How Long is Daily Ramadan Fasting?

By Halal Trip | 16, Feb, 2023
How Long is Daily Ramadan Fasting?

As we move into the month of Shaaban, the month of Ramadan 2023 is fast approaching, Insha'Allah. Ramadan 2023 brings an opportunity for spiritual growth and self-reflection as Muslims around perform fast, refraining from worldly desires and food amongst others to strengthen our connection with Allah SWT. Working on bettering ourselves through self-discipline and sacrifice.

#100BlessingsofRamadan: Journey to Ramadan & Eid 2023

To learn more and prepare ourselves better for the blessed month of Ramadan, let's look at how long the fasting durations are during Ramadan.


Varying Ramadan Fasting Length Around the World

The month of Ramadan typically advances by 10 days each year on the Gregorian calendar. This is thanks to the Gregorian calendar being a solar calendar while the Islamic Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar.

Due to the change of time periods of each Ramadan, the length of the fasting period can vary substantially across different parts of the world due to the changing times of sunrise and sunset.


Ramadan Fasting Time Varies by Location

On average, the fasting duration during Ramadan is between 11-16 hours a day in most cases. On the other hand, some parts of the world such as Europe can experience fasting durations exceeding 20 hours a day during the summer months.

Find out the different durations of fasting during Ramadan in our previous article here. From the longest to the shortest durations of fasting during Ramadan.


Ramadan 2023: Fasting Duration Update

This year, Ramadan 2023, the fasting duration will be around 11 to 17+ hours with the vast majority of countries fasting for 13 to 15 hours during Ramadan this year.

May we meet the blessed month and reap the rewards of Ramadan in 2023, Insha'Allah!


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Share this infographic with your friends so that we can all benefit from the blessed month of Ramadan in 2023. If you're a non-Muslim and are looking to try and experience fasting during Ramadan along with the benefits it brings, check out our article on—Ramadan Fasting 101: A Guide to Fast with your Muslim Friends.

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