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Upper Katipunan St Dakabayan sa Tagbilaran Philippines

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  • Faiz Shares His Amazing Muslim-Friendly Travel Experience in the Philippines!

    The experience of a 5-day visit to Philippines was nothing short of magnificent. We were given the opportunity to explore everything there was to know about the country, together with two other social media influencers from Indonesia and Singapore. Organized by Halaltrip and Tourism Philippines, this journey was definitely an awaited one as I’ve been dying to visit the wonderful country that is the Phillipines.   Day One To summarize our first day, we visited the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. We were given thorough explanation on how the country was first built during our tour to Intramuros. The visit pretty much gave us an insight on the history of Philippines. We were also given the opportunity to visit a mosque, located in an Islamic community vicinity there. Furthermore, the hotel where we stayed in, Dusit Thani Makati was practically a Muslim-friendly hotel as it provides a complete facility needed by Muslim tourists. And if we go into the topic of food, for breakfast and lunch, we were able to enjoy the savoury taste of local food specially served by the hosts at Dusit Thani. For dinner, we were privileged to drop by at Shangri-La to enjoy the wide spread buffet. Most importantly, everything is made Halal!   Day Two We started our second day tour by visiting Ayana Museum. There, we managed to feast our eyes a whole range of extraordinary art collections related to the Philippines. We, then had to rush off as we were about to have lunch at the oldest hotel in the Philippines, Manila Hotel. Apparently it was built around 1909. How interesting is that? After that, we were already on a plane heading to Bohol. And as we arrived at the Tagbilaran Airport, we were greeted by a few attendants just waiting to bring us to the Bohol Beach Club. No words could express how breathtaking the view was. The white sandy beaches actually left us speechless. And to make things better than it already is, our Halal food served by the Bohol Beach Club was nothing short of exquisite!   Day Three Today is the day we went around the Bohol Island. Our first stop was the Philippines Tarsier Foundation where we were introduced to a cute animal called Tarsier. This primate, who was an inspiration to the character of Yoda from the Star Wars, is extremely rare in other parts of the world. Next, we dropped by to Chocolate Hills. Even when we had to climb 214 stairs, it was all worth it when we saw what was in store for us. A scenic view of the mountain was simply an awe. And while we were there, we walked to the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park to challenge ourselves with various extreme games made available there. Then we headed to the Loboc River Cruise to experience having lunch on a moving boat crossing the Loboc River. It was definitely an experience you will never forget! Finally, we went back to our residence in the Bohol Beach Club and took a breather at the picturesque beach. Obviously our night wouldn’t have been complete without our Halal food for the night, so we headed to South Palm Resort Panglao, located beside Bohol Beach Club to enjoy another range of mouthwatering dinner.   Day Four Today, we proceeded on with our next tour to another location: Cebu! It took us two hours to arrive using the Oceanjet boat. The second we arrived in Cebu, we immediately headed to the Persian Kebab Tandoori Restaurant to enjoy our lunch. Interesting enough, this particular Halal restaurant actually serves Malaysian food, such as the Chicken Fried Rice! After lunch, we made a move to the Alkhairiah Mosque to perform our prayers. Once done, we were heading to Profood Cebu’s Mango Factory Tour. While we were there, we managed to learn and see for ourselves how the famous dried mangoes of Philippines were processed. Our accomodation for the night was Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan. We were fascinated with the beautiful and coziness decor of our living area as each of us were given a whole villa equipped with a private swimming pool. And lucky for Muslims, they do not forget the most essential items needed for us as the Al-Quran, Qiblah pointer and sajadah was provided for us. Our appetizing Halal dinner was served while we bask in the panoramic view of dawn. It was simply spectacular.   Day Five Unfortunately, this is the last day for us in the Philippines. As we had just finished our breakfast, we were given the chance to tour around the resort where we visited their 5-star spa. Before heading off to the Cebu Airport, we first feasted on lunch, and then transited in Manila before heading off to our respective countries. Unfortunately, our flight to Manila was delayed for two hours. We were scheduled to have dinner at Marriot Hotel Manila before heading home, but sadly it didn’t go according to plan. But thankfully, our hotel took the initiative to pack our foods and we managed to devour them at the Manila airport together, while sitting down on the floor, as though we were having our very own picnic! We were happy enough for our stomaches that we were ready to head home. But I guess, lighting does strike twice, as our flight from Manila to Malaysia was delayed for two hours... Again! But we tried to look at things on the positive side, as the experience we had earned for the past 5 days in the Philippines was priceless; and that made us smile throughout the whole way. Thank you Halaltrip and Tourism Philippines for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity. Before ending my story, I’d like to list down five captivating things about the Philippines:   1. Friendly Locals They are really friendly and gives the best service to the tourists who visit their country. Although we were constantly mistaken for locals, the hospitality that we’ve received has been extremely great. 2. No Language Barrier Don’t worry about having language barrier in communicating with the locals. Almost everyone that we meet in the country can speak fluent English, making it easy for tourists to communicate. 3. Dried Mango The business of dried mangoes in the Philippines is well-known worldwide and should not be underestimated as it is also made Halal for Muslims. If opportunity arises, do take the time to visit its factory in Cebu. Could you imagine, the dried mangoes I bought as souveniers were finished in less than a day! People were giving feedbacks on how tasty Philippine Dried Mangoes are. 4. Breathtaking Beaches Words couldn’t express how beautiful the beaches are in the Philippines. Though we only managed to spend time at Bohol Beach Club, Panglao, there is no doubt that other islands in the Philippines such as Davao, Palawan and Boracay isn’t that far off when it comes to its beauty. 5. Halal Food If there are some of you that are worried and sceptical about the Halal status in food served in Philippines due to its high population of Christianity, fret not. We had no trouble at all getting Halal food for the whole five days we were there. To make your trips easier, just download the HalalTrip App in your smartphones. Not only do they provide information on which places serve Halal food, it also provides various facilities for Muslims who are travelling abroad.   Click here to follow Faiz's timeline on HalalTrip   ...

  • Day 3 in the Philippines with Faiz - Bohol

    Our first night at Bohol Beach Club was great. In fact it was a bit too great that we overslept again. Hahahaha! Upon waking up at 8.00 am, we rushed to the café to have breakfast. The food was great – they had chicken, beef, eggs and all of them were Halal. However, since the rest of the team were already waiting, we decided to just grab a quick bite. Our first stop of the day was at Philippines Tarsier Foundation. We were so excited because not only is this animal is very hard to find, but we were also told a cool fact about it – the character of Yoda in Star Wars was actually based on the tarsier. How cool is that? After a few photos, off we went to the Chocolate Hills. The view of Chocolate Hills were amazing. The 214 steps that we had to climb seemed nothing as we could see 1260 hills in front of our eyes. We wanted to stay up there forever but we needed to get to the next stop. Here at Chocolate Hill Adventure Park, we were given the chance to ride a bicycle zip line. It was a mixture of fun and scare at the same time. Finally, it was lunch time! This time around, it was a bit special as we were served lunch while cruising in a boat along Loboc River. The food was great and we had the boat all to ourselves. After lunch, we headed straight back to Bohol Beach Club. When we arrived at the hotel, we had two hours of free time. Therefore we decided to jump into the pool! At 6.00 pm, we gathered at the lobby and took a short ride by van to South Palm Resort Panglao to have our dinner. The ambience was great and we truly enjoyed ourselves. After dinner, it was time to go to the La La Land! Can't wait for tomorrow!   Click on my timeline for more updates from my journey   ...

  • Day 3 in the Philippines with Ruzainah - Bohol

    Woke up to a beautiful scenery! Masya Allah, couldn't thank HalalTrip more for this trip! It is really lovely and calm here in Bohol. Anyone heard about tarsiers before? Well, they are known as the world's smallest primate! The adult size of a tarsier is really small – as small as the palm of human being. The baby of a tarsier is as small as a human thumb! Can you imagine!!!!!! Someone needs to hold me from taking these tarsiers back home!! Tarsiers can turn their head 180 degrees to the left and right. They are similar to owls and are active at night. After getting all excited by seeing the tarsiers, we went to the top of Bohol Hill to see the perfect panoramic view of Bohol. There are more than 100 hills in Bohol. To go up to the hill, we had to climb 214 steps but it was alllll worth it! Worth the sweat, worth the pain, worth everything! Its a must to go up the hill for the Masya Allah view. We went to CHAP – a short form for Chocolate Hill Adventure Park. Had an adventure thrilling bike zip! It was my first time trying it and I really enjoyed it! It was sooooo fun! But before all the fun, we had to climb another 248 steps up!!! But we had fun! We all had fun! After hiking all the way up the steps, we had our fulfilling lunch on the floating boat at Loboc River Cruise. It was good to see how beautiful the nature was around us, while having a good lunch! There was a live serenade on the boat and also performances by the river, by the locals there. We were too tired to stop for our church tour and we headed back to the beach club afterwards. We relaxed by the beach for one hour plus and we got ready for our dinner at South Palm Resort, Panglao Island. Everything here seemed so amazing! The dinner was satisfying! We had peri peri chicken with hummus, paprika rice, fried vegetables, lamb shanks!!!! Goodness gracious! And now we are back in the beach club. Time to spend wistful time here before heading off to Cebu tomorrow. Definitely enjoyed my stay here!     Click on my timeline for more updates from my journey!   ...

  • 10 Reasons Why It's More Fun in the Philippines

      While traveling is a fun and an incredible experience in general, sometimes you come across a destination that manages to capture your heart and soul, and before you know it, you’ve visited it 5 times in a row. To us, without hesitation, that destination happens to be the picture-perfect Philippines. A destination unlike any other that we’ve been to, the Philippines gave us more than just an exciting holiday; it helped us create memories that will never be forgotten. And that is why we decided to list out why it really and truly is more fun in the Philippines, just in case you’re in need of some travel inspiration! . The Food   While Filipino food is not as well-known around the world, as we think it should be, there is no way a trip to the Philippines is complete without sampling the wide array of street food available. Filipinos absolutely love food, and we guarantee that once you sink your teeth into a couple of their delicious dishes, you are sure to leave the country with a couple of inches added to your waist.   Starting off with dessert, ‘cause who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Am I right? The oh-so-delicious Halo-halo is a combination of shaved ice and evaporated milk and a variety of add-ons like jelly, fruits and beans. Even if you’re not much of a foodie, this dessert is a must-try. Other foods you cannot leave the Philippines without trying, include; Adobo, Sinigang, Pancit, Kare-kare and Taho. While pork is widely used In Filipino cuisine, Muslims are sure to also find Halal or completely vegetarian street food. . The Fruits     The fruits in the Philippines are so spectacular that we just had to give it a separate place on this list. Fresh, sweet, delicious and cheap, fruits can be found throughout the country. From juicy mangoes, sweet papayas and creamy avocados to refreshing watermelons, spiky pineapples and stinky but mouth-watering durians, the Philippines has it all! . The Beaches   If there is one thing that the Philippines is known for, it’s for the stunning beaches, known to be some of the best and most beautiful, in the world. With thousands of beaches featuring crystal-clear water and pristine white sand, to choose from, you’re really spoilt for choice.   Known to be the finest beach in the world, the White Beach in Boracay is an absolute must-see. Other dream-like beaches can be found in, El Nido, Puerto Galera, Panglao Island, Caramoan, Samal Island, Siargao Island, Bantayan Island, Palaui Island, Coron Island, Pagudpud and Mactan Island. . The Affordability   If you’re planning on traveling with a tight budget, the Philippines is a great destination for that. From transport to food to accommodation and leisure activities, everything is quite affordable, especially if you are coming from a developed country with higher currency exchange values. . The People   In our opinion, the attitude of people and their hospitality always make or break a visit to a country. Filipinos are probably the nicest and most considerate people you will meet on your travels to anywhere in the world. Incredibly hospitable and always ready with the smile, the people of the Philippines will make you feel right at home in no time, without invading your space. . The Shopping   All you shopaholics out there planning on visiting the Philippines will be pleased to know that shopping is a Filipino’s favorite pastime. Home to some of the biggest malls in the world, such as SM City North EDSA and the SM Mall of Asia, that feature a wide array of stores from across the globe, as well as numerous markets, the shopping scene in the Philippines won’t disappoint. . The Nature & Wildlife If you are a nature lover, the Philippines will leave you breathless. Home to natural surroundings that are unbelievably picturesque, wherever you go in the Philippines, you are sure to come across a natural attraction that will take your breath away; such as the picturesque Chocolate Hills of Bohol, or the renowned Rice Terraces of Banaue.   The Philippines is also known for its incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna. If you are an animal lover, the small and cute Philippine tarsier is a must-see! . The Colorful Transport   When in the Philippines, a ride in a jeepney is an absolute must. The most common means of transportation throughout the Philippines, a ride on a jeepney is not only affordable, but it also offers you an experience like no other. Jeepneys are painted in also sorts of colours and decorated with ornaments, and are just plain fun to ride in! . No Language Barrier   Do you always worry about not being understood well, or not being able to find the things or places you’re looking for when traveling because of the language barrier? A large percentage of the population in the Philippines speak English, so you don’t have to concern yourself about things getting lost in communication. Even those who aren’t well educated manage to communicate in English sufficiently. . The Climate   The weather in the Philippines doesn’t get too hot nor does it get too cold, which means if you’re looking to beat the heat or escape the cold, wherever you are, the Philippines is the perfect place to go. While there is a monsoon season in Philippines, all we can say is, who doesn’t like the rain! If you however don’t want the rain to limit your activity during your holiday, the best time to visit would be between November and May.   Planning a trip to Philippines? We've got you covered with all the information you need on the tropical country here!  ...

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