Why You Should Go Caravan Camping and the Best Places to Do It

By Saniya Baxi | 06, Jan, 2023
Why You Should Go Caravan Camping and the Best Places to Do It

Caravan camping is the new trend. Imagine your house being on wheels and following you everywhere. Besides, in the past few years, traveling in a bubble is on everyone’s thoughts! Well, you will tick all these boxes when you go caravan camping. 

There are numerous other striking features that would make your next holiday in a caravan for sure. Besides, if you had a list of the best places to go, wouldn’t planning your staycation now be easier? 

This guide does just that! You will find all the information needed to know about caravan camping below. Hang on for more!

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4 Reasons to Go Caravan Camping!

Reason 1: Travel with a Home Set up

Traditional traveling might make you lift heavy baggage and you will still not find a place for all your personal needs. However, caravans give the comfort of being on the road with an entirely home-like atmosphere. 

Many caravans out there now have fully equipped rooms like kitchens, wardrobes, restrooms, bedrooms, etc. Mimic your home scenario by keeping all the things you need and everything is customizable as per your requirement. 

Reason 2: Make Unlimited Stops

No need to worry about missing your favorite view just because you are speeding on public transport. Stop wherever you please and take a small break from your taxing journey to soak in nature

Besides, you get to mingle with people from diverse regions and expand your traveling horizon by taking roads that are less used for an enthralling experience. Photoshoots are now more plausible with every beautiful backdrop known to man!

Reason 3: Money Saver

Your airplane ticket fare is now at your disposal to enjoy a few more hundred miles while riding in your camper. Forget hotel and restaurant expenses as you can stay in the comfort of your favorite bedroom and even cook your desired meals. 

Reason 4: No More Restrictions for Distance or Time

Every location is within your reach when going in a caravan. You do not have to worry about keeping time when taking a long holiday as no more time wastage by airplane or rail travel. Besides, with many countries opening up special spots for caravan camping, it will be a ride to remember!


Best Places to Go Caravan Camping

Listed below are some of the best and most exciting places for caravan camping.

1. Pan-American Highway - Chileatacama desert chile

Atacama Desert; Image Credit: Sam Power on Unsplash

Following the center of the nation, this highway is a dream road for caravan campers. You will pass through varying landscapes with breathtaking views. Most of these places have caravan camping spaces with the luxury to enjoy the scenery at your pace. 

Places to see: Atacama Desert, Elqui Valley, Patagonia. 

The sheer variety in terrain and climate will help you experience the best the country has to offer. Do not miss the range of national parks present along this highway. 

2. East Coast - Australia snapper rocks road, australia

Snapper Rocks; Image Credit: Manny Moreno on Unsplash

Drive along ocean lines and make a quick stop at some of the best beaches to enjoy the surreal ocean life including the coral reefs. Particularly, you can stay connected with city life and enthrall yourself with a thrilling energy that is hard to miss. 

Places to see: Opera House, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Surfers Paradise. 

The best part of Australia is the availability of free camping grounds where you can stay for days while enjoying your special barbecue dishes. 

3. The Albanian Riviera - Albaniahimare beach, albania

Himare Beach; Image Credit: Filip Bartos on Unsplash

Secluded towns will stop your ride along this coastal route. You will get to savor sunset and sunrise naps while basking in nature's picture-perfect locations here. 

Places to see: Sarandra, Himare Beach, other pebble beaches, and smaller bays.

Spanning 250 km, you will not have any reason to return to your bustling city life as places to visit are never-ending. 

4. Overlanding - Namibia

namib desert

Namib Desert; Image Credit: Filip Bartos on Unsplash

If you are a wildlife lover, then a road trip in Namibia would be etched in your lifetime memoirs book. Most of the national parks here are a must-visit in your itinerary. 

Places to see: Etosha, Namib Desert, Skeleton Coast, Windhoek

Make sure to take suitable campers as the national park roads may not be smooth for your liking. Seasonal bookings might cramp up your on-site parking. Ensure that you plan your travel likewise. 

Also, make sure that it is safe for you to travel the country, as there are some travel advisories for Namibia.


Final Thoughts

Caravan camping is gaining steam after the recent pandemic as self-mode travel is safer and cheaper. Thus, choose this style even when you don’t own a caravan as renting options are always within your reach. 

With newer locations emerging by the year, your bucket list is sure to become endless! Enjoy the outing in your comfort by caravan camping! Now, if you’re wanting to know more about the best places to visit all over the world, HalalTrip blog has other quite in-depth guides!

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