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Profile image Fazal Bahardeen reviewed Secret Recipe 3 years agoJohor Baru

Secret Recipe at Galleria

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Arab fusion food. New addition to the Arab food scene in Nusajaya

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The newest sarau in the Bukit Indah area

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Profile image Fazal Bahardeen 5 years ago

Prayer room at T3 Transit area

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Great place for Middle Eastern food on Johor Bahru

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Decent Halal Teppanyaki at the NEX@Serangoon

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    Jimmy Shroff


Halal Food outlet at Bangkok Airport

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Delicious. Must try.

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One of the best places to have Kacang Pool!

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    Just got back from Brunei having been pretty impressed by what it can offer as a Halal Friendly destination. Alcohol-free environment, easy availability of Halal food, peaceful with rich Islamic traditions and unspoiled nature with 70% of Brunei covered by primary rainforest. If you are looking beyond...

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