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No.298, Taiping Nanlu, China

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  • Horizon Inn | Find Your Horizon in Horizon Inn

    Welcome to Taiwan’s magnificent capital, Taipei, where beautiful skyscrapers stands tall all around you. Taipei is well-known for its landmark, like Taipei 101 and the Taipei Main Station, to name a few. It is a perfect idea to come to Taipei for a vacation either alone, or with your family and friends. The main reason for this is because as you walk around the city, you will find either landmarks or attractions; from historic buildings and museums, to shopping malls and if you stay on later in the night, you will find night markets that sell famous and affordable Taiwanese street food. Imagine eating the most original, original Taiwanese Crispy Chicken! Oh, not to mention their delicious boba. Yum... via GIPHY But after those sweaty adventures, where should you stay? Well, here is an idea. You should stay in Horizon Inn, especially if you are looking for the best and convenient hotel in Taipei! Let me tell you why... via GIPHY Muslim-Friendly Services  Horizon Inn is a Muslim-Friendly Hotel situated in a strategic location right in the center of Taipei. So, say goodbye to sweaty shirts and say hello to your private and clean air-conditioned room. This hotel is a Muslim-Friendly Hotel and is rated 6 on Crescentrating.  The staff here are friendly and well-trained to cater to guests guests' requirements. They will be more than happy to assist you in whatever special request or preferences that you may have. The best thing about this hotel is that it is very close to Taipei Grand Mosque which is only about 3.5 kilometers away. Additionally, the hotel can arrange for guests to be taken to the mosque for Taraweeh prayers and Eid prayers. If you want to perform Salah in your room, there are prayer direction marked in each room, as well as prayer mats provided, so you don't have to worry. Credit Image: Horizon Inn on Facebook The hotel also provides Halal dining; Halal breakfast and Halal banquet are available upon request. Vegetarian dish can also be served in this hotel upon request. Isn't this amazing? Nearby Mosque  Taipei Grand Mosque Address: No. 62, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road., Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10650 Contact: +886-2-2321-9445 Website: Hotel Facilities Credit Image: Horizon Inn on Facebook The hotel has a pretty neat architecture. Using yellow and gray tones, the room gives off an energetic and funky ambience mixed with modern minimalist style. For the young ones, what’s there not to love? As for the facilities, the hotel provides free Wi-fi and has a 24-hour front desk and services, so you don't have to worry about late night check-in. There are also facilities available for disabled guests. Credit Image: Horizon Inn on Facebook Horizon Inn also provides you with a shared lounge room and self-service laundry. In the shared lounge room, you can spend quality time with your family or group and engage in a serious discussion on your travel plans in Taipei. You also do not have to worry about having to bring home a pile of dirty clothes, because Horizon Inn provides you self-service laundry facilities. However, if you do not have time to do your own laundry, they also offer laundry services. You are definitely spoiled! Halal Restaurants Nearby If you are bored of eating the same food over and over again, be rest assured as there is a nearby Halal Restaurant that you can go to, which is just a 10-minute walking distance away from the hotel. Below are the details for the restaurant.  Really Good Seafood Address: 1F, No. 222, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan Contact: +886-2-2771-3000   Attractions Near Hotel Breeze Centre Nanjing Branch What's great about this hotel is that it is literally close to the Breeze Center Nanjing Branch, a shopping mall where you can buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones back at home, or even for yourself. Just make sure not to spend all of your money here, travellers, as there are still more shopping places to explore. Liaoning Night Market From Horizon Inn, it only takes a 5-minute stroll from the hotel to Liaoning Night Market, one of the best Night Market in Taipei, where you can buy street food and dive deep into their delicious local flavors, surrounded by the colorful neon Mandarin Chinese signs. Amazing, isn't it? If you are a foodie, then this is a perfect place to stay, as you can keep going back to the Night Market every night without fail. Be sure to try the famous Migao! Migao is a Taiwanese sticky rice pudding, one of the must-try street food in Liaoning Night Market. Other attractions around Horizon Inn Hotel that has not been mentioned above are Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, East Metro Underground Shopping Street, Huashan Creative Arts Park, Taipei 101, Xingtian Temple, and many more. Now, if you are thinking about how you will get there from the hotel, fret not! Because, surprise – surprise! Horizon Inn is a 7-minute walk away from Nanjing Fuxing MRT station and 500 meters away from Nanjing East Road train station. In Nanjing East Road train station, you can go straight to Taipei Songshan Airport in just 10 – 20 minutes by spending around 1 SGD only. In short, staying in Horizon Inn would give you an advantage of having a perfect frugal vacation. via GIPHY So, what are you waiting for? Make your dream vacation come true. Fly to Taipei and book Horizon Inn right away! Address: 4F, No. 246, Section 2, Chang'an East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10492 Contact: +886 2 2711 0102 Website | Facebook | Instagram ...

  • KDM Hotel | An Irresistible Hotel In The Centre Of Taipei City

    New to Taipei City and uncertain of which safe hotel to stay at? Stress not, KDM Hotel is the best approach to opt for! KDM Hotel is your best decision when choosing Taipei City as your next vacation stop. Also Read: 8 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Taiwan via GIPHY For starters, KDM Hotel boasts an advantageous location. It is located at the very centre of Taipei City. The airport transport bus stop is also directly across the streets of the hotel and the frequency of the bus is 15-20 minutes. KDM Hotel is situated right next to the exit of the MRT, with two MRT lines that stops at KDM Hotel. This hotel is your most solid option because of its close proximity to the MRT and the metro exit. Doesn't this hotel sound like a boon in terms of accommodation? The list doesn't end here! KDM Hotel is likewise extraordinary compared to other budget lodgings in Taipei, for business trips and leisure in Taipei. You can be sure to get to the popular Taipei tourist hot spots by MRT within a few minutes. The KDM Hotel is especially popular amongst couples because of its prime location. They appraised it 9.2 for a two-man trip and CrescentRating gave it a rating of 6. Rooms and Rates There is a wide variety of rooms that you can choose from so you will definitely be spoilt for choice! Each room is fully furnished with an air conditioner, TV, free Wi-Fi, a bathtub, mini-bar, and an International calling services. KDM Hotel likewise offers free indoor parking administration too. Below are the different rooms available at the KDM Hotel: Quad Credit Image: KDM Hotel The Quad room consists of 2 king sized beds with a rate of NT$4,685.   Triple Credit Image: KDM Hotel The Triple room consists of 1 king sized bed and 1 normal bed with a rate of NT$4,115.   Deluxe Twin Credit Image: KDM Hotel The Deluxe Twin room consists of 2 normal beds with a rate of NT$3,685.   Luxury Suite Credit Image: KDM Hotel The Luxury Suite consists of 1 king sized bed with a rate of NT$3,685.   Business Suite Credit Image: KDM Hotel The Business Suite consists of 1 king sized bed with a rate of NT$$3,260.   Standard Credit Image: KDM Hotel The Standard room consists of 1 king sized bed with a rate of NT$$2,830. If you occupy any of these rooms, you are entitled for a breakfast buffet available from 7:00am to 10:00am each morning. Please note that there is a 10% service fee expense included in the room rate and the standard time for check-in is at 3pm and check out at 12pm.  Also Read: You Need To Try Our Top 3 Halal Beef Noodle Eateries When You're In Taipei, Taiwan! Additional Facilities  The KDM Hotel provides additional facilitaties to cater to the needs of its guests to ensure that they have a more comfortable stay. The hotel offers a safe box and luggage storing services, as well as a 24-Hours operating foreign exchange service for various currencies. Not only that, if you wish to travel around the area, the hotel provides transportation facilities like taxi services and airport shuttle bus services to ease your worries and ensure that you have a stress-free and peaceful stay in Taipei. All you need to do is to request for these services for a minimal charge, and KDM Hotel will get the rest sorted out.  Muslim-Friendly Facilities KDM Hotel offers Muslim-friendly facilities and services so Muslim travellers do not have to worry. Prayer direction are marked in the room and prayer mats are also available upon request. Also, you can be rest assured as all snacks and beverages in the room are Halal. Room toilets are also fitted with bidets.  The Hotel can also arrange for guests to be taken to the nearby mosque for Tarawih prayers or Eid prayers, upon request.  Halal Dining Options  The KDM Hotel has a Halal-certified kitchen and can serve Halal breakfast upon request. You can also request for vegetarian food. Not only that, the hotel does not serve alcohol and there is no bar or discotheque.  Tourist Hot Spots around KDM Hotel  TAIPEI 101 Credit Image: Taiwan 101 on The Xinyi Project Area is known to be the main spot for Taipei fashion culture from as far back as 10 years. Stylish brands have settled in Shinkong Mitsukoshi and other retail chains, and world-class first-level brands like LV have likewise opened for business here. The World Trade Center has an assortment of displays and exhibitions. It additionally encourages and supports notable gourmet experts and chefs to open their restaurants here. It is a continuous rush of excitement in the city; there would be surprise performances occurring.  SOGO EAST Credit Image: Sogo East on Meet Taiwan Located at the heart of Daan District, Beishi, the SOGO retail chain is a must-visit spot! The business district covers the east of Fuxing South Road, west of Dunhua South Road, north to Civic Avenue, and Renai Road towards the south. Transport and MRT are accessible and in close proximity with the retail chain. This has adequately attracted hordes of buyers from all over the world; foreigners and locals alike. Also Read: A Muslim's Guide to Taipei's Beitou District - From Hot Springs to Historic Sites TAIPEI STATION Credit Image: Taipei Station on Travel Taipei Taipei Station is located in Liming Lane, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. It consists of the Taiwan Rail Transit Line, the Taiwan High Speed Railway, the Taipei MRT Red Line and The Blue Line station. The general structure of Taipei Station is as such; it is 6 floors above the ground, with 4 underground floors. The primary floor is the lobby, while the second floor is taken over by Breeze Plaza. The third to sixth floor are the administration points for the Taiwan Railway and High Speed Rail. The underground floors include the Taiwan railway platforms and high-speed rail platforms, with the third and fourth basement floor consisting of the Taipei MRT Blue Line and Red Line respectively. There are a total of 8 entry points to the train platform, which are associated with the Metro A8 underground food street, the underground road before the station, and the Taipei New World Shopping Cente. Halal Restaurants Nearby Toko Sakura Credit Image: Toko Sakura on Travel Taipei Address: No. 74, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan Contact: +886-2-23916011 Royal Cafe & Restaurant  Credit Image: Royal Cafe & Restaurant on Facebook Address: No. 72, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan Contact: +886-2-23641310 Nearby Mosque  Taipei Grand Mosque Address: No. 62, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road., Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10650 Contact: +886-2-2321-9445 Website: Hot Spots around the Hotel  MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station - 0.1 km Guang Hua Digital Plaza - 0.4 km National Taipei University of Technology - 0.4 km Chang Foundation Museum - 0.4 km The Taipei Jianguo Jade & Flower Market - 0.6 km Huashan 1914 Creative Park - 0.7 km Also Read: Roaming Around Taipei, Taiwan & Looking For A Mosque? We Got You! Closest Airports  Taipei Songshan Airport - 3.2 km Taoyuan Airport - 30.4 km So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this chance to stay in a hotel that is conveniently located at the heart of Taipei City. Book now! via GIPHY Address: No. 8, Section 3, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 Telephone: +886-2-2721-1162 Fax: +886-2-2711-9096 Website | Facebook...

  • A Muslim's Guide to Taipei's Beitou District - From Hot Springs to Historic Sites

    Beitou, a mountainous district in the north of Taipei City, Taiwan renowned for its hot springs and spas, some of which date back to the late 19th century. Today, travelers to Taipei City need only spend a 30-minute MRT ride to reach Beitou and its glorious green vistas and the famed Beitou Hot Spring Park. Located in the most mountainous region of Taipei City, Beitou with its rivers running through the meadows and valley have plentiful steam rising from them, a consequence of geothermal warming. But, this is not all on offer. Courtesy of its rich history and geographical location, Beitou has an abundance of historical and natural sites for the Muslim     Credit -   Hot Springs Picture Credit - Some of the Beitou recommended hot springs include Thermal Valley, Millennium Hot Spring, Beitou Fuxing Park - Hot Spring Foot-Soaking Pool, Qinghuang Hot Spring and the Hot Spring Street Xingyi Road. Get ready to get impressed and dip your feet in these Beitou hot springs.   Mountaineering and Hiking Trails   Picture Credit - For the energetic Muslim traveler, Beitou District offers plentiful hiking trails. So, get geared up to visit Battleship Rock (Dog's Head Peak), Qixing Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, and the Jyun Jian Yan Trail.   Parks and Gardens Picture Credit -   Beitou has so many parks that choosing one can sometimes be a problem. However, don’t miss visiting the Yangmingshan National Park, Beitou Park, GuanDu Park, Yang-Ming Park, Datun Waterfall, and the Menghuan Pond. These parks wow visitors with their plentiful flora and fauna, birds and wildlife, mountain and dormant volcanoes, waterfalls and ponds, rare aquatic ferns, protected wetlands, and of-course open-air Beitou hot springs!   Museums   The Beitou District also boasts of the Beitou Hot Spring Museum which was built in 1913 as the Beitou Public Baths is a copy of the bathhouses in Shizuoka-ken Idouyama in Japan. A comparatively new addition is the Beitou Museum which opened in 2008 and features exhibits of various folk arts, pottery, wood and stone carvings, and puppetry.   The Ketagalan Culture Center will give visitors a more in-depth view of Taiwan's indigenous people's culture and showcases exhibits, performances, pictures and artefacts.   Architecture and Temples   The Plum Garden which is a historical building in the Beitou District is an interesting blend of Japanese and Western architectural styles dating back to the late 1930s. The Guandu Temple is one of the oldest temples in Taipei and is a is built right into the side of a mountain, while the Puji Temple was built in 1905 as a is a Japanese-style wooden temple.   Beitou Muslim Travel Guide Picture Credit -   While Taipei is Muslim-friendly with the availability of Halal food through its many Halal restaurants which are either Muslim restaurants or Muslim-friendly restaurants, the Beitou district only has limited Muslim-friendly restaurants. The Gaia Hotel, The Grand View and Atami Hotel are a few Halal food places and hotels in Beitou I came across. However, there are plenty of Halal food places near Beitou that any Muslim traveler can access.   Mosques and prayer places in Beitou is also limited. However, Taiwan is a religiously tolerant country and offers prayer rooms in its railway stations, and other select locations. In addition, there are quite a few Mosques in Taipei City, of which the Taipei Grand Mosque is the biggest and a must visit for any Muslim traveler.   So, when in Taipei City, take some time to make the most of the natural beauty only a short distance away offering the Muslim traveler an unparalleled adventure! Take at least a day for a Halal Trip to the Beitou Hot Springs! ...

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