Dubai is a flourishing metropolis that offers visitors with the best halal facilities and outstanding opportunities for enjoyment. Dubai is considered to be among the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A fairly new travel destination, Dubai offers...more

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Here is monthly Dubai prayer times

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Considering a move to Dubai?? Here are more reasons to back your decision!

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I Spotted this #HalalDish

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Huge Subs with variety of fillings

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Dubai is a flourishing metropolis that offers visitors with the best halal facilities and outstanding opportunities for enjoyment. Dubai is considered to be among the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A fairly new travel destination, Dubai offers the best of dining, shopping, sporting and sightseeing. It is home to a number of world famous attractions including the BurjKhalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Palm Islands and theMall of the Emirates.

The BurjKhalifa is counted among the tallest buildings in the world with an observation deck at the 124th floor. The building houses the Dubai Mall and several commercial as well as residential spaces. An evening by the Dubai Marina is time well spent. Walks along the marine or a drive around the Jumeirah Beach make memorable moments. With the extending shoreline around Dubai, the city offers an extensive range of water sports including deep sea fishing, parasailing, banana boat ride, scuba diving, etc. Desert Safari is one of the activities best enjoyed in Dubai.

The shopping scene in Dubai is amazing. The city hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival every year in January. There are some excellent shopping malls in the city such as the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Mercato, Ibn Battuta Mall, Wafi Mall, Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai Marina Mall, Festival City, etc. For those who wish to enjoy an authentic Middle Eastern shopping experience the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk are a must visit. Here visitors can make use of their bargaining skills and enjoy an exciting time.

Nearby Airports

The Dubai International Airport is the main airport of Dubai and the largest in the Middle East. The airport caters to domestic and international air traffic. Usually visitors opt to hire taxis from the airport, which start at a meter fare of 25 Dhs. The Dubai Metro can be availed from Terminal 1 and 3. Public buses are also available from the airport to different stops in the city. The one way fare for public buses is around 3 Dhs.
The Sharjah International Airport is another airport located close to Dubai. It is about 30 minutes from the Dubai city centre and can be reached easily. One way fare for a taxi ride to Dubai costs 50 Dhs. Metro service also connects the Sharjah airport to Dubai.

Halal Restaurants

Finding halal food in Dubai is never difficult.  Almost all the food available in the city is considered halal. Even though most restaurants do not have a Halal certification, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Egyptian and other Middle eastern restaurants are almost always owned by Muslims. In addition to that, the governing body in Dubai does maintain strict standards so even if the restaurant does not have a certification to prove its Halal status, the food there is assumed Halal.

Visitors can find an array of restaurants serving cuisines from all around the world. Shawarma, humus and kebabs are the most relished food items in Dubai. Fast food is also easy to come by & almost every shopping mall will have a wide selection of every type of cuisine imaginable. Be warned that there are restaurants that serve pork & alcohol but these are almost always ones that are in high end hotels or located in higher end neighborhoods. If it is a restaurant chain that is widely known in a non-Muslim country, it is best for Muslim diners to double check if the food served there is Halal.


Dubai has over 200 mosques. The mosques in Dubai are beautifully built and feature wonderful architecture. The Grand Mosque is the most prominent mosque in Dubai, it has been intricately designed. Other mosques in Dubai include the Jumeirah Mosque, Satwa Mosque, Masjid Sultan Ahmed Bashalalat, Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque, Burhani Masjid, Ali bin AbiTaleb Mosque, etc.

Things to Do and See in Dubai

  • Dubai Museum
  • Bastakiya District (Old Dubai)
  • Shindagha District (Open Museums)
  • BurjKhalifa
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Islands
  • Desert Safari
  • Wild Wadi
  • Dubai Zoo
  • Global Village
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Dubai Creek Cruise
  • Skiing in Mall of Emirates
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