Suva, the cosmopolitan capital of Fiji is also the largest city and second most populated municipality in the country. Located on the southeast coast of the island of Viti Levu, this ethnically diverse city is a great destination to enjoy a relaxing...more

Suva, Fiji



Suva, the cosmopolitan capital of Fiji is also the largest city and second most populated municipality in the country. Located on the southeast coast of the island of Viti Levu, this ethnically diverse city is a great destination to enjoy a relaxing and fun holiday with family or friends. It is a vibrant and modern city and still has many buildings from the colonial era and is home to some interesting places to visit. Those visiting Suva will enjoy the city’s parks and gardens, museums, shopping malls, farmers markets, restaurants and must take part in the many outdoor activities the city has to offers. Muslim tourists must be aware that they will be able to find Muslim-friendly facilities in Suva, as there are Halal restaurants and mosques in Suva.
Visitors could start off with a walking tour around Suva as it is considered to be a walker’s town. Victoria Parade is the main street of Suva and is home to a number of shops and restaurants. It is the heart of Suva and is a definite must-visit. The Old Town Hall in Victoria Parade is a fine example of Victorian architecture and should not be missed.
A visit to Thurston Garden in Victoria Parade will also be interesting as it is home to a large variety of stunning flora from the South Pacific. While here, visitors should also pay a visit to the Fiji Museum, which is located inside Thurston Gardens. The museum houses the finest collection of Fijian relics in the world. Among the exhibits, are collections of war clubs, ivory necklaces, tools, pottery, spears and more. Those visiting Suva should not miss visiting this museum.
Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve; situated close by, is another must visit when in Suva. Visitors will be able to hike, swim and enjoy bird watching while at the reserve. Other places of interest include a visit to the beach and Albert Park; for some recreational activities.
For those wanting to indulge in some shopping, Municipal Handicraft Center and the Suva Municipal Market might be interesting places to visit. Popular things to take back home from Suva include jewelry and beautiful handicraft items. 

Nearby Airports

The closest airport to Suva is Nausori International Airport, located approximately 23 kilometres from the city center. It is the second international airport in Fiji and has both international and domestic flights. Tourists have the option of taking a taxi or using the bus to get to their destination. Most of the international flights land in Nadi, at Fiji’s main airport, and visitors then use a domestic flight to get to Suva. 

Halal Restaurants

Muslim visitors will be able locate a few Halal restaurants in Suva. Kebab King, McDonalds, Zaika the Food Point and Pizza Express are some of the Halal food outlets in Suva. Halal restaurants in Fiji are required to carry a Halal certificate; therefore making them easy to identify. Muslim tourists could also dine at the seafood restaurants found here, as seafood is popular among locals. Indian food is also widely available in Suva, and some of these restaurants are owned by Muslims. Muslims visitors will however have to ensure the food served is Halal before dining. Visitors could also inquire at the mosque and from the locals about other Halal restaurants in Suva.  


Fiji is home to a small Muslim population and visitors will be an able to find a number of mosques in Suva. Al Haq Masjid, Jam’eeyah Ahl Il Hadeeth Masjid, Nadera Jame Masjid,  Samabula Jame Masjid are masjids in Suva that frequented by locals and visitors alike.

Things to Do and See in Suva

  • Fiji Museum
  • Victoria Parade
  • Albert Park
  • Colo-I-Suva Forest Reserve
  • Navua River
  • Thurston Gardens
  • Mount Tomanivi
  • Nukulau
  • Water sports
  • Orchid Island
  • Municipal Handicraft Center
  • Suva Munciple Market
  • The Government House of Fiji  
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