Situated along the picturesque River Soar, Leicester is a city celebrated for its cultural diversity, rich historical heritage, and vibrant urban environment. The city's multicultural tapestry, woven with threads of various cultures and traditions, along...more

Leicester, United Kingdom

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Situated along the picturesque River Soar, Leicester is a city celebrated for its cultural diversity, rich historical heritage, and vibrant urban environment.

The city's multicultural tapestry, woven with threads of various cultures and traditions, along with its warm hospitality, creates an atmosphere that is both inclusive and welcoming to all.

Leicester Cathedral stands as a stunning example of medieval architecture and is a must-visit for anyone interested in the city's history. The cathedral, which is the final resting place of King Richard III, offers a glimpse into the past with its beautiful stained glass windows and intricate stonework.

Nearby, the King Richard III Visitor Centre provides an immersive experience, delving into the story of the king's life and the discovery of his remains.

For those fascinated by science and space, the National Space Centre in Leicester is an exciting destination. With its interactive exhibits and planetarium, it offers an engaging and educational experience for science enthusiasts and families alike. Catering to its Muslim visitors, Leicester provides a variety of accessible prayer facilities.

Mosques and Islamic centers, including the prominent Leicester Central Mosque, offer welcoming spaces for daily prayers, religious observances, and community events.

These mosques play a vital role in the city's Muslim community, offering a place for worship and fostering a sense of community engagement and belonging.

In essence, Leicester offers a harmonious blend of historical exploration, cultural richness, and modern experiences, making it a captivating destination for visitors who seek to immerse themselves in a dynamic and culturally diverse environment.

Nearby Airports

East Midlands Airport (EMA) is indeed the nearest major airport to Leicester, offering convenient access for visitors traveling to the city.

Located approximately 20 miles southwest of Leicester, East Midlands Airport is well-positioned, serving as a key gateway to the East Midlands region, including cities like Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby.

Halal Restaurants

Popular halal-friendly restaurants in Leicester include:

Fernandez Grillhouse: Known for its grilled meats and burgers, offering a modern dining experience with a variety of halal options.

Kobe Sizzlers: A steakhouse that specializes in halal sizzlers and steaks, providing a unique dining experience.

Marrakech Restaurant: Serving authentic Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a range of halal dishes.

Tinseltown: An American diner-style restaurant offering a selection of halal burgers, milkshakes, and grills.

Bombay Bites: A popular spot for Indian street food and snacks, with several locations across the city. There are outlets at Braunstone Gate, Evington Road, and Granby Street.

In addition to restaurants, Leicester also boasts various halal-friendly cafes, takeaways, and dessert parlors. The city's inclusive culinary scene reflects its multicultural character, making it an ideal destination for those seeking halal food options.


Leicester, known for its significant Muslim population and cultural diversity, is home to a number of mosques that serve as important centers for worship, education, and community activities.

These mosques cater to the spiritual needs of the city's Muslim residents and visitors. Some of the key mosques in Leicester include:

Leicester Central Mosque: Located in the city center, it is one of the largest mosques in Leicester. It provides facilities for daily prayers, Jumu'ah prayers, and hosts various religious and community events.

Masjid Umar: Situated in Evington, Masjid Umar is known for its large congregation and active role in the community. It offers prayer services, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives.

Jameah Masjid: This mosque, located on Asfordby Street, is another significant place of worship in Leicester, offering a range of religious services and educational activities.

Al-Aqsa School and Mosque: Based in the heart of Leicester, this mosque is part of an Islamic school, providing prayer facilities alongside educational and youth programs.

Darul Arqam Mosque: Situated in the Highfields area, Darul Arqam Mosque is known for its vibrant community activities and educational services.

Islamic Centre (Sutherland St Mosque): This mosque in the North Evington area serves the local Muslim community with regular prayer services and educational programs.

Things to Do and See in Leicester

  • Bradgate Park: Enjoy the natural beauty of this expansive park, home to deer and historic ruins. New Walk Museum and Art Gallery: Explore art, history, and natural sciences in this engaging museum. Golden Mile: Discover the vibrant cultural and shopping district, known for its diverse array of shops and eateries. Abbey Pumping Station: Experience the industrial heritage of Leicester at this Victorian sewage pumping station. Highcross Leicester: Shop and dine in this modern shopping center, offering a range of retail and entertainment options.
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