London Luton Airport located in Bedfordshire, England is the fourth-largest airport serving UK. Also the airport is the sixth busiest airport within United Kingdom. 

Luton, United Kingdom

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London Luton Airport located in Bedfordshire, England is the fourth-largest airport serving UK. Also the airport is the sixth busiest airport within United Kingdom. 


Airport Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9LY, United Kingdom


+44 1582 405100


London Luton Airport has a modern main terminal that provides all the facilities to passengers. The terminal offera the highest standards of service to travelers. Staff within the terminal center are very helpful, active and the process is fast and efficient. The inside of the terminal area is clean and offers an open and bright surrounding for travelers to relax after a long journey.

Prayer Facilities

Prayer room and mosque facilities are available at London Luton Airport for Muslim ladies and gentlemen.

Halal Food

Several food courts are available at London Luton Airport, giving passengers several options such as restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets. There is insufficient information on Halal friendly, alcohol-free food at London Luton Airport. However Muslim diners may inquire the about Halal status of food or simply opt for vegetarian food!     


Transport is not a problem here. Several transport options are available at London Luton Airport at affordable prices. Travelers can easily get into a bus or pick-up a car or taxi which can be taken from the area. Taxis are a popular - and also cheap - method of transport.


There are plenty of duty-free shops at London Luton Airport to buy goods. Passengers may purchase the best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates, bags, fashion items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops as well as clothing shops.


Almost all the facilities that are required by passengers are available within the London Luton Airport including banking facilities, internet access, public telephones, cafes, restaurants, duty-free outlets, pharmacies, first aid services, dentists, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting and event centres, wheelchair services, staff assistance, ATMs, luggage facilities and post offices. 

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  • UK Airports – What they can offer Muslim Travellers

    UK airports are some of the busiest airports in the world and serve millions of passengers throughout the year - including large numbers of Muslim travellers. Several airports do offer specific facilities for Muslim passengers such as Halal food and prayer facilities. Read on to find out which of UK's airports are best-suited for Muslim travellers. The largest airport of the United Kingdom is the London Heathrow Airport in West London, England. The airport features five terminals with a multi-faith prayer room available in each terminal. These prayer rooms cater to both male and female worshippers and adequate facilities for washing feet might not be available. However, a few prayer rooms do offer Wudu Stones that make Tayammum (dry abolution) possible. Halal food options at London Heathrow Airport will not be as plentiful as some of other major International airports around the world. However, several Halal restaurant will be available a few minutes away from the airport. London Gatwick Airport is another prominent UK airport. Serving over 24 million passengers annually, it offers chapel & prayer rooms for passengers of all faith at both the North and South Terminal of the airport. Both prayer rooms are open 24 hours daily and are located on the third floor of the South Terminal and the ground floor of the North Terminal. For Halal food, Muslim travellers may visit Comptoir Libanais – a Lebanese restaurant located at the North Terminal of the airport. In addition to a wide range of Halal cuisine, the restaurant also offers an array of vegetarian dishes as well as special children's menus. Often named the Best Major UK Airport, Manchester Airport has won several awards in the past for the extensive range of services and facilities it provides its passengers. Prayer facilities for Muslim passengers at Manchester Airport comprise two multi-faith prayer rooms located at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Jumuah prayers are conducted in the Terminal 3 prayer room and both prayer rooms are available 24 hours a day and offer Wudu facilities. Muslim passengers will also be able to find Halal food at SPAR (Terminal 2), Broderick's (T2 transit) and AM Express (T2 Arrivals). Other major airports in the UK include London Luton Airport, Birmingham Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport and Newcastle Airport. Prayer facilities for Muslim travellers will be available at each of these airports but Halal food options might not be many in number. However, vegetarian cuisine will be widely available in the case of unavailability of Halal food. Airports in the United Kingdom serve large numbers of Muslim travellers throughout the year so airport staff are no stranger to Muslim-specific requests or requirements. In any case, sufficient facilities are bound to be available at almost every airport to ensure a comfortable stay....

  • The 10 Best Destinations in the UK for Muslim Travelers

    The United Kingdom is a popular destination among Muslim travelers and is home to a large percentage of Muslims; with majority of them living in England and Wales. Islam is considered to be the second largest religion in the country, with most cities having pockets of Muslim concentrated areas. The Muslim community consists of many ethnicities, but majority is of British-Asian origin. Most cities in UK have prayer facilities; however locating halal food might be harder in certain areas. Muslim travelers planning on visiting the UK will be spoilt for choice as most of the cities are Muslim friendly and have adequate facilities. Following are a few of the top Muslim-friendly destinations in the United Kingdom, compiled by HalalTrip. London, the capital of England, is one of the most visited cities in the world and is home to the largest Muslim population in the country; with Muslims of different ethnicities living in its many boroughs. This cosmopolitan city draws visitors from around the globe including Muslims. London has a lot to offer its many visitors with a vast array of attractions, museums, galleries, parks and some fantastic shopping. Muslim travelers visiting London will be able to find prayer facilities without difficulty as the city is home to a number of mosques, Islamic centers and prayer rooms. Locating halal food in London too, is not difficult as visitor will be able to find an array of halal restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Bradford; located in Northern England is another city with a sizeable Muslim population. Muslim travelers visiting this city can locate mosques without a problem as the city is home to over 70 prayer facilities. The city of Bradford is popularly known as the curry capital of Britain as it is home to many Asian curry houses. Those looking for halal restaurants will be spoilt for choice, as the city has many Muslim owned restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Not to be missed when in Bradford is its city park which contains United Kingdom’s largest man made water feature. Luton is a large town located north of London and is another Muslim-friendly destination in the UK. It is home to a diverse ethnic mix of people with a sizeable Muslim population; consisting mainly of Asian descent. Luton has a wide selection of restaurants spread across the town; however, Muslim travelers can find a concentration of Asian halal restaurants in Bury Park. The town is home to over 20 mosques so Muslim travelers will be able to locate prayer facilities in Luton quite easily. Blackburn has the largest population of Muslims in the UK, outside of London making it another good destination for Muslims travelers visiting the country. With more than 40 mosques spread across Blackburn, Muslim travelers will have easy access to prayer facilities when required. Locating halal restaurants will also not be as difficult; as there are many halal restaurants catering to Blackburn’s local Muslim community. Birmingham the second most populous city after London is an ethnically and culturally diverse city. Home to a considerable number of Muslims the city offers its Muslim visitors halal-friendly facilities. With over 150 mosques spread across Birmingham, Muslim travelers will be able to find a mosque to offer their prayers at quite easily. Halal food too is easy to locate; with most halal restaurants serving South Asian, Mediterranean and Arabic food. The Cadbury World situated close by is a must-visit when in Birmingham. Dewsbury, Leicester, Derby, Manchester and Liverpool are some of the other destinations that Muslim travelers should visit when in the UK. These cities have a sizeable Muslim population; therefore offering its Muslim visitors many Muslim friendly-facilities. Each of these cities has prayer facilities and halal restaurants that tourists could use. The availability of these facilities is sure to make holidaying in the UK an enjoyable experience for Muslim travelers....

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