style restaurant in Dallas, Texas, that also serves Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: 3000 Northside Blvd #500, Richardson, TX

Bar BQ Village Halal Pakistani Restaurant

Bar BQ village Restaurant

Image Credit: Bar BQ Village Restaurant

As the name suggests Bar BQ Village is a restaurant that's all about barbecue. They specialize in Halal Pakistani-style BBQ, which is super-tasty with all the special spices.

If you want to grab American-style steak with some Middle Eastern side dishes, then this is your restaurant.

Address: Little York Rd Suite #108, Houston, TX


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