7 Things to do During Staycation

By Deidre Casandra M. | 11, Jan, 2023
7 Things to do During Staycation

A staycation is a vacation or holiday spent at home and or in local cities and attractions. It's also an opportunity to maximize time by making the most of every day. It's a great way to take a break from life's stresses, spend quality time with family and friends, and enjoy an affordable getaway. It is a great way to get away from it without leaving the house.

Check out 7 things you can do during your staycation.

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1. Enjoy your morningwaking up late and having breakfast in bed

Image Credit: Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Staycation is where you can finally break out from your usual routine. When was the last time you slept in late in the morning? Why don't you try to sleep in late on the morning of the first day of your staycation? You can wake up at noon or even later if you want to. If there is still time in the morning, prepare breakfast in bed for yourself and enjoy your breakfast. This simple little thing will make your staycation feel like an ideal holiday since you don't have to rush to work.


2. Visit local attractionsvisit local attractions such as museums

Image Credit: Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Discover what's new in town by visiting local attractions like museums, galleries, restaurants, parks and other recreational sites. If you have kids, check out what's happening at the local playground or zoo. If they want to play sports, there are plenty of opportunities to try something new like tennis or swimming lessons.


3. Explore natureexplore nature

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Take advantage of the nice weather by hiking through the woods along your city's scenic trails. Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature and exercise at the same time. You can go hiking in your backyard or find a local trail suitable for beginners or more experienced hikers. You can also visit available state parks for beach or camping trips with friends!


4. Spend time with your family and friendsSpend time with your family and friends

Image Credit: Valiant Made on Unsplash

Whether you're hosting a staycation yourself or going on one with family and friends, this is an excellent opportunity to catch up on what everyone has been doing since the last big event you all attended. If you're hosting, make sure there's at least one day where you let your guests do whatever they want, even if it means letting them sleep in and going out for lunch by themselves.


5. Take a cooking classtake a cooking class

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If you love to cook, why not learn something new? There are plenty of cooking classes available in most large cities. You could even sign up for a "Dinner with Friends" class where you and your other friends will learn how to prepare an entire gourmet meal together.


6. Go on a picnicgo on a picnic

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Pack a basket full of fresh fruit and veggies, cheese, crackers, and other picnic foods, along with some plates and utensils for a simple yet delicious meal outside under the sun. If you have kids with you, bring along some games like Frisbee, golf, or badminton so they can burn off some energy before settling down for lunch.

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7. Check out a local festival or eventCheck out a local festival or event

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There's always something fun going around town, from music to food festivals! And if there isn't anything going on right now, try to check out your country's tourism event calendar to see what festivals coming up soon.

It sure doesn't get any better than a staycation when you need to relax, kick back, let loose and get away from it all for a bit. You can't beat the convenience of staying home. Think about that the next time you need to unwind. A staycation may be just the break you need.

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