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ButterScotch, located in Bukit Merah Central,Singapore serves a great selection of authentic International dishes. The food served here is Halal, unique and delicious, and the restaurant is a definite must-visit!

Singapore, Singapore

Profile image Fatin Yuhanis tried Chicken Chop Bolognese at ButterScotch 9 months agoSingapore

Yum yum

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yay food

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    ?????? ????

    بسيدي دمرني ولله

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    ?????? ????

    ألو الله يخليكي أرسنال القبلا من اسوق

Profile image A Fizzle tried Chicken Chop Bolognese at ButterScotch 11 months agoSingapore
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    Looks Delicious! Thanks for sharing with us!

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