Best Halal Beaches You Will Fall In Love With

By Anna Tan | 08, May, 2023
Best Halal Beaches You Will Fall In Love With

Are you looking for halal beaches to relax and unwind? Don't worry, We've got you covered so you can plan conveniently for your next Halal beach vacation!

Most people won't think that the words "halal" and "beach" can fit in the same sentence, especially when beaches are often associated with visitors in skimpy clothing. In this article, we will explore some of the best Halal beaches in the world that you can enjoy with a peace of mind.

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What Is A Halal Beach?

A Halal beach can consist of one or more of the following criteria: Halal food, gender-only beaches, covered restroom facilities, prayer rooms, and other Muslim-friendly facilities. In order to accommodate the Halal-conscious community, most Halal beaches are private or semi-private.

Some places may impose a conservative dress code where burkinis are preferred over bikinis.


1. La Femme Beach, Marina, Egypt
La Femme Beach Egypt

Image Credit: La Femme Beach

La Femme is a private beach located on the North Coast of the beach, created just for the ladies to enjoy water activities without the presence of the opposite gender. You can play beach volleyball, go on a jet ski, or host a party with your female friends while being comfortable in your own skin. Occasionally, concerts are held in this famous location.

Do note that no pictures nor outside food and drinks (other than a small water bottle) are allowed. There is also an entrance fee of 350 LE ($ 12) on normal days and 400 LE ($ 13) during peak season.


2. Cherating Beach, Pahang, Malaysia
Cherating Beach Pahang Malaysia

Image Credit: Imran Abdul Jabar on Unsplash

Cherating Beach is a famous Halal beach to surf and dine as most of the food is Halal by nature. Although it is a mixed-gender beach, you can have access to covered showering facilities near surf centers. Some establishments may serve alcohol to accommodate international tourists who want to ride the waves.

BONUS: If you don't mind another mixed-gender beach with access to Halal food, check out the Maldives!


3. Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia
Senggigi Beach Lombok Indonesia

Image Credit: Alifia Harina from Pexels

Senggigi is a commercialized town in Lombok that has developed plenty of luxury resorts by Senggigi beach. This public beach is a mixed-gender area with access to Halal food nearby as the majority of the population are Muslims. Most resorts do not serve alcohol and have special private beach access so you can rejuvenate in a less crowded environment.


4. Wome Deluxe, Türkiye

If you are looking for a Halal beach resort with ladies-only facilities, then you should book a stay with Wome Deluxe. Not only is the food Halal with no alcohol served on their premise, but you can also enjoy an outdoor and indoor pool and beach area surrounded by female tourists only! This luxury resort also has a gender-segregated spa and fun activities created especially for the female community.

Wome Deluxe is the best place to make you feel at home as a female traveler.

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5. Jumeirah Beach Park, UAE
Jumeirah Beach UAE

Image Credit: Turag Photography on Unsplash

Dubai has allocated certain days of the week for women to visit Dubai's most famous public beach parks. On Mondays, it is an all-female beach so you can visit Jumeirah Beach Park to get some quiet time with other female guests. There will be female staff on-site as well.

Some female tourists may want to wear their bikinis to the beach and to prevent other beachgoers from finding it religiously offensive, they have segregated the beach section near the Ladies Club for guests who prefer wearing a modest outfit and the other section for the rest. It costs 5 AED ($ 1) to enter.


Final Thoughts

We hope that this list will convince you to go on a Halal beach getaway with no worries! Most of these places have summer all year round so you don't have to wait until May to fly to your unique destination.

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Cover Image Credit: Arif ID from Pexels



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