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  • Top 9 Holiday Destinations in Spain That You Need To Visit

    Everyone needs a plan to roll out and get some fresh air after the pandemic. While we all have big plans to resume our travel plans, we need to be sure that we adhere to health safety protocols. Starting July 1, Spain reopens its Portugal land borders, completing the country’s reopening transition. Spain has eased travel restrictions since June 21 when the Spanish borders reopen to EU and UK tourists without quarantine. Famous for its matador show, Spain continuously attracts tourists for its historical monuments, beautiful architecture and vibrant culture. That includes the history of Islamic civilisation in Spain. Spain is a huge country with so much to experience and explore. So get off your couch and start putting together your dream itinerary to discover the beauty of Spain with your family. But first, apart from coffee ☕️, take a look at the 9 best holiday spots in Spain! via GIPHY 1. Retiro Park, Madrid | The City’s Green Lungs Image Credit: Illán Riestra Nava on Unsplash Comprising of interesting monuments, fabulous sculptures, and gardens, kick start your day at Retiro Park by doing some fun activities like working out at La Chopera Municipal Sports Center, stroll around the park and discover the history behind the admirable Jacinto Benavebte Statue, La Casita del Pescador, El Paseo de las Estatuas, and The Royal Observatory of Madrid or you can simply lay a mat in the park and people watch while enjoying your brunch! This well-preserved park is home to a beautiful lake where you can rent a rowing boat. Be sure to spot the gorgeous Alfonso Martinez Monument while you’re at it! Near the rose garden you will discover the Statue of The Fallen Angel, 666 meters above sea level, symbolising the devil. The fountain is surrounded by devil-like creatures, spouting water from its mouths. For art lovers, you must have a look at Velázquez Palace and The Crystal Palace that hosts a contemporary art exhibition, monographic art exhibitions of different artists from 1900, and enjoy its remarkable interior! 2. Tibidabo Amusement Park Image Credit: Tomáš Nožina on Unsplash Challenge yourself to attempt some attractions in Tibidabo Amusement Park! With more than 30 attractions for all ages, the Tibidabo Amusement Park is one of the longest-running amusement parks in the world with some unique vintage attractions and breathtaking views in Spain! Don’t miss out on the park’s most famous ride – Avió. Feel yourself ‘fly’ in the air in an aircraft replica! Next, get on the ride on Muntaya Russa, bringing you more than 500m above sea-level and the best view of Barcelona from above. Also Read: 11 Must-Visit Islamic Historical Sites In Spain 3. Sacramonte Caves Museum, Granada Image Credit: Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash I would say it is a quiet holiday destination in Spain. Step back to the old times in this fascinating museum located inside of caves is the real authentic deal! This is where you explore the diverse geography within the region. Inside the museum, you will see how traditional handicrafts were made, a representative of the Gypsies lifestyle in the past. While you’re outside, admire sensational views of Alhambra along the sides, the white slopes of the Albacyn, and the River Darro. We’d recommend staying a night or two at the Gypsies and take your time taking in the view and experience the Flamenco Show. 4. Mezqueta Catedral de Cordoba Image Credit: Florian David on Unsplash The astonishing building of Andalusia city is transformed into the cathedral of Mezquita. Located in the Southeast part of Madrid, the dashing Cordoba mosque stands at the foot of Siera de Montana hill. The Cordoba mosque had witnessed the heroic moment of Islamic civilization in Spanish land. The mosque was once a cathedral called Visigoth St. Vincent and changed into mosque under Abd Ar-Rahman tenure in 784. Then, It was changed again into a cathedral during the 16th century of the Christian army's conquest. The center of the mosque turns to the main altar and the choir hall. The architecture has strong influence of the Islamic relics with pillars and marble structures surrounding the mosque. The architecture of the Cordoba mosque resembles the structure of Damascus’s great mosque, Syria. The Quranic calligraphy on the Mihrab wall is well preserved. On December 15, 1994, UNESCO defined the Cordoba mosque as one of the most historic and important relics in the world. Make sure you have a chance to pray there! 5. Plaza de España, Sevilla Image Credit: Joan Oger on Unsplash The Plaza de España-Sevilla is love at first sight! A seamless fusion of the Renaissance and Spanish Moorish architectural styles. Become the point of interest, this magnificent plaza will make everyone fall in love at first sight. The beautiful building has a nice taste since the combined architecture of Renaissance and Spanish Moorish style. It was originally built as construction and symbol for the Ibero-american exposition held in 1929. This building is a must-see attraction when you’re in Seville. In recent years, Plaza de España has also become a movie set, on Lawrence from Arabia (1962) and Star Wars: Attack of the clones (2002). Many arcs and columns, along with the red brick facade and gardens, make this construction looks stunning. Don't leave Seville before visiting this site! 6. City of Arts and Science, Valencia Image Credit: Jurre Houtkamp on Unsplash Integrating ultra-modern scientific and cultural complex, Valencia, the city of arts and science is not only best known as the largest holiday destination in Spain but also in Europe! This place is simply mind-blowing. The area was designed by the well-known Valenkcian architect, Santiago Calatrava, who lies on the dried bed of the river (which was diverted), and it's an impressive example of modern architecture. Be prepared to spend the whole day there because it's worth it and here are the attractive contents you should touch! Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia, Hemispheric, Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, Oceanografic, The Umbracle, and Agora. We would recommend getting the tickets online in advance on their official website before it is sold out! 7. 3 Halal Restaurants in Spain Images Credit: Artiom Vallat on Unsplash Having a trip to Europe especially Spain is the thing that you always waiting for! Besides famous with its historical places, this country also serves you Halal cuisine from all around the world that you can find in Barcelona, Granada, and Madrid easily. Ascent, Barcelona Ascent is located in the heart of Barcelona city. It offers the Mediterranean, Spanish and French cuisine. What a surprise, all the dishes are delicious. We strongly recommend this restaurant! El Taj Halal, Granada A Moroccan Halal Certified Restaurant is the best places to eat fresh halal food. The service is great and the food is amazing. Their falafel wrap is a must-try! Bombay Palace, Madrid This restaurant serves you with various tasty of Indian food. We recommend you to give a try on chicken Madras, Naan and Chicken Briyani! Local Markets! Image Credit: Caleb Stokes on Unsplash For travelers, wander around to the local market is a must! It is impossible if you leave that way without pick some original craftworks from Spain! We have 2 local markets for your last destination in Spain: 8. El Rastro, Madrid With more than 1,000 stalls are available and free to check out. Both locals and tourists make the crowd there to browse antiques, flamenco attire, and old furniture to kitchen appliances, T-shirts, and leather bags. Maybe you won’t find any amazing items on sale on these crowded sloped streets but you will get a sense of life in Madrid and a living tradition. 9. Alcaiceria, Granada A beautiful open market, sited in a couple of little alleys which full of vendors selling dresses, lamps, handmade objects. You will experience the atmosphere of Moroccan here. we can say, it is a must-see in Granada. Well.. what are you waiting for? Start putting together your itinerary and find the treasures for all the above 9 destinations in Spain right away! Also Read: A Muslim's Traveler's Guide to Spain...

  • Panduan Transportasi: Cara Untuk Berkeliling Spanyol Melalui Udara, Kereta Dan Darat

    Jika ini pertama kalinya Anda pergi ke negara Spanyol dan Anda merasa ragu ketika ingin menjelajah negera ini, janganlah khawatir. Ada berbagai cara yang dapat Anda pergunakan untuk berpergian dari satu kota ke kota lainnya. Sebelum saya bicara lebih detail mengenai cara dan ketersediaan alat transportasi yang ada di Spanyol, berikut adalah daftar maskapai penerbangan yang dapat Anda pergunakan untuk terbang ke sana:  Air France British Airlines Cathay Pacific Emirates Airlines Etihad Airways Lufthansa Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines Turkish Airlines Sekarang, marilah kita bahas secara lebih lanjut mengenai cara-cara berkeliling negara Spanyol.  Melalui Jalur Udara  Spanyol sebagai negara yang luas, salah satu cara tercepat dan termudah untuk menuju daerah destinasi yang jauh adalah melalui jalur udara. Di Spanyol, sudah terdapat bandara di setiap wilayah dan mayoritas dari bandara tersebut dapat melayani penerbangan baik internasional maupun domestik. Iberia Airlines adalah maskapai penerbangan utama Spanyol yang menawarkan kedua jenis penerbangan tersebut. Spanyol juga menawarkan beberapa maskapai penerbangan domestik yang dapat digunakan untuk menyelesaikan masalah transportasi jarak jauh Anda: Iberia Air Europa EasyJet Vueling Ryanair Berikut nomor kontak yang dapat Anda gunakan sebagai bantuan: · Bandara Madrid Barajas Situs web: Kontak:   +34 91 321 1000 · Bandara Barcelona Situs web: Kontak:   + 34 90 240 4704 · Bandara Malaga Situs web: Kontak:   + 34 90 240 4704 · Iberia Airlines Situs web: Kontak:   + 34 902 40 05 00 · Spanair Situs web: Kontak:   + 34 902 13 14 15 · Air Europa Situs web: Kontak:   + 34 902 401 501 · Vueling Situs web: Kontak:   + 34 807 200 100   Melalui Jalur Kereta Api Kredit Gambar: Renfe Facebook Jaringan rel kereta api Spanyol secara kolektif memiliki jalur sepanjang sekitar 15.000 km yang menyediakan beberapa jalur transportasi kereta api bagi para turis yang ingin bepergian dengan moda transportasi yang cepat dan mudah. AVE   adalah ‘bullet train’ tercepat di Spanyol yang memiliki cakupan area yang luas di negara ini dengan menghubungkan banyak wilayah. Fun Fact : AVE dapat mencapai kecepatan lebih dari 300kph! Untuk   jadwal, koneksi jaringan, dan pembelian tiket   Anda dapat mengunjungi dan untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut tentang perjalanan kereta api di Spanyol. Melalui Jalur Darat Spanyol memiliki jaringan jalan yang luas termasuk jalan raya yang mutakhir (jalan tol, jalan bebas hambatan, dan jalan lalu lintas ganda) yang baru saja dibangun atau baru direnovasi, membuatnya lebih efisien untuk berkendara dengan aman dan nyaman. Ada sejumlah besar perusahaan penyewaan mobil yang menawarkan layanan penyewaan mobil di Spanyol. Mereka bisa dipesan secara online atau setibanya di bandara, stasiun bus dan kereta api. Perusahaan Rental Mobil Hertz Avis Europcar Pepe Car Layanan bus wisata Spanyol sangat efisien dan mempermudah perjalanan Anda dengan menyediakan layanan perjalanan jarak jauh. Perusahaan-perusahaan bus wisata juga menyediakan layanan perjalanan jarak dekat dan tamasya dengan pilihan rute yang dapat disesuaikan untuk Anda. Anda juga diberikan pilihan untuk berhenti di beberapa objek wisata yang berbeda. Hal ini dilakukan sehingga isi rencana perjalanan sesuai dengan rencana yang dikehendaki para turis. Kredit Gambar: Busbud Durasi dan jarak dengan bus: Barcelona-Bilbao (620km):6jam Barcelona-Zaragoza (311km):3jam Barcelona-Seville(1015km): 11jam Madrid-Santiago (600km):6jam Madrid-Granada (428km):5jam Bilbao-Santiago (679km):7jam Seville-Malaga: (220km):3jam Untuk memudahkan proses pemesanan tiket perjalanan serta rute layanan bus yang Anda inginkan, Anda dapat mengunjungi Movelia.   11 Situs Bersejarah Islam yang Wajib Dikunjungi di Spanyol ...

  • Panduan Pengangkutan: Cara Mengembara Di Sekitar Sepanyol Menaiki Pengangkutan Udara, Keretapi dan Darat

    Jika anda merupakan pengembara baru dan tidak pasti untuk menjelajah di sekitar Negara ini, jangan risau kerana terdapat pelbagai pilihan pengangkutan yang boleh anda gunakan untuk pergi dari satu bandar ke bandar yang lain. Sebelum saya kongsi lebih lanjut tentang kemudahan dan ketersediaan pengangkutan yang terdapat di Sepanyol, berikut adalah senarai syarikat penerbangan yang boleh anda gunakan untuk terbang ke Sepanyol: Air France British Airlines Cathay Pacific Emirates Airlines Etihad Airways Lufthansa Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines Turkish Airlines Sekarang mari kita menilai jenis-jenis pengangkutan yang boleh digunakan untuk menjelajah seluruh Sepanyol. Melalui Udara Sepanyol adalah sebuah negara yang luas dan salah satu cara yang paling cepat dan paling mudah untuk menjelajah seluruh Sepanyol adalah dengan pengangkutan udara. Terdapat beberapa lapangan terbang di setiap rantau dan kebanyakannya menyediakan penerbangan antarabangsa dan domestik. Iberia Airlines adalah syarikat penerbangan utama Sepanyol yang menawarkan kedua-dua jenis penerbangan. Sepanyol juga menawarkan beberapa syarikat penerbangan domestik yang merupakan pilihan yang lebih tepat bagi mereka yang tidak gemarkan pengangkutan untuk jarak jauh: Iberia Air Europa EasyJet Vueling Ryanair Berikut adalah senarai nombor penting jika anda memerlukan sebarang bantuan: ·        Lapangan Terbang Madrid Barajas Laman Web: Nombor Telefon: +34 91 321 1000 ·        Lapangan Terbang Barcelona Laman Web: Nombor Telefon: + 34 90 240 4704 ·        Lapangan Terbang Malaga Laman Web:   Nombor Telefon: + 34 90 240 4704 ·        Lapangan Terbang Iberia Laman Web: Nombor Telefon: + 34 902 40 05 00 ·        Spanair Laman Web: Nombor Telefon: + 34 902 13 14 15 ·        Air Europa Laman Web: Nombor Telefon: + 34 902 401 501 ·        Vueling Laman Web: Nombor Telefon: + 34 807 200 100   Menaiki Keretapi Kredit Gambar: Renfe Facebook Trek Rangkaian keretapi Sepanyol secara keseluruhannya sejumlah anggaran 15,000 km panjang yang menyediakan jalan untuk beberapa pengangkutan kereta api, dengan kata lain menyediakan alternatif bagi pelancong yang ingin pergi mengembara menaiki pengangkutan yang cepat dan mudah. AVE adalah keretapi bullet terpantas di Sepanyol dan meliputi kawasan yang luas di negara ini serta menghubungkan pelbagai wilayah di sekitarnya. Fakta menarik: Ia boleh mencapai kelajuan lebih dari 300kph! Untuk jadual waktu perjalanan, stesen pertukaran dan pembelian tiket, anda boleh melayari dan untuk maklumat yang lebih terperinci mengenai perjalanan keretapi di Sepanyol. Pengangkutan Darat Sepanyol mempunyai grid jalan yang luas termasuk lebuh raya yang terkini (jalan raya tol, jalan raya dan kereta api dua hala) yang baru-baru ini dibina atau diubahsuai baru-baru ini yang menjadikannya lebih cekap untuk memandu dengan selamat dan selesa. Terdapat banyak syarikat sewa kereta yang menawarkan perkhidmatan menyewa kereta di Sepanyol. Mereka boleh ditempah awal secara talian atau sebaik sahaja anda tiba di lapangan terbang, stesen bas ataupun stesen keretapi. Syarikat-Syarikat Kereta Sewa Hertz Avis Europcar Pepe Car Perkhidmatan pemandu pelancong awam Sepanyol adalah cekap dan membolehkan anda menjelajah dengan mudah, dengan adanya pelbagai laluan yang berbeza serta perjalanan jarak jauh yang agak banyak. Syarikat-syarikat pemandu pelancong juga menyediakan perjalanan jarak dekat, pakej bersiar-siar serta laluan khusus yang menawarkan pilihan destinasi perhentian di pelbagai mercu tanda yang berbeza, seterusnya membolehkan anda melaras jadual perjalanan anda mengikut kesesuaian pelan perjalanan anda. Kredit Gambar: Busbud Tempoh dan jarak perjalanan dengan menaiki bas: Barcelona-Bilbao (620km): 6 jam Barcelona-Zaragoza (311km): 3 jam Barcelona-Seville (1015km): 11 jam Madrid-Santiago (600km): 6 jam Madrid-Granada (428km): 5 jam Bilbao-Santiago (679km): 7 jam Seville-Malaga: (220km): 3 jam Untuk memudahkan proses tempahan anda di mana anda boleh memeriksa perkhidmatan bas yang melalui laluan yang anda inginkan, anda boleh melawat lelaman Movelia. 11 Tapak Sejarah Islam Yang Wajib Dilawati Di Sepanyol...

  • Transport Guide: Ways to get around Spain by Air, Rail and Road

    If you are a newbie and unsure of finding your way around the country, fret not. There are a variety of options that you can use to get from one city to the other. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the means and availability of transportation available in Spain, here's a list of airlines that you could use to fly yourself to Spain: Air France British Airlines Cathay Pacific Emirates Airlines Etihad Airways Lufthansa Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines Turkish Airlines Now let's get into the different means of getting around Spain. By Air Spain being a vast country, one of the speediest and most convenient ways to cover ground is by air. There are airports in each region and majority of them deal with both international and domestic flights. Iberia Airlines is the chief Spanish airline and it offers both types of flights. Spain offers quite a few domestic airlines that could solve all your long distance transport snags: Iberia Air Europa EasyJet Vueling Ryanair Useful contact numbers to have with you as an aid: Madrid Barajas Airport Website: Contact: +34 91 321 1000 Barcelona Airport Website: Contact: + 34 90 240 4704 Malaga Airport Website: Contact: + 34 90 240 4704 Iberia Airlines Website: Contact: + 34 902 40 05 00 Spanair Website: Contact: + 34 902 13 14 15 Air Europa Website: Contact: + 34 902 401 501 Vueling Website: Contact: + 34 807 200 100   By Rail Picture Credit: Renfe Facebook The Spanish rail network has collectively around 15,000 km of a track which provides quite a few rail transport means for travelers looking to go about in a fast and easier transportation mode. AVE is Spain's fastest bullet train and covers vast areas of the country linking numerous regions. Fun fact: It reaches a speed of more than 300kph! For timetables, connections and ticket purchases you can visit and for more detailed insights into rail travel in Spain.   By Road Spain has a wide-ranging road grid including up-to-date highways (toll motorways, freeways, and dual carriageways) that have been recently built or newly renovated which makes it more efficient to drive safely and comfortably. There are a plethora of car rental companies that offer car rental services in Spain. They can be pre-booked online or upon arrival at airports, bus and train stations. Car Rental Companies Hertz Avis Europcar Pepe Car Spain's public coach service is efficient and allows you to travel with ease, with different lines casing long-distance routes quite often. Coach companies also provide short-distance travel and sightseeing tours plus tailored routes that offer the option of stopping in different landmarks, making the itinerary customized according to the traveler's plan. Picture Credit: Busbud Duration and distances by bus: Barcelona-Bilbao (620km): 6hr Barcelona-Zaragoza (311km): 3hr Barcelona-Seville (1015km): 11hr Madrid-Santiago (600km): 6hr Madrid-Granada (428km): 5hr Bilbao-Santiago (679km): 7hr Seville-Malaga: (220km): 3hr To ease your booking process by checking which bus service is covering your desired route you can visit Movelia. 11 Must Visit Islamic Historical Sites In Spain...

  • The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Spain

    Among all the hot travel destinations in the world, Spain manages to come off right at the top because it is packed with splendid answers to ‘Why travel to Spain’. There are so many must-visit places in Spain and enjoyable things to do that once you arrive in the country you will feel you want to extend your holiday, just to experience more. For those of you who are still unsure whether visiting Spain is the best holiday option for you, here are some top reasons to visit Spain listed by HalalTrip.   1) Warm Weather - Great for Travel! When you are thinking of why travel to Spain, you should consider whether the weather would be at its best for you to have the best vacation experience. The beauty of this country is that no matter what season it is, you would find that it is the best time to travel to Spain. In general the seasons of spring and fall are not very hot and would allow you to travel to most of the top attractions in Spainwith ease. Summer tends to get slightly warm but is great for those who love the sun.    2) A Winter Wonderland Travelling during winter would be great if you want to avoid large crowds. Also it is good to note that the South of the country is found to have less extreme cold weather during winter.You would also be able to get great off-season travel deals since most tourists do not travel during this time of the year. You can even engage in fun activities like skiing in the mountain ranges which is one of the bestthings to do in Spain, and of course enjoy the beauty of Christmas décor that adorn the streets.   3) Architectural Masterpieces If you try to find why is Spain a popular travel destinationthe architectural wonders located all over the country come off at the top of the list. From awe inspiring cathedrals featuring the works of famed artists such as Gaudithese sites will give you enough of reasons to visit Spain. Try to include visits to the La SagradaFamilia and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to your itinerary.   4) Great Mosques - Witness their Magnificent Splendor  Among all of the mosques in Spain, The Great Mosque of Cordoba should be a must-visit location for every traveler. Having a history dating back over thousands of years, this mosque has even been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other mosques which thrive on rich history and unmatched architectural splendor are the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, Almonaster Mosque and the mosque within the fortress of Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera.   5) Spanish Cuisine - The Most Coveted in the World The Muslim traveler would be much pleased by the great options of Halal food in Spain. Owing to the significantly higher number of Muslims in Spainyou will find many stylish eateries producing great Halal dishes for you to enjoy. Also there are ample choices of vegetarian dishes which are equally exquisite in taste.   6) Unmatched Natural Beauty   Travelers from around the world find many reasons as to why go to Spain on holiday. Among these is the natural beauty of the island. With mesmerizing sites such as mountain ranges, LagoMartianezWater Park, beautiful Atlantic beaches and hidden beaches like Calas, your vacation in Spain will make you feel like you are in paradise.      If you are planning to travel to Spain, HalalTrip offers useful information for Muslim travelers on where to find facilities such as mosques and Halal food. You may check out some of our guides for more information.   Click here to check out Muslim-friendly guides to popular destinations in Spain     ...

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