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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



  • Islamic Mosques that are Repurposed from Other Religions' Worship Places

    A mosque is a sacred place for Muslims, where it functions as a place for prayers and a community hub in Islam. However not every mosque looks and has the same history as the others. Some might have traditional...

  • Season 5 THTP Sidetalk Ep.#7 | Lukhon Thai

    With one of us traveling soon, we talk about recent travel hacks we've come across over a Singaporean pastime - eating! Halal mookata is becoming increasingly popular among locals and Lukhon Thai is a...

  • The Best Things To Do in Lombok, Indonesia

    The island of Lombok is a place where the call of prayer is heard everywhere. Topped with its scenic view and availability of halal food, it is no wonder Lombok received the top prize at the World Halal...

  • Post-COVID Pandemic Travel: Flying to Phuket with Kids

    This article was written by one of our contributing writers. Check out more travel stories right here. As international travels continue there might be things that weigh us down and to consider regarding...

  • Architectural Icons and Marvels to Visit

    From the ancient Colosseum to towering skyscrapers, there are so many modern architectural marvels worldwide. Since you can only see and enjoy these architectural icons in person, here are some cities...

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