All You Need to Know About Skateboarding and Longboarding

By Anna Tan | 07, Feb, 2023
All You Need to Know About Skateboarding and Longboarding

Ever wonder what it's like to have fun skateboarding and longboarding? I've seen some of my friends busting their moves on the board as they skate around a bowl effortlessly.

What was once a rebellious sport where students will skip school to shred (remember that notorious skater fashion in Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter boi" music video?) is now a popular hobby that is encouraging students to be successful in school.

Let's explore how skateboarding and longboarding work!

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How Did Skateboard And Longboard Come About?

If ideas can be born out of boredom, that was how skateboarding and longboarding came about around the 1950s in the United States of America.

Longboards were created by surfers in Hawaii around the same time skateboards were created by surfers in California. Both wanted to overcome their "surfing withdrawals" when the waves were flat and hence, surfing on land with boards was born!


Are Longboarding And Skateboarding The Same Thing?people riding skateboard in parks

Image Credit: Tim Samuel from Pexels

No, longboarding and skateboarding are distinctly different from each other. Longboards are flat and have broader and longer boards with large and soft wheels to cruise any lane at higher speeds. Skateboards are curvier at both ends of the board to make way for tricks and flips.


Should I Learn To Longboard Or Skateboard First?

If you want to learn how to balance, start with a longboard first as it is more stable. It is also easier to cruise on the longboard compared to the skateboard. Once, you've gotten the hang of the board's movement and are keen on making sharp turns and tricks, then it's time to transition to the skateboard.


How To Longboard / Skateboard?

The best way to learn a new skill is to watch how others do it. Here is a Youtube tutorial for beginners to get started:

But before you begin, check out the following tips before you shred around the neighborhood:

  • Safety first! Make sure you have your helmet, knee pads, slide gloves, and elbow pads because you will be falling a lot.
  • Get a pair of shoes with a flat sole like Vans.
  • Pick out a flat and smooth spot to practice your moves. I recommend an empty parking lot.
  • Have a low center of gravity at all times, keeping your knees bent.
  • Place most of your body weight on your front foot, your back foot is more for balance.

Now, you are ready!


Where To Longboard Or Skateboard

Other than your nearby park or your favorite parking lot, here are some amazing places you can skate for fun:

Burnside, USAburnside skatepark, usa

Image Credit: Cacophony, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Portland, Oregon, this DIY skatepark was once a dodgy corner for drug addicts. However, after the park was built (illegally) for skaters, everyone grew fond of it and it became a place for skate enthusiasts to have a dry run (literally) during the rainy season. The area is catered to both beginners and season skaters so bring your board here!

MACBA, Spainmacba, barcelona, spain

Image Credit: Guille Álvarez on Unsplash

Did you know that Barcelona is the skateboarding capital of Europe? The area outside of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) is strangely popular among skaters for its flat ground and ledges. Although there are supposedly particular times to skate to avoid disruption to visitors, these rules are rarely enforced. Chances are if others are skating there, you can too!

Landhausplatz, Austrialaundhausplatz, austria

Image Credit: Radio FM4

I'm pretty sure the architects had skaters in mind when they built this place. This public common area is located at the heart of Innsbruck and transforms into a skating rink as well during the winter. However, not every spot is skate-friendly especially nearer to historical buildings. There is a map available there that will pinpoint the skate-free zones to avoid, so worry less and have fun!


What About A Paddleboard?

Paddleboard is an outdoor water activity where the rider will be standing or sitting on a surfboard and will use a paddle to maneuver in the waters. A paddleboard is 10 to 11 feet long, almost twice your height.


Skate Away!

We hope you are convinced to get your gear ready and travel to your next surfing destination! Practice some of your best moves or enjoy moving around the slopes to get a different view of the city. You will love it!

Cruise to our next article on a sport that's older than surfing and skating!

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