Singapore’s iconic Gardens by the Bay comprises numerous surreal attractions, including a conservatory complex that houses two climate-controlled bio-domes - the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest – which are known to be the largest columnless...more

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Singapore’s iconic Gardens by the Bay comprises numerous surreal attractions, including a conservatory complex that houses two climate-controlled bio-domes - the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest – which are known to be the largest columnless greenhouses in the world. Covering 1.2 hectare is the beautiful Flower Dome, which features a fascinating variety of flowers and plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. Home to picture-perfect, colorful flower displays that change regularly, ancient olive trees, interactive exhibits, and so much more, the Flower Dome will not disappoint. The Cloud Forest, spread across 0.8 hectares, on the other hand is covered in cool mist and is home to plant life found in tropical mountain regions between 1,000 metres and 3,000 metres above sea level. Found here is a 35-metre-tall man-made mountain, which is accessible by lift, and offers visitors the chance to experience what it would be like to ‘walk in the cloud’, and also the world's tallest indoor waterfall which is truly awe-inspiring.

Ticket Price

Flower Dome AND Cloud Forest Adults: $28 Children (3-12 years old): $15

Opening Hour

Daily: 9.00am - 9.00pm

Recommended Visit Duration

Around 2 hours or more

Suitable For

Adults, senior visitors, young adults, families, children

Must See

The themed flower displays in the Flower Dome, and the man-made mountain and waterfall in the Cloud Forest

Prayer Facilities

Muslims visiting the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest will be able to find a prayer room at Gardens by The Bay. The room marked ‘Musholla’, located next to Texas Chicken Restaurant, can be used by both men and women. Ablution will have to be taken elsewhere since the room does not offer these facilities.

Halal Food

While Gardens by The Bay offers its visitors a variety of dining options, most of them will not be Halal. The only Halal certified restaurant at Gardens by The Bay is in fact Texas Chicken. Muslim visitors will also find vegetarian and seafood dishes served at the other restaurants found at the attraction, but they will have to ensure the items they order do not contain any non-Halal ingredients.  

Redemption Method

Redemption Location:

Travel Agent Counter located at the extreme right of the Main Ticketing Booth.
Redemption hours is from 09:00 to 20:00 Hours
Redemption Instruction:

1) Please present this redemption voucher at the mentioned redemption location.
2) Lead travelling party holding this redemption voucher must present a valid photo identification for this exchange.
3) This voucher is non-transferable, non-refundable and void if altered. 
4) This voucher may not be copied, resold or duplicated.
5 This voucher is valid for one-time redemption.
6) There will be no refund for unused pass either in part or full.
7) This voucher cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed and is valid only for the event and date for which it is valid.
8) If the voucher has already been redeemed, you will be denied with redemption of tickets.
9) For any last-minute changes, emergencies and other matters, please contact City Tours at +65 6738 3338 or 6738 9897 or email: [email protected]
10) Each attraction is only valid for ONE (01) time use.
11) Please be reminded to use all your attractions entitlement before the expiry date stated above.

Additional Info:

• Transportation to & from the attractions are not included.
• No pick-up service will be provided

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