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The only mosque in Orchard Road, Al Falah Mosque is located very conveniently for visitors who love shopping and dining in that area. Since it is housed on the first floor of a commercial building, it does not look like a traditional Mosque from outside - however, the interior of the Masjid is very beautifully done. Al Falah Mosque has separate wudhu and prayer facilities for female and male. The Jumu'ah and Eid sermons are conducted in English.   


22 Bideford Road #01-01, Singapore 229923

Phone No

+65 6235 3172


Language of service

English, Malay


All prayers including Jumu'ah

Quick Facts

  • Separate female and male prayer sections
  • Separate female and male wudhu facilities
  • Toilets
  • Parking at walking distance
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    This masjid is currently being refurbished alongside the block it is situated in (August 2015). We almost missed it as it is virtually covered in hoarding, however, it is open for prayers as normal with small signs pointing out the entrance. There are portaloos in the female wudu section including one for wheelchair users. It has a sizeable and airy prayer hall with a section for ladies. There was a notice stating that ladies can't use it during jumah prayers (during Friday between 12.30 to 2pm ish I think). It is in a really good location for the Muslim shopaholics out there!