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  • Top 10 Unique Hotels In The World In 2022

    Keen to explore the unique hotels around the world? When it comes to traveling, the first two things that come to mind are: where to go and where to stay. How about staying in a hotel that is a tourist...

  • 5 Restaurants with the Best Halal Foods in Brisbane CBD

    The capital city in the Australian state of Queensland is also known as the ‘Sunshine State’. Brisbane is home to many Halal and Muslim-friendly food options. After a recent trip, I wanted to share...

  • Top 5 Things To Do in London For Muslim Travelers

    Are you a Muslim traveler planning a trip to London? You are in the right place for the best traveling itinerary to supplement your well-deserved vacation! London is a world-renowned city rich with history...

  • 6 Tempat Terbaik Untuk Berkemah/Camping di Seluruh Dunia

    Camping mungkin adalah salah satu kegiatan paling populer saat ini, baik untuk melarikan diri dari keramaian kota, maupun untuk dilakukan bersama teman dan keluarga. Dengan camping, Anda dapat menyaksikan...

  • The Best Things To Do in Manhattan

    One of the five boroughs of New York City, Manhattan is an ideal destination for a vacation, and we say this because it is truly a mix of cultural and commercial centers with renowned museums, spectacular...

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